32Melbourne, Australia
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My self-summary
My drag name is 'Ivan Multiples'.
(Say it out loud six times fast) ^^
If you're still not getting it, get your flat mate to listen :3

- If you are a "straight" male - I'm not interested.
You're not the emotional hand grenade with a heart of gold for me. Performative Social Dominance I find incredibly tiresome. Best wishes if you are that or you are seeking that - there's plenty of it out there, but I gota dance and hear how gorgeous I am(!) ^_^

- Are Men sexualized as status symbols ?
"If you don't want to be treated like a commodity, don't try to act like one". - Seth Godin

My theories about profiles is they should serve two purposes; giving a sense of the person, and an excuse to start a conversation. I feel the first one comes out in just writing sincerely, and the second in trusting people to judge for themselves.

Now lets define terms; 'Genuine Respect'. Genuine respect being according to my personal definition an honesty of language, a trust that someone is independent enough to apply their own values, an appreciation of mood, and a respect for the other person, the authenticity of their understandings and self determination.

I don't like to use labels, but I don't mind that other people like to self identify. At their best I like to think of labels like signposts, which help you find where the interesting and understanding people are. My feelings currently is that 'gender' is a form of *play*. That as kids we get patted on the head for, and told how grown up we are. Then when we are adults we've forgotten that we made the whole thing up, and that actually no one made these rules up for us but ourselves. I personally try not to get too hung up on it; because physically, if you live long enough, everyone gets boobs and a mustache.
- Also; What do heels, wigs, and stockings all have in common?
They were men's fashion, but men got lazy, and now they wear that terrible shapeless potato sack called a 'hoodie'.

// There's an important difference between "Drag" and "Cross Dresser" here though: Cross Dressers generally are looking to pass as the sex they identify with. Drag is about gender bending for cheap entertainment and as a great way to make a lot of new friends. - When was the last time a regular dressed guy you just met got told he had amazing legs, well he might hear it more often if they were silky smooth in thigh highs and killer heels :3

My preference is to talk to someone for a while, see people as people. And whether it's a friend with whom we have hours long deep and meaningfuls and then don't see each other for 6 months, or dance for hours until we collapse into Cuddle Puddles and then get up and dance again; for us to appreciate each other as a person, not a type. And to meet more people who feel the same way. Not wanting to be a cliche; I know, it's soo INFJ.
What I’m doing with my life
Hobby Photographer, Hobby Zine Writer. Currently discovering which of my projects may become self funding, while keeping my day job and taking contracts. Sort of like Marxisms idea of 'True Consciousness'; if you want to understand the people who do a job, you have to do their job.

I also do shoots for people's business cards and blogs. It's a great way to meet creative peeps and pimp each others projects :)
I’m really good at
Turning everything into an existential conundrum.
Resolving it with a super cool rad pun.
The first things people usually notice about me
More gymnast then gym. - I use to be a gymnast and swimmer.
And if you don't think I'm pretty, that's okay; you can stop reading now :3
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
-'Atomised' by Michel Houellebecq
-'The Picture of Dorian Gray' by Oscar Wilde
-'Watership Down' by Richard Adams
Are probably the three most influential books that have shaped how I think about life and narrative. -Although please don't judge me by Houellebecq. He's interesting, which isn't the same as right.

Also this is pretty funny :3

I am currently doing this thing where I read authors in the chronological order their books were published and pseudo-profile the authors changing opinions. So far I have ticked off most of Asimov's fictions, a lot of Frank Herbert and Orson Scott Card, as well as a fair bit of Harlan Ellison. I'm currently on the home stretch of doing the same to Terry Pratchett.

I will always eat the weirdest thing on the menu because I haven't had it before, and I will take a photo of it, and the menu to remember what it was. - Also food doesn't mind how long you took to get the lighting right.

Music isn't something that I feel defines my character, but here are some fun links:
Six things I could never do without
Hugs, companionship, camaraderie, emotional intimacy, affection, empowerment, creative projects, freewheeling fantastically vulgar conversa.. *Ooo Butterfly!*, independence and space, all rate highly.


Though my inner existentialist had an overwhelming desire to fill this gap with white space, some things in life are impossible..
like having 'one' chocolate.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Writing, Philosophy, Psychology, Art, Narrative, Politics, History, Meaning, Feelings, Friendships, Identity, Gender, Comparative Religion, distinguishing fantasy from reality and appreciating both for what they are.

Also hugging Butts !
Their all so different and all so cute *Mmmm Hugs* (!) ^^

Hidden authors note specifically to you:
Do you read profiles?
Do you do it because it's a great way feel like you're putting effort into getting out there without the horror of messaging people?
Slavoj Žižek probably has some interesting thoughts for you to ponder :3
On a typical Friday night I am
At work.
My wishing chair needs new wings(!)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm looking for: Conversation, Friends, Cuddles, and Fucks.
Not necessarily all 4; - but in that order.
- CF² (I just made that up) ^_^

I would much rather an honest friend, then a dishonest lover.

I do date-ish things with my friends.
Though I do not wish to find anyone to "date".
"Dating" strikes me as the quickest way to ruin a friendship.

-And I've just learnt the word Solo-Poly and I think it's pretty rad ^^
You should message me if
You are aware that it's been a short 540 million years since the 'Cambrian explosion' gave rise to complex life on Earth, and that without intervention within the next 600 million years the rate of natural sequestration into silicate minerals will cause the concentration of CO2 to fall below the threshold to sustain C3 photosynthesis. So we might as well get a move on !

I didn't message you first, but please don't feel blue.
It's the tone of your message, friendly intentions ring true.
Difference inspire's, I think it's an art.
Empathy, not sameness that grows all our hearts.

Would you like to tell me a story, or hear one instead?
Just go on adventures, or curl up in bed?

With empathy and respect, I wish you the best :)
The two of us