34 San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
According to my brother: "You're a small town boy, looking for a small town girl, in a big city". Yup.

You - Intelligent, witty, down to earth, affectionate and opinionated woman that accepts nothing less than being an equal partner in every aspects of a relationship. I'm particularly partial to ladies with interesting musical tastes, loves to travel (not in the touristy kind of way), has their shit together, and is not overwhelmed by thoughtful conversations (yes, I have had a date tell me that "your thoughts overwhelm me"). You appreciate fantastic vistas, and believe that the hike up the gorgeous hills is well worth the effort. Discerning tastes in coffee is a plus.

Me - Extroverted introvert (, former plant evolutionary ecologist now playing with digital representations of our world for a living. Intelligent, communicative, thoughtful, a little old fashioned (pulling out chairs, opening doors etc), sees beauty in small things in life, and treasures life's little moments with people I love. Not afraid of commitment, but is adamant that it should be with the right lady.

I think people in my life are more important to me than anything I could ever own. Experiences trump possessions. I love fresh air and long hikes. Sunsets and sunrises are awesome. I revel in a beautiful song, lingering glances of a dance partner and savor the smoky finish of a perfectly aged scotch. I believe travels should be long, lingering and immersive.

I enjoy making music, be they bluegrass, folk, Celtic, or traditional Sicilian. Music is my salvation, my way of centering myself and reset my perception.

I enjoy road cycling and a variety of outdoor activities (sea kayaking, rock climbing, camping). Much of these developed while I was in grad school, being a biologist and all. I still can't believe I used to repel off of cliffs and kayak among islands for work. Giving all that up wasn't easy.
What I’m doing with my life
The world fascinates me, and I've been curiosity driven ever since I was a child. The pursuit of knowledge and insights is what I'm most excited about. I did a long stint in academia chasing my dream, but as I grew, I become more balanced (head vs heart; soul vs wallet).

I used to rescue baby seals when I was in highschool.

Right now I play with data, understanding how people leverage professional networks for generating economic opportunities. It's something that tickles the academic side of my heart as well as the practical side of my brain.

On weekends I can be found grovelling up some hills in the Marin headlands. Road riding is a physical meditation for me. I think the suffering leads to a interesting kind of euphoria and going downhill is the closest I get to self-propelled flying. Post-ride coffee and pastry is something I simply cannot live without.

In my down time (evenings) I play the mandolin (mostly bluegrass, traditional Sicilian, blues), watch documentaries (mostly history) and reading real books (love the way the pages feel on my finger tips, the way they crackle when I turn the page and the way they smell so good).
I’m really good at
Riding a bike on cobbles, making omelettes (and frittatas), baking creme brule (my mother taught me, claiming that without that skill I'd be hopeless in attracting anyone), getting gifts, setting up belay stations, flipping someone else's kayak just by looking at it, taking pictures of fire hydrants and writing travel letters with hand drawn maps.

I am also able to hold interesting, and intellectually intense conversations for a very long time (record was 10 hours).

Packing light. I usually look like I'm doing a weekend trip on month long trips.
The first things people usually notice about me
Exterior - The dimples. Got two. One from mom (left side) and one from dad (right side).

Interior - That I'm very thoughtful and usually have a lot to say on nuanced topics.

That I'm always carrying a camera, usually an old mechanical film camera (current companion is my Rollei 35S - her name is Ingrid). The addiction for cameras runs in my family. Just recently I was fortunate to get my hands on my grandfather's camera (a Yashica TLR) and take some shots with it. I've seen pictures he took when he was young, and felt a stirring connection between us even though he passed before I was born.

Also as a Canadian I'm that guy that does things that are considered stupid by some: holding an umbrella over a lady who dropped a bunch of stuff in a rain storm (recently), holding doors for people, petting dogs everywhere I go.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Love bluegrass. Plays a mandolin, fiddle and erhu.

Currently listening to Sierra Hull, Aoife O'Donovan, Mandolin Orange, the Three Ring Circle, and Jamie Mansfield + MaMaVig. Jonathan Coulton, Jens Lekhman for when I'm at work, and a lot of Miles Davis and Coltrain in the evenings. I sometimes get in the mood for old-time soviet music when I'm at work, though inciting a worker's revolution is not high on my to-do list.

A movie addict... I end up watching everything, even rather middling films. I usually look for great cinematography. Casablanca. Maltese Falcon. St Elmo's fire. Oh the 80s...

TV shows - Dead like me, J-Pod, Foyle's War, Breaking Bad, Vikings, Revolution, Falling Skies, White Collar, Pan Am, Walking Dead, Hustle, Castle, Suits, Game of Thrones, Firefly, Rome, Brooklyn nine nine.

Musicals / operas (yes this deserves a category of its own) - Wicked, Newsies, Cats, the coronation of Poppea, Orfeo + Euridice, and Il Trovatore.

Loves all kinds of food, but currently in a traditional French phase. Can make kickass sushi and udon.

And then of course I love dystopian novels, movies and photography. Love brutalist architecture. Equilibrium anyone?

Oh and I have a decided weakness for art deco fixtures.
The six things I could never do without
My bike, mandolin, family, camera, glasses, earl grey tea.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How light falls and cascades on objects. Data visualization for telling interesting stories. How geeks can save the world. Drag coefficient of my bicycle. How much my drag coefficient doesn't matter. Why fire hydrants look like people. And what to have for dinner.
On a typical Friday night I am
Having a dram with coworkers / friends while making dinner together. I love cooking with a group.

Sometimes I do pass out early in the evening because my work is quite cognitively taxing, and I'd wake up at midnight, lights fully on, still wearing my day clothes, with my laptop playing some cold-war documentary.

In the summer, I rest up early on Friday nights, in prep for a long day in the saddle Saturday morning with the group ride.

Though some days I just hole up at home with a great movie, home-made pizza (pizza stones are absolutely mandatory), a decent wine, blanket with foot pockets and just unwind.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes I sit in coffee shop and people watch. I'd make up conversations between people and make it really outrageous or really inappropriate. I do this at airport lounges as well... when waiting around for things to happen (like getting to sit in an aluminum tube of joy), this appears to be the most entertaining thing to do.

I also have a secret list of favourite movies, musicals and music videos (secret shame). These can only be revealed if we're really really close.

Oh and I love rainstorm induced ASMR. It's just the most incredible thing.
You should message me if
If you'd like to meet in person and see if we have a connection. I'd prefer to have real conversations rather than message with narly a sense of what people are like IRL.

I'm very openminded about people. I don't judge, to a fault.

If you're into bluegrass, or at least is curious, that'd be a lot of fun. If not no worries, I'll play something for you.

Or if you'd like to see my book of fire hydrant photos (yes I made a book of these).

If you'd like to chat about interesting topics (eg, social justice, urban infrastructure, public transit, laws, secret baking techniques, to confit or not, Mac vs PC, bike frame geometries, best sous vide circulator etc.). I love chatting with interesting people and who knows where that'll take us.

Also if you're into going for a bike ride (can be lycra clad for a long road ride or just city riding).