44Dublin, Ireland
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My self-summary
Sorta indie looking, Laid back cynic. Part time hedonistic libertine(Ish)... (I suppose I don't quite crack open a bottle of absinthe at dawn and summon my five pool boys.:)

I know I don't have a face pic here, it's just I had a semi stalker, net-related incident, so yeah, that's the reason rather than any sort of particular aesthetic handicap.

The why I am here bit is : I really do like no strings recreational but interesting hook up's with young (23-35) yr old attractive, slim creative/studenty/non-bro boys,(aka not orthodoxy drone-life-loving suits).

charismatic is a plus.. Full sanity and S.t.i. free status are must have's. Gotta like copious amounts of foreplay. (Soooooo demanding : )

This part isn't at all gangsta i know; i do like to get to know the person i'm hooking up with, and for there to be the same sort of rapport and chemistry as there would be in a less abridged version of a relationship than the one we both currently might want from here.

Just doesn't do it for me otherwise. Its pretty much the potential level of intensity that comes from knowing each others erotic charges that appeals to me via internet arranged hook-up's. So a like-minded non-dating-oriented, minor league deviant, would be kool.

(I posted a version of this on POF (hence big on 'what do you look like', 'what do you want' sub headings as answered above.. , but it sucks there, so I'm bailing to here:)


I realize now after perusing other pple's profile's that mine in comparison, (if there was a bar chart ) would be really low on hipster nous and relatively high on skankappeal (what with that pic and all) . Plus, what appears to be ridiculously detailed demandingness : )

I'm possibly overplaying the skankappeal.Also totally heavier shades of vacuous and me-me-me than preferable retrospectively But my heart's not in a rewrite for now. Hopefully pple can make something with that and the reading on will save it? : )
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Auto de fe, Wetlands, Closer, Frisk, The Corrections, Tampa (yeah I know already) Junkie, Music for Torching, The end of Alice, The Ages of lulu, Nabokov, Franzen, John Fowles, Angela Carter, along this kind of spectrum fiction wise

Then travel, (various), any Paul Davies,(and the books from genre's that would totally give me away to pple I know and thus mess with my International Woman of Mystery status).

Movies -

Into the Wild,Requim for a dream, The Master, Madness of King George, Eternal Sunshine of... Bad lieutenant (Harvey Kietel version), The Big Blue, Crash (Cronenburg), eXistenZ, Y Tu Mamá También

Lost in Translation,Shame The Man who Fell to Earth, Secretary, The Big Lebowski. Betty Blue, Happiness, Marcy May Marlene, Hunger (both). Dogtooth. Love (Noe), Blue is the Warmest Colour, Victoria.

Shows -

Recently: Girls (50% of it), Veep, Narcos, Love, Mr Robot. (Took out The Wire because it was so long ago since I watched it.. but there's rarely been better has there - so in memorial of a dead-but-great show i'm re-entering it).

Then 'Six Feet Under''s gotta comes in under the very sorely departed too. Had it all, long slow look in to the distance. Them were the days kids, them were the days..

Food -

All of asia, a little of north african, spainish, japanese, france: sit back down, not you. (some Bad ass food too- there is a time for Galaxy chocolate.
Six things I could never do without
This category is dull. Hence and such, here's some recent initial introductory messages I received from a (small) selection of charming articulate gentlemen members of OKC (for reader entertainment).


"Can u cum from anal "

29 • Dallas, TX (7186 km) • Man


"pof is foir immigrants and working class people.... okc is for gays,hippies, middleclass weirdos.... thats my conclusion at least. "

"Tell me please you like big cock,,,
Just tell me want casual sex date??? Just tell me yes or no? "

33 • Dublin, Ireland • Man


"Dam babe can I please come fuck them amazing tits and cum all over them"

29 • Cartersville, GA (6315 km) • Man


"Hi, do you fancy sex? I assume you are clean and respectful? "

39 • Ballysheedy, Ireland (178 km) • Man


'"i'll pay you 200 € an hour "

29 • Dublin, Ireland • Man


Fell like talking ? I'm bored and naked just shaved my area for the first time. Looking to sext pretty much is all you look sexy so I thought I'd ask. I'm just laying in bed naked looking at porn. You ?

34 • Anchorage, AK


I want to hear your taste scream above me when I go and come in you...mmmm deliciously....

sent from the OkCupid app Jul 6
Sorry, eagleoflife no longer has an account.
You should message me if
Be from Dublin, or Ireland. And a commutable-to-Dublin Ireland that is. Or actually just realizable. Potentially. (much as there has been such lovely boys contact me from far far away).

(If I'm perusing a city though I'm probably going there or there allready).

Please don't have a big long hirsute beard (I should pretty much leave okcupid I know). The ones that are mustachios-beard style, where the mouth is a sorry injunction to it all.

Is it a Theroux issue? A result of the post-modern threat? As In :The machine / Internet of things provides all the answers but it can't cut a tree down in the woods, like obv I (the said person of bearded status) can, because I (p.o.b.s) wouldhave a signifier of that?

A covered mouth looks like an insincere communicator at best, or at worst consistently duplicitous.

I'm putting my position here in case I can woo any boys back into the facial-smooth, for femme's everywhere:)

An entire section could be filled on 'Plain reasons against the church of Facial Hair - Anthropological ones. Sociological ones. Economic ones. Theological ones (probably something in um Leviticus).

But above all that, (of course being *completely self serving), how can I indulge my fetish for boyish-boys when the wasted 80 percentile now look like 57 year old men :)
The two of us