30Vallejo, United States
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My self-summary
I'm in the middle of updating my account here, so all of the information and pictures are a little out of date, so if you have any questions, message me!

I'm me, and my biggest goal is to be a person I would be friends with. I'm a big guy who actually does believe in love, but not at first sight. I am driven, though I might not seem like it in the beginning. I've finally come to realize that the rat race is not somewhere I'd like to be, but rather doing something I love, even if I don't get paid nearly as much. I'm comfortable by myself and will entertain myself indefinitely, but I also love being around people close to me. I'm becoming more active into both yoga and martial arts, I've been fat for way too long and I'm changing that now. I'm not good at big parties, but I do like dancing, and occasionally at clubs. I just suck at it. I love animals in all shapes and sizes. Music is a huge part of my life, I played instruments for years, teaching myself guitar, sax, piano, and french horn, but I really don't play much anymore. I'm a certified SCUBA diver. I will never use "lol" or any contraction of a number or letter in a text or email, only "hehe". I don't truly believe in astrology, but it's also kind of eerie how right some of it is. I'm becoming a huge green-nut and I keep thinking of how I'd like to be self sufficient with a little garden on some land of my own. I like the smaller cities like Delray Beach over the big cities like Atlanta (where I have lived in both). I've recently started getting really into photography, disc golf, and travel, so we'll see where each of those takes me.

I am nerdy, interested, and strange
What I’m doing with my life
I just graduated from Georgia State University with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Biology. When I realized I didn't want to sit in a room and listen to someone on a couch for the rest of my life, I changed my track. I interned at both Sea World Orlando and the Georgia Aquarium (I was also a volunteer there for 2+ years) and have become very passionate about conservation and green works. Because of that, I was able to move to south Florida and complete my masters in biology. I'm currently back in the Atlanta area as I fill out my applications for medical school.
I’m really good at
a lot of things. I'm really good at laughing, smiling, hanging out with friends and listening. I'm a tabletop gamer and rhythm gamer, and if you know what either of those are, message me immediately! I love to travel, but I haven't gotten too much practice at it, so I'm waiting until I finish school to do so. One thing I suck at is coming up with things to say about myself that make me sound appealing.
The first things people usually notice about me
Hopefully that I'm not completely hideous. Next wold probably be my eyes, since they're a cool hazel color. I'm a big guy, but I'm not dead, and I will try *almost* anything suggested.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Terry Goodkind books, Douglas Adams books, Michael Crichton books, Lord of the Rings, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Fuzzy Dice, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Wicked, everything so far from Neil Strauss, Eat Pray Love, Chuck Palahniuk books, I'm willing to at least pick up the book, even if I won't finish it.

Movies: It's hard to narrow down favorites here...I like a little of everything from bro-tastic like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Eurotrip, pretty much all the Disney classics, and action movies such as 300, LotR, and Gladiator. I even like some of the romantic comedies like 27 Dresses or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. One thing I have over most guys is that I do like musicals (though I like them on the stage better) like Phantom of the Opera, Chicago or the Producers.

Music: This is even harder than the movies section. I really do like at least one song from every genre. Hip hop is great to drive to and sing. Classic rock is what I grew up on, and hard rock is great to drive fast to. I can listen to country and just hang out, and folk music is great to listen to around campfires. Except screamo, I really can't stand screamo...

Food: My absolute favorite is just a medium rare burger or steak, you really can't go wrong with that. Again, I'm open to anything, and I'll try something at least once. I recently did a juice fast where I only drank organic juices to detox my body, and I have been getting more into the vegan and organic foods.
Six things I could never do without
I thought long and hard about this section and could come up with things, but none of them were things I absolutely could not live without. The problem with this part is that the only things I cannot do without are the people around me. The things I have, yes, i really like them, and they make everything much easier, but as long as I had my family and friends, I don't need them.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, girls, the universe, girls, music, gaming, girls, where I am, and girls.

And freaking myself out about getting into medical school.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working, working out, drinking, doing something entirely too stupid and possibly getting in trouble for it, or some kind of combination of those.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I was young, I ate a grapefruit slice thinking it was an orange, and have since then hated grapefruit and everything they stand for.
You should message me if
you feel like it. I don't bite and I'm usually really easy going. If you want someone to talk to, I'm your guy. i have an answer for everything, it just may not be right.
The two of us