38Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
My default mood is happy with a splash of optimism. Androgynous queer, extremely self aware, free spirit without being reckless, intrepid entrepreneur, passionate about my work, art and this walk. Insatiably inquisitive, I gravitate towards thoughtful curious minds. Equal parts good sense of humor mixed with a bit of sarcasm and a quick wit.

(Looking to expand my QPOC poly social circle.)
What I’m doing with my life
Field testing strategies for sustainable enjoyment. ;)
I’m really good at
My career. Karaoke...I kill 80's rock ballads.(I have no shame.) Being consistently sincere. Giving from the overflow. Seeing through BS with a pleasant smile. I'm a believer in good eye contact. Quickly dispelling heteronormative notions of beauty and intimacy. Creative problem solving. Being intentionally vague when my audience is suspect. Making sound judgements without being judgemental. Living my spiritual practice. Quietly letting shit go. Anticipating the needs of people around me. Being unapologetically vulnerable while holding on firmly to all logic and reason. Appreciating beauty in difference. Chatting up old people. Taking hard hits. Disregarding my ego and yours to gain the highest expression of bliss in every encounter (69% success rate there)🤷🏾‍♂️. Growing things. Working with my hands. Not having a filter(typically insomnia induced). Nurturing my interests. Remorseless graceful exits. Being a connecter of people. Solo missions. Being direct AF. Enduring storms. Connection. Keeping myself thoroughly amused. Playlist. Adapting. Finding broken shit & leaving it right where it is. People watching. Curating the spectacular. Making sure all my needs are met. Asking the right questions. Seeing the whole of society through a panoramic lens. Enjoying the ebb & flow of relationships. Expanding my capacity. Being an eager student of lifes little lessons. Telling particularly bad jokes at just the right moment ;) Being extremely happy, excited & passionate about the life I'm carving out for myself. Rising to the occasion. Knowing what I'm good at.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height. "Wow... You're tall!" is one I get a lot. The eyebrows are a thing... Then it's back to damn you're tall.
My resting bitch face is somehow viewed as pleasant by many. (I don't get it.. But a gift is a gift.)
My laugh... gets me in & out out of trouble often.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books & Music:
I can't make a list that didn't just go on forever. I can easily get lost in the writings of Butler, Díaz, Baldwin, Achebe, McEwan, Neruda, Lamb, Due, Gaiman, Cline... In trade: Y the Last Man, Fables, Planetary, Preacher and Saga should make your list.

Sherlock Holmes & The Nacman Stories are my comfort food.

heavy rotation Music: lianne la havas, Xavier Omar, tom waits, son little, Simone, fink, Christine Scott, the hics, khalid, noisettes, SZA, Nathaniel Rateliff, goldlink, the xx, the who, the kills, Otis, ghostpoet, Alabama Shakes, shalamar, hiatus kaiyote, bobby blue bland, Alice Smith, james blake, the internet, Etta James, Nas, Mos, Koop, TV on the radio, the black keys, band of skulls, toro y moi, band of horses, phosphorescent, alina baraz, robert glasper, kendrick, frank ocean, fleetwood mac, L.T.D... And on and on and on (music junkie)

Pan's Labyrinth
The Usual Suspects
Infernal Affairs trilogy
Leon The Professional
Reservoir Dogs
Donnie Darko
Melvin Goes to Dinner
The Last Dragon
Beasts of the Southern Wild
A Little Princess (1995 Cuaron's amazing)
Shaun of the Dead
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Ichi The Killer (don't judge me.)
Sugar Hill
Benny and Joon (Yes I wrote it!lol)

TV: Game of Thrones, House Of Cards, Sherlock, Atlanta, Archer, Mr. Robot, Charlie Rose, Cosmos, Modern Marvels, Archer, Ink Masters.

Food: I live for good spicy miso ramen noodles & a ice cold Chimay blue, tacos, pineapple & vegan cup cakes
Six things I could never do without
Good: Music, Books, Genuine connection, Food, Sex and Art... In that order. ;}
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- How to stay in the moment
- Community building
- Walking the Camino de Santiago
- How really good sex is truly precious
- Intentional communities
- Permaculture & sustainable design
- Language
- Urban gardening
- The universal question that has baffled Angelenos for generations.... How many street tacos is too many in one sitting?
- My art
- The perfect cocktail
- When microaggressions and implicit bias became
- Time travel to 1920s Harlem and why I've romanticized that notion so.
- Is the quest for the perfect vegan taco a form of self sabotage?
On a typical Friday night I am
Acting as if I don't have work early Saturday mornings.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
• I have an odd crush on William Shatner(Captain James T. Kirk to be completely accurate ), Neil Degrassi Tyson, Oliver Sacks & Antonio Damasio. (I
• there was a time in my early 20s that I was convinced with great certainty that Paul Mooney was my biological father.
• my mind chatter is backed by a 12-piece ensemble.
• I get absolutely giddy/geeked around beautiful architecture, well curated thoughtful libraries & galleries.
• indecisiveness makes my member flaccid.
• slight sci-fi nerd... My inner fanboi has no problem admitting a Joss Whedon or Guillermo Del Toro meet & greet would most certainly elicit an internal girlish squeal.
• INFJ (lol..So)
You should message me if
anything listed below aligns with the space you're currently in.

• It wouldn't dawn on you to not smile when you catch someone's eye.
• You vibe well with passionate folks.
• You laugh hard and often.
• You like a good adrenaline rush.
• You've taken the time to get to know & like (you)
• Your personal insecurities don't stop you from having a good time.
• You really get dry humor.
• Mental health is important to you.
• Practicing habits that support mental health is important to you.
• You live in a space of gratitude even when you want to pop off & have no remaining fucks to give.
• Self care is important to you.
• You know when it's time to call yourself an Uber.
• You are in need of a travel buddy.
• Your varied musical tastes don't always appeal to your road dog and you don't want to roll out to another concert stag.
• You're keenly aware that negative mind chatter is your stuff and need not be shared.
• Positive people don't instantly annoy you.
• Your vices don't make you a total dick.
• You don't mind being the first one on the dance floor.
• Lack of rhythm doesn't stop you from showing the fuck out when your song comes on.
• You're not opposed to spontaneity.
• Bookish delights aren't a total bore.
• You can at least tolerate MST3K😳
• You appreciate good communications skills and direct eye contact.
• You know the difference between shyness & introversion.
• You don't view being socially awkward as quirky & cute.
• You respect relationships & boundaries and appreciate the same.
• You have the capacity to enjoy deep interpersonal connection outside of the sexual.
• Bullet points aren't a turn off. lol
• You skipped to this section because the rest of this profile is wordy af but I seem like someone you can enjoy a cold beer & taco with.
• You're comfortable and confident enough to show up and leave your representative at home.
• You respect the art of conversation, choosing meaningful worthwhile dialogue over a pissing contest. (You totally get that regurgitated theory & commonly used talking points does not make for stimulating discourse.)
• Your curiosities shape the way you move through the world.
• Fundamentally, you know you're alright already.
The two of us