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My self-summary
Hi everyone out there in the world of pixels and code known as the wonderful world-wide internet!! Salutations and welcome to my page :) My name is Emily and I...have no idea what to even say as a self-summary because I would probably skew the info quite a bit. I am an optimist when it comes to others, but usually a pessimist when it comes to me unfortunately. So when someone asks me what makes me interesting or unique or to summarize myself...I don't know how to answer them without sounding depressed and self-defeating. Anyway, since I don't really know what things I should say, I guess I'll just list some random facts about me and try to be objective while doing so :)

One of the most obvious things about me when people see me is that I am a very artsy person. In both style and….just how I am. While, yes, I am a civil engineering major, I still have an extensive arts background and miss participating in the arts very much. They have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and, sometimes, I use them to communicate with others instead of words. As far as what arts I can do, here’s a list of what I’ve done in the small amount of years I've spent being alive on this planet we call home:
• The biggest is music in general. I’ve been reading sheet music my entire life almost and have been singing for almost as long. I also play some piano, handbells, and steel drums. Music = life for me…going without my headphones and iPod is torture because I’ll just have songs playing in my head anyway, but only bits and pieces.
• The next biggest, and one that I miss, is dancing. I started dancing when I was three years old and danced all the way to the beginning of my senior year in high school (with the exception of one year/summer that I took off to try my hand at rhythmic gymnastics). All totaled up, I practiced ballet and tap for 14 years, jazz for 10 years (not allowed to start until you’re 7 years old), pointe for 4 years, modern and lyrical and improvisation (known as improv) for 3 years, random little bits and pieces of random multi-cultural dances (like Chinese ribbon dancing and hoedowns-otherwise known as line dancing), and Irish step dancing for a summer. I say that I have “experience” in all of these, and that’s true, but it’s been over four years since I was last in a formal dance class and for some of these forms it’s been more than that, so I don’t necessarily remember it all. However, if shown the steps again, muscle memory would likely kick in.
• The next is visual arts. I still doodle and draw for classes (structures and such), but I never really got the hang of anything that is actually alive (like people and plants). However, most of the stuff I do is abstract. I dabble in painting, but mostly I stick to colored pencils, markers, and crayons (go arts supplies!!)
• The last is poetry. Everyone is taught how to do it in high school English class, but I still use it sometimes to either get feelings that have been bottled up out or to tell someone something that I can’t articulate when I am talking to them face-to-face.

The next thing people notice about me is…*drum roll* I’m a nerd. I’m a musical/music nerd, a math nerd, a video games nerd (sort of…though that’s really just with certain games), a book worm/nerd, and just overall nerdy. I like knowing things, and if you can’t hold an intelligent conversation? Prepare to be outmatched. Yes, I don’t make ANY sense sometimes and definitely am a spacy, ditzy, daydreamer, but I like having deep conversations that mean something because then I know who I’m talking to has a brain in their head. I don’t care much about looks in a guy, but if you don’t have a brain then you don’t have a chance because I tend not to like superficial, it’s-all-about-the-physical-and-what-is-on-the-surface guys/people in general. Yes, the physical is important on some level, but I don’t go for the pretty package that doesn't have any substance underneath.

Which leads me to random factoid number three: I am both a lives-in-their-head and a physical person. And, no, I don’t mean physical sexually. I mean just communicating with a hug, cuddling (platonic), snuggling (again platonic), rubbing someone’s back, giving head scritches (kind of like what you do with a cat when you scratch them behind the ear and on the head, but with a human instead). Once I get comfortable with a person, a lot of my physical barriers come down. It’s common to see me curled up at a friend’s feet while they sit in a chair with my head on their lap or to see me arm-in-arm, arms around the waist, even hand-in-hand with a friend. It’s a physical and emotional connection for me, a way to say “hey, I care about you” without actually saying it out loud. At the same time, it is also common to see me looking off at nothing, completely absorbed in whatever is in my head at that moment. When I’m first around a group of new people, I will literally curl up into a corner and basically become a pair of eyes in the wall. I see and I listen and I absorb, but I don’t participate much in the social bit that’s going on. I try to get a read on everybody there first. If I feel I can trust them, I’ll open up to them…if not? I’ll close myself off. I won’t be mean or rude; I just won’t let all of my “masks” or “guards” down. I've been kicked in the rear by life before for trusting someone I shouldn't, so I’m careful now. Careful and introverted...I may have been the extroverted, introduce my entire family to whatever poor soul is on the elevator with us, rambunctious, babbling little kid when I was little, but I'm not anymore. Instead, I'm extremely careful about who I let in too far. I'm introverted...and, as much as this seems like a big rambling of thoughts on myself, this actually took a lot longer than I thought it would to write because I kept second guessing myself every two words or so.

The last random rambling factoid I’m going to give away for free is that while I have a brain and am a true nerd I am not necessarily always a logical person. If my heart and my head are at war, my heart wins…every time. I’m quite literally driven by my feelings and intuition which makes sense since I’m an INFP personality type. I’ll trust what I intuitively sense or feel about a situation/person/whatever more than a fact that I read or hear or find. It’s a fault and a virtue because I have made bad judgment calls before. I try to see the good in people all the time, I like to believe in it because I believe people have an immense capacity to be good it just doesn't always happen. On the flip side, once you have broken my trust or I am forced or see more bad than good in you, it is really hard to win me back over to your side. My default is kind, so I’ll never be mean to you unless you seriously piss me off and I won’t stop believing that you could be better, but you won’t get far into my circle of friends.

I have one clarification to make before I wrap this really long piece of text up, and it's about my sexual orientation. OkCupid doesn't have the option to let me put down gray-asexual or demisexual, but those are what I am. If you don't know what gray-asexual or demisexual are, then you can ask me about them or you can google them.

