29Bethesda, United States
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My self-summary
I'm definitely a strong personality with loads of opinions. Thankfully my interests are diverse. I love crappy action movies and exploring new places. I have been bitten by the travel bug again. I genuinely love people and find them interesting. I love spur of the moment trips and surprises in general. I like to step out of the box, bend the law (in moderation) and break the rules. There is great zest and possibility in life and I have every intention of sampling all I can. I like to dance in the rain and attempt not to caught in the act of idiocy.

I need intellectual conversation, someone who reads the paper and a heart to back it all up. I like another strong personality. I want to laugh, learn, and see new perspectives. I need someone that yearns for that too. I appreciate the peace in headbanging and the thrill of a good engine rev. I need music that speaks to the soul and images that take your breath away. It sounds corny but it'll ring true if you are a more creative type. It is very important for me to give back, even in some karmic sense, because truthfully, I really like people and their amazing stories.
What I’m doing with my life
I current do therapy with autistic children and volunteer with hospice. I am considering an as-yet-decided career change. In the meantime I'm looking to get all out of life that I can, seeing as we don't really have forever to live it. It's a big, wonderful world out there and I'd like to see and sample as much as I can.
I’m really good at
I think I'm really good at being supportive, solving problems, and finding the silver lining. I've begun to believe that the amazing friends I have must mean that I'm a pretty good friend back. I have an odd ability to quickly learn all sorts of crafts and then have too much fun for my age doing them. I know exactly when a situation needs a fresh chocolate chip cookie. I'm good at having those incredible late nights with hot cocoa and a s'more, just enjoying someone's company.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'd have to say my height. I've worked with more than one child that's taller than me. I don't mind anymore- now that I get the better hiding places and fit really well into pictures. People notice that I'm intellectually driven and tend to prefer the same in others. I always wear skirts and after enough meetings, people stop asking if I ever wear pants. Not to get too into it but I'm quite curvy and people notice (and remark on it) a lot.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like light mysteries, historical works, fiction and non-fiction. I have a soft spot for emotional works like The Brief Wonderful Life of Oscar Wao and Little Bee. I can't say I often read high literature but I do if I'm in the mood. I heartily prefer real books to electronic versions. While I have hundreds of books, a good number of them are beautiful art books. I like looking at lovely images and feeling the weight of a book in my hands.

I like both high-minded movies and more base action and comedies. I like the Fast series and Bond. I know they aren't fine works but I enjoy them. I adore the DC FilmFest and go to at least 7 or 8 every year. I like older, more forgotten works too. I'll give most any movie a chance.

My musical tastes are similarly sensation-seeking. I like techno and classic dance music. I enjoy rock and a touch of the top 40 sometimes. I generally listen to three music radio stations, NPR and one XM station. I love music that begs to be played loudly, even if it is gentle and soulful. I prefer big headphones because then I can be immersed in the music. I love music that makes me want to move. I like Tiesto, some Afrojack, Cascade, Morgan Page and those of a similar ilk. I am happy to give new music a fair shake as long as it isn't piddly pop crap, heavy metal, or rap.

As for food, I used to be picky but in the last few years have really opened up about my tastes. I like most international food that isn't too spicy. I am willing to try most foods, especially strange desserts. I like some Cajun (alligator and pain perdue- so good!!) and find the creatures of the sea generally good.
Six things I could never do without
-my friends (and yes, I recognize that they are not technically things)
-my mind
-the New York Times Sunday magazine
-mint gum
Bonus- courtesy/manners. Everyone ever needs these.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
People. The people I like, the people I want to know more about, the people whose motivations elude me. People are some of the most interesting things in the world.
On a typical Friday night I am
Without question, I'm with the people I like best. I might be out or seeing a movie or just shooting the breeze but if I can help it, I'm around friends. I might also be exploring new things or trying to learn weird knowledge to use while I very excitedly watch jeopardy.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love and value some of the relics of my past and I'm loathe to be without them. I dislike rooms without any books- I judge them, a lot. I think I'd be more than a little lost with my closest friends- they are part of who I am. Profiles that refuse to admit anything private perturb me- it says "THAT [YOU] ARE WILLING TO ADMIT"! That means it doesn't have to be a deep dark secret. For goodness sake, find something to put there, just like so many of us did.
You should message me if
So as not to waste anyone's time; I am only interested in liberal democrats. Please do not message me otherwise. Thank you.

If our percentage enemy is relatively high, it's probably for good reason, as I try to answer very honestly. Maybe avoid potential issues and make a logical conclusion. I don't mean to box anybody in or out but we all have preferences. So with that disclaimer: if you're smart, like to learn new and unusual things, are a liberal, like to banter but don't take it too far and have some confidence in yourself but don't let it eek out all over the place we might do very well together.

I want an equal, a counterbalance. I work with children- I have no interest in dating someone that isn't at least mostly adult (generally, all the best people are in touch with their inner child). I like a lot about who I am at this point in my life and I want someone who accepts me as is. I'm faulted and not afraid to admit it.

Have a sense of courtesy and appreciation. It's respectful. It's necessary. Period.

I'm not looking for anything long distance right now. Thank you though.

Please please please -I've tried to be more gentle about this but really, I am only interested in liberal democrats. There is nothing wrong with other opinions, I just need those particular beliefs to be in line with mine in a relationship.
The two of us