32Austin, United States
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My self-summary
I live deliberately, authentically, passionately, playfully. I wake up with possibility in my mind, I go to sleep with love in my heart, and I want to share my life with people who inspire me.

I want to be grabbed by the light in your eyes. I want to see them shining brightly from the light within. It's like spotlights cutting through a dull fog. I want our eyes lock together like magnets.

I am fascinated by depth, clarity, and passion.
What I’m doing with my life
I inspire people to live up their expectations for themselves.

I write on my blog at, and I'm a partner in an organization that teaches emotional and communication skills called Connection Corps. Teaching people who to connect and empathize is what I spend most of my time doing.

I also do technical consulting and built a cool fitness related web company. My technical blog is here. I have this weird double life, 50% engineer, 50% hippy, 50% failure at percentages.
I’m really good at
I'm good at a lot of things because I try a lot of things and I'm not afraid to fail. Which is good because I fail frequently.

Listening to and understanding people is what I do best. Helping people live joyful and meaningful lives lights my fire in a big way. If you feel the same, we'll get along.

I paint (, and I'm told I'm good. I am good at making the internet work. I didn't invent it like Al Gore did, but I take the credit whenever possible.

I do some yoga, and have gotten back into lifting heavy things, which is my zen moment for the day, and I love it.

Anyone with a PhD in something I haven't heard of who is also an expert trapeze artist should stop reading and message me now.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eye patch, undoubtably, and the fucking awesome scars I have all over my face and head. I like to imagine I look like I was struck by lightning directly in the eye. One day I hope to have a lair and either a persian or hairless cat, to complete the look.

I went and asked someone that I actually met here on OKCupid, and their answer was yeah, duh, the patch, then here's what they said after that: smile a lot too, which is nice, and you have a way of listening and talking to a people that is engaging and active rather than passive.

You're funny too.

I think you have a way of making people comfortable pretty much instantly.

Made me feel all warm and fuzzy!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like discussing topics of immense gravity punctuated by dorky jokes that I refuse to apologize for. I like skillfully crafted things which means pop music is out, Fiona Apple et al, are in. Kinkaid out, Alex Gray in.

I read like a fish swims, and watch good movies.

If you bring something up, I probably read an article about it yesterday (or at least heard a report on NPR).
Six things I could never do without
I can't do without love, and that's about it. Not just romantic love, but the sort of pervasive, universal Love, capital L, that only hippies talk about. It's the strongest thing in the universe. We're just organic satellites around an hydrogen star without Love.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The Big Questions.

If we can fundamentally misunderstand our universe in such a way that only a small handful of human beings are even capable of understanding, then what other mysteries must be out there? What worlds lie just beyond our perception and understanding?

Those who are sure about these things are surely lying or mistaken.
On a typical Friday night I am
I think this question should read: What do you do for fun? So I'll answer that instead.

There are two of me. The first me loves connecting and spending time with people who have something to say. The second me wants the first me to shut the hell up while I scuba dive or stave off mountain lions on Mt. Shasta.

Having people around is good, but only if it's quiet enough to talk. I'll most often take cozy coffee over thumping club. I'd like to make it to the mountains more often, please drag me there.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I think Love is okay. I think that Love is limitless and that it grows the more you give. Some people have a notion that big families are a blessing, that abundant friends enrich their lives. I agree!

But many of those same people can't imagine Loving more than one romantic partner, and they especially can't imagine their partner Loving others as well.

There's nothing else that makes sense to me: Love is not scarce, and we should not be jealous or possessive about it. I say, Love who you want to Love, and allow others to Love who they want to Love, and whole world is better for it.

If that sounds awesome to you, and you totally get it, then I want to hear from you! If you've never thought about it that way, but you're intrigued, I want to hear from you too!
You should message me if
Two exoplanets careen through the void of space, disturbing asteroid belts as they pass by, lit by some galactic scale nebula casting light on them from thousands of years ago. They approach each other through the vast emptiness, drawn by their gravity wells into an eccentric orbit.

Perhaps they miss each other for a few billion years, dancing around and around, twirling through the gaping expanse.

But eventually, inexorably, they connect. They collide in a spectacular light show that onlookers see for a billion light years. Exploding at light speed, dismantling all appearances and leaving nothing but the glowing hot cores, exposed.

Raw magnetism and gravity fuse the hearts of those planets, as the debris that remains close eventually falls back together upon their united being. The new planet, both and yet neither of what was before, continues its journey through the endless cosmos.

I'm looking for a girl like that.
The two of us