That's all I have to say on me. Message me if you will, but don't be a creeper, I'm tired of that type of person.

“Trust someone who can see these three things in you: the sorrow behind your smile, the love behind your anger, and the reason behind your silence.”
What I’m doing with my life
I'm in my senior year at college for civil engineering right now (it's complicated...have to stay an extra year due to bad grades because I didn't know I had ADD until spring of my junior and getting my degree is the main focus of my life right now. Otherwise, I'm not really doing all that much interesting...I hang out with my friends, I do my homework and go to classes and labs, I play video games on steam (my brother commands the t.v., so I have gone to the next mode of gaming...pc gaming), I go to larp with friends or play tabletop (told you..nerd), I listen to music (a LOT), and am considering starting a YouTube channel with a friend of mine and covering a whole bunch of songs the two of us know.
When I get out of college in a year or so...I honestly have no idea what I'm going to be doing. I mean, I'm getting a civil engineering bachelor's degree, so obviously I'm gonna try to find a job with a civil engineering company...but other than that? I have no idea if I'll even be staying in Delaware because I've lived here all my life and while no sales tax is is a REALLY small world and it can get tiring after 20 years or so.
I do know where I want to end up eventually, but it's just random little details that I know, like I know I want to actually build my own house (not buy a "cookie-cutter" house) and have a bunch of secret entrances and passages built into it :3 That way only I and whoever ends up living there with me really knows how to get everywhere in the house. Also, when I say I want to BUILD my house...I do mean that quite literally. Yes, I would hire a contractor and other people to help, but I wanna be one of the people putting a hammer on nail to make it come alive. I've been designing my house my entire life, which is part of why I chose civil engineering, I like making homes...even if it is just in my head right now. I constantly am looking at the buildings around me and finding pieces I like and being like "oooh!! wouldn't that be neat to add!!" (Yes, I'm a big nerd)
I’m really good at
Umm...I don't really know what I'm good at. The only thing that really pops into my head is foot massages and painting the walls of a room (I know how to do some fancy techniques :3 ). If you really wanna know, then you can message me, but I honestly am bad at being objective and judging my own skills. So, you will just have to find out for yourself.
The first things people usually notice about me
How quiet and "innocent" I am. Innocent as in I'm naive about a lot of things, I was sheltered for a great deal of my life in regards to a ton of things. And I don't really start talking and being interactive unless a) its a topic i really care about b) i'm almost one-on-one with someone or c) it's a group of people i'm comfortable with/around...i'm an introvert most of the time and boy do i know it
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books...I don't really have favorite books, I have favorite genres or series. I really like reading about fantasy worlds that deal with magic in some way, I wish it existed in the real world. Vampire books are also a common find in my collection of books. A few specific favorites would be the Harry Potter series, the House of Night series, the Pellinor series, the Vampire Academy series, the Maximum Ride series, and Night World series. another hard one. I don't really have any favorite songs or artists (well except for Josh Groban, Sara Bareilles, and the group Home Free), but i do have favorite genres. I adore classical, broadway, country, accapella, and soft rock.

Movies I actually have favorites in. They are Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Hobbit, Cats, Sound of Music, Flash Dance, Dirty Dancing, both of the Princess Diary movies, the Avengers, Thor, any Batman movie, No Reservations, and Failure to Launch. There are probably others that will occur to me later and will be added on as I remember's a long list, but hey, no one said you had to have one favorite, did they? Or did they and I never heard? Oh well.

Food I don't have a preference for. I have definite dislikes, but overall I like Italian, Mexican, American, Chinese, and seafood.

T.V. word...FIREFLY....WHYYYY did they have to cancel it??? so silly on their part. Oh, and CSI, NCIS, Dracula, Rehab Addict, Property Brothers, the Sing Off, the Voice, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and crime show type stuff. I was watching Star Trek & Dr. Who with an ex-bf while we were dating and really liking them and haven't picked them back up, but probably will because I liked them so much.
Six things I could never do without
I'm not going to do the basic food, air, water, shelter stuff because that is boring and kinda obvious. So, the top six things I couldn't do without, in no particular order, are:
1) Music/the arts
2) Friends and Family
3) Books
4) Physical/sensual (non-sexual) contact with others like cuddling
5) Games
6) Nature
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Music, life, friends, situations, people, where I'm going in life, what makes people tick...random stuff really. If someone could read my brain it would be an endless stream of randomness. It would jump all over the place and be totally and completely confusing.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm either hanging out with friends until crazy weird hours of the night ooor I'm at home with my family. When I'm at home I'm usually just relaxing, watching t.v., playing video games with my brother (like halo :3), playing card games with the family, reading a book, listening to music, playing piano....just relaxing stuff.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Umm...past experiences that don't deal with sexual things. Don't even try to get me to talk about any type of sexual stuff, there is a reason my friends call me a prude, it's because I don't talk about it. When others talk about it, I usually either blush and look down, cover my ears, put in my headphones, or walk away...I am a prude and I admit that.
But seriously, the most private thing I'm willing to admit would be...I love dancing and singing in the rain (not the musical, I mean literally dancing and singing in the rain). Also, I'm a furry (not in the sexual way, but in the "I like anthro art and think that everyone are like animals in some way or another or have an animal soul type thing" kinda way). I'm an otter with owl wings hence my friends sometimes just refer to me as "Otter."
You should message me if
You're looking for an interesting friend. If you're a creeper DO NOT message me because I'll just end up blocking you. Otherwise, go ahead and message me. If I'm on I'll definitely respond. If you're looking for a friend, then go ahead and message me. :) However, please message something other than a variation on "hey, how're you?" That doesn't take much effort nor does it cause me to be inclined to message you back.
The two of us