37 Walnut Creek, United States
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My self-summary
It's (I'm) complicated. Or maybe you're a whiz kid and completely understand my personality already. That would impress me. A lot of my friends and family have independently theorized I have Aspergers (seems to be a trendy diagnosis these days.) I'm definitely less social than average, but when did being an introvert come to mean that you’re farther along the “autism spectrum.” I like intellectual discussion and find small talk excruciating, but I try to take conversations in a direction I find interesting, I sometimes make people uncomfortable. It's my special gift.

My best friend gets a bang out of speculating what sort of girl I could end up with. She's of the opinion that I'll have to give up my superficiality (probably sage advice, but easier said than done), since the chances of someone finding me really attractive once they got to know me, and being highly attractive themselves, are pretty slim.

It's not that I'm unlikeable or think I'm unlikeable – plenty of girls seem to find me appealing and I’ve had a reasonable number of relationships and flings and whatnot, which have generally gone alright – I'm just unsure how to articulate what endears me to the people who like me. They seem to find me very interesting to talk to, but if you ask me what I did on any given day, I’ll rarely have an interesting answer.

I think some people in my life appreciate that I keep them guessing. Maybe they stick around out of morbid curiosity to see what will become of me.

Oh, and while I’m probably stranger than most people you meet, I’m way more normal than I’m making myself seem here.
What I’m doing with my life
Neat stuff.
I’m really good at
A lot of things actually. I'm very talented. I'm just not overwhelmingly talented at any one thing, and I'm not very good at self-promotion. I tend to feel overwhelmed by all the things I could be doing and end up wasting time doing puzzles on facebook or something- The modern dilemma. I'm pretty good at those facebook puzzles though, but who cares! I suppose I have an ego, but no more than most people.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well, actually, it’s probably that I'm kinda cute (I'm probably like a 7 or 8) And, yes, this really is the thing that I hear the most regarding my appearance. However, that's partly because, through some fluke, I look a lot better than I did when I was younger, so people who haven't seen me in a while are surprised.
 And also because people are nice.

But, as you've no doubt gathered, I'm sort of dark and inscrutable and standoffish, and that comes across too. If I'm attracted to someone I'm meeting, then I usually get shy (which is often interpreted as disinterest.) If I'm not attracted, they can usually sense my disinterest and I may seem cold and rude.

I change my hair and facial hair a lot too, and it makes me look surprisingly different. I'm like the Madonna of unaccomplished straight males in their early thirties.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I always liked the ones they made us read in high school. I just read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but I hated it. I think the author has fantasies about abusing women but disguises it as a something he's crusading against.

Movies: Silence of the Lambs, porn, The World According to Garp. Short Cuts, Boogie Nights, Bully, Kids

Shows: Louie, My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic, Glee, The Daily Show, Family Guy, In Treatment, Game of Thrones, Little House on the Prairie

Music: It pains me to hear people say they listen to everything – you don't. Nobody does, and this response gives no insight into your listening habits. Why do people care about having "eclectic" tastes? Here, I'll pigeon-hole myself: I like up-tempo, pop-y songs that are harmonically interesting, well crafted, and feature catchy melodies and good singing. Lists of bands are boring and self-indulgent. Here's mine: Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Julie Andrews, myself, Metro, Silversun Pickups, and many more.

Food: I appreciate great food, but I'm not usually that picky. I don't like to cook. It's cool if you do, but don't expect me to. I can do it -- It's not rocket science -- it just doesn't interest me. I'm a little worried that all the girls who list cooking as a passion (there are TONS of you) would expect me to join in or reciprocate. I mostly eat T.V. dinners and throw some extra vegetables on them. I also eat a lot of nuts and fruit and cereal -- simple, healthy, bachelor-y stuff.
The six things I could never do without
Lists are boring. Right? Unless they're top-ten lists or something specifically designed to entertain. Yeah, I love my family and like my friends and I spend too much time on digital media and I enjoy the arts (like eeeeveryone else.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How well my profile would go over if I was brutally honest about myself and made (almost) no attempt to be charming.
On a typical Friday night I am
Filling out these kind of things, apparently. Sometimes I hang out with friends, but usually I'm at home doing whatever I've been doing all day up until that point. Weekends vs. weekdays don't really matter to me.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
This question is like the "What are your weaknesses" question at job interviews. You're being asked to admit something that by definition you don't want to. And you probably have a good reason for feeling that way. So people try to find something that they really know is charmingly quirky, or respond with some self-contradicting statement like "I'm an open book, all you have to do is ask." Sure, you're so open that you won't give a real answer.

But who can blame you? You can't win by admitting something really gutsy, because that will probably make you seem flighty.

I'll admit I find it incredibly disappointing how many girls on here find astrology "fun to think about." I think it's utterly stupid. It's no better than palm reading or any other superstitious crap. Seriously, girls?

And I'm kind of neutral on traveling. It's okay, but I couldn't call it a passion.

So that's cooking, traveling, and astrology. I've got other pet peeves, but based on the profiles I've seen, those three alone should weed out 95% of you. I could probably weed out the remaining 5% by sharing my opinions on tattoos.
You should message me if
you want to. What compels you is not for me to say.