32Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
I'll keep it brief. Euro background (born and raised there). Rounded, sorted and have a good head on my shoulders. Goofy/serious/blunt. A glass half-full. NYC is home.

p.s. I speak more than one language, but I want to leave some room for a conversation vs. putting it all on here.

Not very good at small talk, so talk to me like you would with an old friend.
What I’m doing with my life
Work. Learn. Play. Travel. Repeat.
I’m really good at
Pointing out bizarre/absurd things in life, scrabble, silly trivia games, learning something new every day (major points if you can teach me something), geography stuff (love maps), cuddling (pro level, big spoon)
Also -- not bragging (apparently).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
There's that Bulgakov's book called The Master and Margarita, it is truly amazing how many layers it has.
Maugham, Hailey, Shaw are good.
However, I mostly read non-fiction now (Malcolm Gladwell, Nat Geo, hbr, etc.)

Gladiator and Primal Fear are astounding. A beautiful mind and The imitation game.
The others are (in no particular order) The Matrix (first one), Good Will Hunting, Gattaca, The Good Shepherd, The Others, American Beauty, 21 grams, The Italian job, Thelma and Louise, Mulholland Drive, The Skulls, The Devil's Advocate, Billy Elliot, Mystic River, Minority Report, Iron Man, The Notebook, A single man, Pixar cartoons, documentaries.

Music: R&B, 2 step, soul, jazz, blues, house, trip-hop, lounge, ambient

Downton Abbey, Scandal, and American Horror Story.
Otherwise, I don't watch TV much.
From the older stuff... Mad Men / Breaking Bad / Prison Break / The Event / Friends / Suits / Homeland.

Theatre: I love good plays and try to get out to the theatre relatively often, and can take you with me.

Food: real Italian (Italy, not Jerrrzay) and French + Greek, Spanish, Russian, Nordic... Food is a bit personal, though. More often than not I make some simple stuff at home, rather than go out to eat (unless the place is very good). At least here in NYC.
As a side note, I'm all for sustainability, responsible farming and humane treatment of animals.
Six things I could never do without
Nature and traveling
Gadgets/something to read
Jokes (often silly and inappropriate, because -- as much as I appreciate refined wit -- I still think those are the best)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
--human nature
--travel plans and road trips
--my vocation
--geography and maps
--urban development
--honorable mention: some random sh*t
On a typical Friday night I am
Making friendship bracelets
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Waspy guys from good colleges make me swoon (and sometimes even drool).
You should message me if
- you're a decent person and you're looking for substantial things/real human connections
- you mostly have your life together
- you have a solid moral code
- you don't take yourself too seriously (otherwise you might not survive my jokes)
- you respect yourself enough not to use nonsense like grindr.

P. s. "Activity partner" means we could go play frisbee together. Or abuse gelato. Or do something equally fun.
The two of us