31Omaha, United States
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My self-summary
I am a bit odd but please read my whole profile :)

Ok first to get the important things out of the way I am completely and totally asexual which means I don't experience sexual attraction or basically I don't feel lust towards anyone male or female...Basically I have no need or desire for sex...Not that I have hormonal problems cuz I have a fairly active libido unfortunately but its basically like being hungry but having no appetite...I have no appetite for anyone's body in that way in fact I think the human body especially genitalia is very weird looking and I prefer people clothed...So in other words no intercourse K?

I do feel SOME physical attraction and LOVE to cuddle if I get to know someone and trust them...I even don't mind people "petting" me and nibbling on me it can be sorta nice but I HAVE NO NEED WHAT-SO-EVER to take it any farther...Also understand while I don't mind you doing semi-sexual stuff to me I have NO DESIRE to reciprocate so unless you are ace like me or a non-libidoist you might be a bit sexually far as I am concerned you can take care of it yourself and if you don't like being in that situation then leave me alone in the first place as I have given you fair warning!

I AM MORE THEN OK WITH AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP AS LONG AS WE COMMUNCATE AND ARE HONEST WITH ONE ANOTHER! I already have a "cuddle buddy" although VERY sexual is OK with I know guys like that exist...But he is only part-time and I am looking for a boyfriend who will be full-time!

EDIT just found a good site that explains some of this stuff on asexuality better then I can... :)

I also don't want kids...I have no desire to be pregnant...Now if you have kids that's not a dealbreaker I don't hate kids far from it I just have no motherly instincts at all! Otherwise then that I am just a simple small-town girl very laid back and easy going...Fairly open-minded so if you aren't don't bother messaging me!

I want someone who has a weird sense of humor like me though bit more outgoing as I am an introvert and need some-one to drag me out of my shell once in awhile lol...someone that will respect my privacy and not get offended when I say I need time to myself because I often find people overwhelming...A gentleman with a bit of a naughty side :) Some-one that has a passion or zest for life that I seem to lack at times...I find myself drawn to confident guys but not confidence to the point of arrogance though...

I also seem to like artistic guys...and smart ones though it doesn't have to be "school' smarts though just someone who is witty and can converse about various subjects even if they are not experts on it...and won't put you down if you don't know anything abut that subject or make you feel like a silly child!

I also should mention I have issues with chronic fatigue so its hard for me to summon much energy to go out and do things especially after work...I like doing stuff where I can just sit and relax nothing to strenuous...So I guess a good first date would be just sitting at a coffee shop or something just talking and getting to know one another or taking a light walk...A movie but after we chat for awhile because its hard to talk during a movie(well without other patrons throwing things at you!) Gong to the Zoo possibly for a later date if the weather is nice may also be fun...
What I’m doing with my life
I was going to UNO to get my bachelors degree in psychology... I am on break now however will probably go back in the fall...(if I can get motivated I am finding that really hard to do lately...)

I am not entirely sure what I'm gonna do with it...maybe get a job as a counselor or something and help troubled teenagers -or maybe sit around and tell everyone how wrong they are and how to fix their problems - oh wait I do that anyway!(and I'm good at it lol)

I work Ft to pay the bills so I don't have a lot of time to devote to school so who knows how long it will take me to finish but I will keep going...eventually...
I’m really good at
Writing! I write poetry mainly but I have lots of ideas for stories -just to busy/lazy to actually write them out - I'm not an artist but I like working w/ colors -would love to design my own clothes -if I could sew...(anything w/ skulls as I have an obcession with them for some reason...)

I posted a poem here if your interested...will post more later...

oh and I'm also a speed-reader...
I don't know exactly how many words I can read per minute but I can read quite a bit...I been reading since I was three...that makes me sound smart but I'm not really...although my reading comprehension is really good as well as my vocab...still can't spell though which makes no sense I can use big words I just can't always spell them right...its strange...
The first things people usually notice about me

This is a hard one I have no idea??? Maybe that I'm really skinny( a size 1 despite the fact I love junk food)...My smile perhaps I've been told I have a nice eyes they are a really pretty blue/green or even grayish depending on my mood...

I've also been told I have really nice legs...
Ok I'm asexual but that doesn't mean I don't like looking sexy!
And well I like showing off my legs why not? Besides its hot I am not going to stay covered up! But a note to you guys out there just cuz a girl is wearing a skirt DOES not give you license to yell at her, whistle, or honk when she is walking down the street...cuz really sometimes a girl just likes looking sexy for HERSELF not for to get a guys attention!!! I had guys actually yell "hey baby want to be kidnapped?" one day while walking to work whilst wearing a skirt...not even a very short a little common decency and manners people!!!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love junk food! I am a bit of a sugar addict...

I have been known to eat Skittles for breakfast. Pizza and mountain dew and ice cream(vanilla) are some of my favs - If its bad for you I probably love it! Luckily my weight does not reflect this...

Books -I love to read! I like scifi/fantasy mainly --one of my fav series in this genre is The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher(awesome read check them out!)
My fav book ever is To Kill a Mockingbird - I don't like a lot of classics but this one is incredibly moving and well-written!

Moviewise -don't have a fav love movies as long as they entertain me! love movies based on comic books - like Xmen, Spiderman, etc...Most comedies I consider really stupid nowadays they don't make me laugh they just bore me lol. If you want good comedy watch the stand-ups on comedy central... Romances just depress me lol. I like lots of action in my movies- things blowing up, people getting shot/dying(the more gore the better!) car chases, etc...also like horror/supernatural movies

Musically I like rock -bands like Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold, A Perfect Circle, Evanescence. Nickelback, etc...I'll listen to anything once though I'm not a big country person or a rap person.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life and its meaning -I'm deep like that ;)
Lately though myself...who I really am, what I want out of life, etc...self-reflection is pretty much the norm for me...
On a typical Friday night I am
at home - I am not much of a party girl...and am not into the bar/club scene very much...

Sure I like going out and having fun but a perfect night for me is curling up on my couch, eating junk food, and watching tv -maybe playing playstation.

I would love to have somone to cuddle with!!!
Really, really, really, want a cuddle buddy!!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
***see above think I pretty much covered everything lol!***
You should message me if
Lets see you should message me if you think I am interesting and want to get to know me better (DUH!!) Especially if you are another asexual/demisexual in my area please I am getting desperate to find some!
or even if you are a sexual person and just want to know what I am about...

You SHOULDN'T message me IF...

you are a sex addict...think that one is obvious...
or otherwise a perv/creep whatever...
looking for a"hook-up" (again obvious)

Also if you think I am "broken" and your magical d**k can fix me...Please with all due respect GO F**K yourself! I know myself better then you ever could so don't even bother sending me a message stating anything like that unless you want to be bitched at! Like I said I have a cuddle-buddy whom I am attracted to and if I don't desire sex with him then I won't with anyone else that's for sure! Though if you are genuinely curious and have legitimate questions I will be happy to answer!

OH and if you are racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise biased/narrowminded...DON'T EVEN BOTHER TO MESSAGE ME!!! I am VERY intolerant of those types of people...not that I claim perfection in this area I judge people also...But I am willing to admit I do and to work hard not too...My motto is "live and let live" and I strive to be openminded and not judge people on there race or sexual orientation or whatever...Actually I like to say I "hate all people" equally lol as I am not a social person by nature!!! Sad I have to add this but lately I've been being messaged by people that are clearly racist and /or homophobic which makes me mad as I very much like gay people and my best friend is bi so yeah I am not likely to be very interested in hanging out and talking to you!!!
***sure I'll think of more later***

I am not on much anymore. So it may be awhile before(if) I reply to you...
The two of us