34Martinez, United States
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My self-summary
OK, going to try something new. I'm going to list deal breakers first! As in what are deal breakers for most of you. If you find yourself getting super excited as you read then feel free to read on and message me.
"back to the lander"
Into psychedelics and exploring the inner world more than the outer
Aliens are here
This may be a simulation
This is a hologram
I like David Icke
I have 2 friends I live with or will be my home base when I'm on the tires
I believe crystals and stones work
Fairly intelligent and you should be more so
Hey hey hey hey, smoke weed every day!
I talk to my dogs in dog
Never have I or will I grow up
Logical, sometimes too much
Barefoot a lot
I'm Introverted and like a lot of alone time but when I'm with someone emotionally I like to spend a lot of time together
Currently living in Martinez but my friends and I are moving to near Sebastopol in a few months/I'll be living in a vehicle some too, it's fun you should try it. Want to go on a life trip/be a rubber tramp?
Permie, I love plants, and there's probably seeds in my pocket.
Im very affectionate, I love kissing, snuggling, and massaging. I'm also working on my greatfulness, I will thank you for being you.
Love dogs, like a lot! I would rather spend time with dogs than almost every person I know. My pups sleep with me and I try my best to communicate in a way natural to them, I've read a couple books on dog behavior and will read more in the future. I have thought about the ethics of pet ownership and I feel that I am doing better by them by communicating with them as thoroughly as possible, and by saving their lives. They also seem pretty happy.
I really want to rescue a pig now! Maybe a tiny goat! (^o^) a cow. It would be cool to have a sanctuary!
Child/old man
Hopeful cynic
Personal growth is important to me, mentally emotionally physically and spirituality. Life as a whole is about growth and my life should be no different. I have a lot more I want to do and be before I'm done here.
I often wish I had been a frontiers man, living off the land, making everything with your hands, without the genocide though. So, basically, I'm down with camping but not ethnic cleansing.
I try my best to be straight forward and would love to receive the same.
Some quotes I like too.
"The problem is the solution"! Bill Mollison this is my favorite quote.

"Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behavior and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong."
Terence McKenna
"Half the time you think your thinking you’re actually listening"
Terence McKenna
What I’m doing with my life
I have stared in to the void, laughed at it and asked what else it had to show me.
This is a revolution of the mind. If the revolution does not live in every thought it does not live.
I guess going deep.
Being greatful! I'm so thankful for everything and everyone and you'll know about it! Thanks for reading this far btw.
Learning things, making things. Being a child, I ride the cart every time, and I'll race you through the parking lot, even when we're 64!
Using less.
Cooking delicious food.
Snuggling the puppers, like an hour a day, appreciating them and telling them so. Pups need encouragement too.
Yoga, it helps keep my body loose and comfortable.
Things I want to do
Skydiving, never been and I want to so bad. I want to make aged nut cheeses. Build electronics, you down to teach me? I'm super interested in being able to make my own things and hack the things I have.

Things I want to do more
Pickles, sourkraut, kombucha
Yoga, currently 2x a week but eventually I would like to do it every day.

