37Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
"We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness"Thich Nhat Hanh

I am happily married, even more happily than the day I got married, and we are in an open relationship. We date together and separately.

Clean shaven these days. ..OKC lies. I'm 40.

I'm a Veggiequarian, and an occasional Burner. I'm also part workaholic, so it's not you, it's me. The rest is all Buffet beach bum.

Fine scotch and homebuilt helicopters, Quantum Physics. Ice Cream..

I am playful, resourceful, and idealistic

What I’m doing with my life
Blasphemous as it is to my upbringing, my primary goal is to be a creator, conscious of my power forming our world.

Ten years ago I started my own knife sharpening route for restaurants mostly, It was great being "the knife guy", but the daily grind convinced me to pursue more creative work as a metal fabricator...
I am a self employed metalsmith contractor. I make deck hardware for yachts to gates to magic tricks for local and national acts.
Update: I'm beginning to work over motorcycles as well, aestheticly.
& Ride, Baby, Ride! So, mostly I am busy, but on my own terms and with the flexibility to take off when tempted... ;)
Also getting to do a good bit of sculpture with my Burningman community, hopefully a way out of contracting.
As a hobby I collect antique tools, sewing machines (1915 treadle Singer is 1 of 4) and lighting instruments- lamps, flashlights (I have a working baby silver bullet by Ray-O-Vac from 1930). I'm really fascinated by lighting in general, and the mood it creates.

Starting on a guesthouse in my trees, about thirty feet up, with a crows nest/meditation space at 100'. Come enjoy.
Nope, building a shop in the backyard first to move my metalsmithing and sculpture studio into, also to house a distillery and my wife's printmaking.
I’m really good at
cooking (yep, I'm a foodie), welding structures and making body jewelry, getting dusty, fixing things, building things, hula-hooping, sailing, and still somewhat good at biking like a maniac. I love the water, I have qualified for my 100 Ton Captains' License. I also love to teach others when it comes to sailing and the sacred ways of the wooden schooner... :)
The first things people usually notice about me
my smile, my kilt, my great legs (my wife thinks so anyway), and my voice...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Larry Niven, Stephan Hunt, Neil Gaimen, Piers Anthony, L. Neil Smith

The Corporation, Bladerunner, The Secret, Pump up the Volume,
The Take(lot's of documentrys, 12 Monkeys, Hudson Hawk, Oceans 11(rat pack original, and the making of)(ok, and I loved the remake trilogy), Dinner Rush, Run Lola Run, Dune.

"Greek Gods Baklava Ice Cream" & of course this is where I put Sushi right?

From My Facebook Profile:

Books: Three Roads to Quantum Gravity (Lee Smolin), The Fabric of the Cosmos, This Elegant Universe,(Brian Greene), / by Greg Bear, most Asimov, Douglas Adams, Piers Anthony, Clive Cussler, Louis L'amour..

Movies: Blade Runner, The Corporation, The Secret, The Take,.

TV Shows: Orphan Black, Dr. Who, Vikings, Californication, Burn Notice, House .

Music: Pretty Lights, Infected Mushroom, Wax Tailor, Glitch Mob, Amon Tobin, St. Germain, Bowery Electric, Cut Chemist, Pink Floyd, Nortec Collective, Jazz and Blues.
Six things I could never do without
Chocolate, the Discovery Channel, my TIG welder, Sci-fi, and my fantastic wife. Not in that order.
Hot tub,
Massage table,
Friends to use it on.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Mentally reverse engineering gadgets and structures as well as manufacturing processes, and sex.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching a movie at home and eating pizza,cookie dough, and ice cream in my Leopord print robe.. with a glass of Laphroaig Scotch. or Dancing if there is a world class DJ in town.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hello, my name is Antonio, and I am addicted to OKCupid! What can I say, this is like people watching but with everybody's heart on their sleeve...
No wait...
I am watching "Dr. Who"
You should message me if
You're willing to be honest about how you feel, & what you really want, if you know.
If you're curious... even if you just have questions about our poly lifestyle, I'm fairly open, and when I answer, it will be the truth.
If you are intelligently aware & want to explore different views, my biggest turn-on!
Also, I'm watching who's read this, and wish you all the courage in the world...
The two of us