58Elgin, United States
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My self-summary

OK, fellows - the number of 'bots' out there sending zillions of messages has, unfortunately, grown to the point that I need some way of sorting you humans out. So, if you want to get a response, start your message to me with a "math word". More points if it's a good solid math word, but I'll take rectangle. (and no, don't USE rectangle, cause the bots will soon figure that one out.)

Also, I'm probably marked 'replies selectively', because I've not been replying to the bots.

These things usually start with a paragraph about how I'm compassionate, loving, funny, romantic, love puppies and bunnies, and love to help people. Like most people I'm lots of those things much of the time. But probably more to the point, I'm a reasonably sane grown up with some clarity about my life.

I don't need a relationship because I can't live my own life, but want one because it'll make my life better. Even though it's work.

I can be painfully shy around people I don't know. I can be loud and center stage a lot too, and sometimes don't know which one I'll get. I can be geeky and get wrapped in a video game, or spend hours listening to a friend's woes. My friends are really important to me.

I'm a computer scientist and engineer doing social robotics. After years of 'career', I'm only doing work I enjoy and that engages both sides of my brain (as well as my pons and cerebellum). If you want to go for a long walk on the beach, it better be in search of a geohash point, plugging an industrial outflow, or looking for your crashed quadrotor.

I have toes. 8cD

I make things. That's everything from making my own clothes to making things with the high power laser I own. Artist, maker, engineer, scientist, tinkerer, craftsperson - call it what you will.

I'm a transsexual woman. I transitioned back when every phone came with it's own cord, and computers came with their own building. I figure if I've got to have something serious and scary come into my life, I'll tell ya, at least this has been interesting.

I spend a lot of time in India - about 25% of the last 15 years.

My idea of fun - taking off to mid Death Valley to volunteer teach at a tiny school. PA'ing on a friend's low budget movie shoot. Digging through a bin of high tech junk. Fiddling with a Kinect, just because.

I find life interesting. I'm looking for somebody who finds life interesting.

As far as dating activities, the objective's to meet you, the venue's secondary. Want to go see a refinery? Tuvan throat singing concert? Office supply store?

I'm pretty unathletic. So that long walk on the beach is gonna be a short walk and a long sit. Yer warned.

I'm a Kansan, and it hasn't all rubbed off. While my politics is left of Ralph Nader's, there's a part of me that still thinks a home's not complete without a car up on blocks in front of it.

You've got a brain, heart, and zero or more hands. You're using all of them. You're doing something amazing. You're planning on leaving the world a different place than you found it, and on having an immense good time in the process.

You're looking to make a partnership and a friendship, someone to go on the journey with you, and whose journey you can go along on. So you'll be a good travelling companion - willing to try the strange food or the new experience. I'll watch you take off for the Himalayas if you'll watch me be consumed into a project 18 hours a day for two months.
What I’m doing with my life
Latest adventure is owning a factory, with a business partner. Embedded in tiny Elgin, OR, with waay too many cool toys.

Trying to find some balance in life. Big adventures are fun, but were beginning to crowd out normal life. Pendulum's swinging the other way. Dating more's one aspect of that, hence my presence here.
I’m really good at
Being there for people.
The first things people usually notice about me
my existance, if I approach outside their focal vision field.
Hmm... ok, first thing the forebrain notices....
how should I know? By definition, anybody else is better qualified
to know that.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Richard Dawkins' 'The Blind Watchmaker'
Miller's "A Canticle for Liebowitz'
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Music - Something I've never heard before (Though I think I'll be attached to the Korean Choir version of Eres Tu for a long time).
Food - ¡La comida de la raza!
Six things I could never do without
my innerds ... those are important, I think
the strong force
iced tea
strong relationships with friends
a screwdriver
I spend a lot of time thinking about
designs for video games I'll never build
threading models in actor languages
human rights
On a typical Friday night I am
getting a brain scan, carding wool, or using a boring bar.
I'm not the go-out-and-party type
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Won't be typed into a field in a web form
You should message me if
and only if you feel like we might hit it off (there's a joke there, I think).
The two of us