Weird things I've done recently or will soon. I made a wood low bed frame from work scrap, then went on to make a wood and cardboard sleeping chamber around it. It helped keep it warmer in my uninsulated apartment. OK, you could call it a fort I guess. After this job is over I will buy a box truck and convert it to live into.
I’m really good at
Climbing, gardening/building natural systems, making things, debating.
Eye contact!
Making bomb ass spaghetti or pizza sauce in 45 minus, 30 if I'm pushed.
Breaking believed social constructs and making people ACTUALLY think about a subject.
Making and saving energy
Massaging, many things with my hands, kissing, other things you'll like, I'm very dexterous!
Communicating with dogs
Burning my fingers when I'm cooking.
The first things people usually notice about me
Possibly my septum piercing or my bare feet, not sure. I do know that me being weird is on the list.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This section isn't that important to me, I'm interested in your ideas, philosophy, and morals.
Books, so I was never much of a reader as I'm dyslexic but I love reading something I get hooked on.
Swiss Family Robinson
hitchhikers guide to the galaxy books and Douglas Adams's books,
Permaculture 2 a designers manual
Gaia's garden 2nd edition
humanure handbook,
Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living
Disinformation:Everything you know is wrong!
Books that are about knowledge based skills.
#####E.T. 101! This book is my manual and it has a special meaning for me, if this book has the same meaning to you WE SHOULD TALK!
I would like to read 'the great conversation but that's a long term thing, and eventually I will read the Bible
Anything truthful like
They live and Network
I don't have cable and won't.
I do like South Park, Mr show, athf, x-files, Rick and Morty, Game of thrones, twin peaks, firefly, Dr who, BSG/Caprica
TOOL! How did I forget them for so long!? Reggae, Paranoid Castle, Radiohead, Led Zeplin, Tom Waits, Gogol Bordello, KRS-ONE, Immortal Technique, MC Larz, MC Chris
Conscious hip hop
I'm finally in such a good place I can listen to Elliott Smith and be happy! He was such an amazing artist.
I'll let you pick the music most of the time though. :)
Six things I could never do without
This is too restrictive so now it's things I love and the second one is things I think are awesome.
The puppers!! Quetzi and Daisy! (rip Scooby) and when they too pass on to Valhalla other pups will be my joy. I don't ever want to live without dogs.
My hands, they are the most useful tools.
My mind, it's not the best there is, but it's the best I have and it's taken a lot of work to get it here.
Plants! I have too too many inside
My bff+, Anarkey, she opened my eyes and is a member of my soul family. She does have a partner/boyfriend but if you have any questions about our relationship, feel free to ask anything.
Quality food.
A towel
Second list
Cast iron cookware! Where have you been all my life.
More second list items
I spend a lot of time thinking about
First list is this, second list is things I'm interested in and would like to learn more or talk about
Currently my diy motorhome is top of the list and plans for it.
How almost everything we are told is a lie.
What David Icke talks about
The property we will buy and the house we will build. It will be a mix of an earthship and a hobbit hole.
The lies we tell ourselves.
Language and the complete misuse of it.
Bobbers, Scoobie Doo(one of my previous pups) I still miss that guy!
How to have 20 dogs by making an animal sanctuary. We will also save farm animals and other pets.
How stupid ALL poly-ticks are. Energy and how to create it and the wasting of it.
Waste, food production, land design. weird things.
How to grow all of the food we eat now on our site,including pineapple, banana, cashews, mangos, vanilla, I think I need a giant greenhouse.
How to put together a mix of tool songs for yoga.
Second list
Symbols, their hidden meaning and subconscious programs within them.
Aliens, ufos
Crystals, stones
Healing energy work
On a typical Friday night I am
At home on the internet teaching myself things or making something like wooden plugs, snuggling Daisy and Quetzi.
You won't find me at a bar or club, I am willing to go though if the company is good. I might as well put this here, I'm not into dancing, I know, I'm the only one. I'm fairly introverted and I get awkward feeling. I can if I'm comfortable but it takes a lot, I'll try for you though.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I will geek out over your dog, I'll try to do it when you're our of the room but I won't be able to help myself, they're just TOO CUTE!
My roommate has called me Sheldon a few times. 8I
You should message me if
You want to go climbing! I got my membership again! You don't mind pushing when needed and being pushed when you're feeling weak or down.
You will call me on my bullshit and work on full communication with me.
You're a freethinker who is breaking your and others programming.
You're a total weirdo too. ;D
You know what these are, rocket stove, earthship, permaculture, cannabinoids, kombucha, liberty cap.
You need to be a person why tries to judge things based on information, not your immediate emotional non logical processes based on the programming we receive every day. This is work for me too, we have to fight to keep our minds our own. I am not saying that emotions are not important though, emotional communication is important too.
Even barely holding on, 3 hits in, you remember to walk and feed the dogs and that they need a coat because it's raining.
You want a climbing buddy (I have all the gear).
You want to smoke, then have me make dinner, and discuss important and interesting ideas.
You are someone who appreciates down/alone time. I need a lot of time for myself, however when I really click with someone being with them can be as rejuvenating as being alone.
You like the idea of living off grid, on a nice plot of land in the woods, and not needing to have a real job ever again. (I'll be retired by the time I'm 45 @ the latest, hopefully. )
You like the idea of communal living and living with a small group of like minded people.(ideas we are tossing around as far as charities/facilities/money making ideas; restaurant 100% produced on the land, birth center Anarkey is going to school to be a midwife, for natural births for low income and those who could afford more to fund the others, animal sanctuary; farm, pet, and wild, fitness center, massage (i would like to get certified in the next few years), produce stand, natural art, Permaculture design school, what do you have to offer the world?)
You want to hangout and make stuff like; electronics(I'm trying to learn but some help would be awesome), arts and crafts, sewing, gardening. You don't mind being dirty and living in what most wold call low conditions. I like simple living.
I'm much more interested in finding someone who is really compatible and would like to spend time together and see where we can go together, mentally, philosophically, spiritually. I'm not as interested in traveling the outer world, the inner universe intrigues me. It would be nice to find a companion, that person who will be there for me like I'll be there for them.
You like going on quests and trips without leaving your living room.
I love giving massages and snuggling, sensuality drives me crazy! Ideally we would spend hours a day snuggling, kissing, and more!
I really am up for almost anything so lets talk, I'm trying to expand my horizons. I'll try anything twice.
So I live with my other Anarkey. She is my bff and my soul family. I love her lots and our future plans are the same and together, eventually finding more souls on the same frequency and building a community, not sure exactly how to explain it but your free to ask anything you like.
I'm listed as poly but one life long lover is what I want. I want someone who sleeps in the same bed almost every night and is my support system and I'm theirs. I would not rule out monogamy with the right person though. I will continue to live with the 2 people I live with now. My ideal situation would be one primary partner and other couples or individuals or whatever living on land whom we love as well, some physically. I'm not down with jealousy.

You read it all! You're cool.
The two of us