27 Portland, United States
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My self-summary
**I just moved to Portland, let's be friends and smoke trees in treetops! UPDATE: 8 months deep and I'm still seeking fellow treeclimbers.**

Current profile theme music:

Currently feeling non-monogamous, still feeling romantic. I want to find a friend or two I can give flowers and write poetry to. Heavy petting is a pleasant plus. Couples are exciting.

I'm a tall (alternative) professionally driven man of diverse interests and an abounding thirst for knowledge. I thrive on meeting new people and making new connections. Love, friendship, conversation, debate, support, work, arts, media, philosophy, I want it all and would be excited to explore the diversity of life with you.

Let me pet your dog.
What I’m doing with my life
What am I doing with my life?

What a question.

I am seeking a sound direction.

I am looking for a place to call home.

I am finding ways to capture what I value.

I am swimming into unknown waters.

I am building a lifestyle that reflects my ideals.

I am hunting for friends who will support me.

I am hoping for a lover to push me higher.

I am thinking long and hard on what it means to be me.

I am forging new ideas for an emerging industry.

I am devouring information.

I am living.
I’m really good at
I wouldn't say I'm "Really good at" anything usually, but I have been dedicated to my photography and videography for some time, so I have some skill in it.

I like to think I'm pretty good at getting goofy on a dance floor.

I enjoy thinking and talking about almost anything, and I like to think I am pretty good at getting people to share their inspiration with me.

I have come to appreciate my strength as a critical thinker and imaginative problem solver.

I was recently told I make an excellent culinary tour guide through Portland.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height and my hair certainly draw a reaction, but I like to think my easy going nature and intellectual drive come through when I meet someone new. When you meet me once I'm not hard to spot, and I love it when people stop me to say hello.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Food first
I love cheese of almost all verities (swiss not so much), though I have sadly been reducing my dairy consumption lately in an attempt to improve my health. I now savor my cheesy trysts all the more.
I love to explore all kinds of food, and I've come to realize it takes more than one try to appreciate the unusual.
I am a non-judgemental vegetarian, and love to eat healthy veggie meals. After several years of practice I still feel like I am just getting the hang of my health and nutrition.

As a film major you can expect me to watch a lot of films. That said I'm terrible at picking favorites, in fact I'm notorious for spending hours among the shelves of any video store I happen to fall into. I'm in a long term love affair with Netflix, I hope you aren't the jealous type. I rarely watch the same film more than once, I crave the new and unusual. If you don't like indie, artsy, foreign, or just plain strange films our taste probably won't align much. Blockbusters bore me, but I'll see one every once in a while. I love a good animated film, especially Japanese classics (Akira to Miyazaki).

After a long time of watching little to no TV, Netflix has drawn me back in. I enjoy long nuanced series with rich characters and dense intrigue: Game of Thrones, Downtown Abby, Foyles War, the Wire.

I read all the time... but not usually books. I'm an avid internet trawler: blogs, essays, and articles take up most of my reading time. When I do get around to long form reading I like science-fiction, magical realism, and politically charged academic non-fiction. I have recently gotten into graphic fiction in a big way, some hi-lights of my recent reading include Astorios Polyp, Logicomix, Hicksville, Transmetropolitan, Battle Royale, and Akira.
I love science fiction, especially cyberpunk and anything William Gibson. Most recently I have been reading short stories by Ursula K Le Guin.

Solarpunk, let's make it happen.

I download occasional tracks from blogs I like, or songs I hear around me that I take the time to pick up.
Taste: indie (ref. when that meant something), lyrical electronic, intellectual rap, acoustic harmonies, mind-bending trance sets, "anything but country and bubblegum pop," add a dash of Tuvan throat singing when appropriate. I have been known to skank around to both Ska and Reggae. I love to dance to what I call the "intentional sound" electronic acts that incorporate instrumental tracks: Govinda, Emancipator, Papdosio, Phutureprimitive. Also "beats", "post-dubstep" (ughhh), or "chillout" such as XXYYXX, Mount Kimbie, Gold Panda, Tycho, Kaytranada. Progressive and "deep" house would be a nice gem to find playing live, and tropical house is always a fun time. Pretty much if it moves me I digs it.
The six things I could never do without
A camera
waterproof shoes
fine cheese
friends to inspire me
my mind to guide me
something new to keep me thinking
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How we have come to live in the way that we do, and how we can change it.

What makes me think certain things are beautiful, and how I can reproduce that feeling.

Alternative energy technologies, and future living techniques.

The future of 420.
On a typical Friday night I am
Typical? I am making it my mission to avoid typical.

I might be at a house party, a gallery opening, a concert, a campsite, a park, a festival, a rave, my place, your place, someplace new.

I like relaxing with friends, talking about lofty things.
I like partying in houses full of laughter.
I like running screaming into the night, hunting for something, someone, somewhere to capture my attention.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
More means than meets the eye.
You should message me if
You should message me if you want to talk about the future, show me pretty things, take me to a tasty corner of Portland, or tromp around in the woods.

I would love new friends! I would appreciate new lovers! I would be friendly to all appreciators!