32Berkeley, United States
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My self-summary
"A detached, observant, and indifferent man. I am constantly under scrutiny by the society that surrounds me; that is okay. Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow" -- Influenced by Albert Camus|George Sand

The paraphrase represents my identity as an artist, a designer, and an engineer, whichs translates into an imaginative, intransigent, and introspective individual. For what it's worth, that aligns perfectly with 'INTP'. Who I am is greatly defined by what I do: I am a designer/innovator. My personality and passion are inextricably connected to my profession. There is no on-off switch.

I have faults....

I was born and raised in south jersey where "only the strong survive, then eventually leave", ha.

I seek moments that evoke a combination of anxiety, fear, and euphoria. That doesn't mean bdsm; it means I continually accept instances where I'm pushed outside of my comfort zone. I hope to find a equal who can do that for me.

I appreciate candor, so I hope you do as well: I am very ambtitious, goal-oriented, and you may already have inferred, passionate; I am preoccupied with those passions a lot, but with the passion comes romance, and when I am with you there is nothing else I am thinking about.

Music is a huge part of me: I enjoy the expression as well as the melody.
What I’m doing with my life
I work on R&D projects for an early-stage SF A|E|C firm doing design, software development, material research, and structural design+analysis on component based architectural prototypes. In other words, the dyson|ikea of architecture. I can't say much more about it.

I co-teach two courses in structures for architecture grads and undergrads at CAL.

I am more into the software development side of architecture and engineering, but I also work with a small firm that designs, engineers, and builds traditional architecture for residential and commercial applications.

So my education, profession, interest, and life is in compsci, architecture, and structural engineering. Building and tech: the crossroad where bad meets evil.
I’m really good at
....sleeping under any circumstance.
.....public speaking: I talk to myself aloud on the BART.
.....making myself laugh
.....people watching: I may write a book on it - effective, yet subtle techniques. Similar to bird watching, I suppose. Although part of me is against writing it for fear the art may be harnessed for nefarious motives - stalking ha.
.....working with no sleep.
The first things people usually notice about me
- I am always - I MEAN ALWAYS - listening to music. Feel free to send me new bands and/or songs that align with my preferences
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Fountainhead*| We The Living| The Giver| Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking| Engineering/Architecture/Industrial[Product] design material| Mother Night| Player Piano| Hocus Pocus| Bathroom Reader volumes| gibberish

I am looking for highly cerebral books on the human psyche and interaction coupled with a philosophical undertone. Now, this hybrid genre may not exist, ha, but I'm in pursuit. I need to venture out and diversify from my inundation of design and engineering literature. If you know of any, please share.

Movies: Too many to name...Anything Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Documentary, Animation, Mind-bending, Cerebral, Dark (Clearly, I am into Netflix) and/or combo of all the aforementioned. But if you must know a few: Drive| The Machinist| The Fountain| Old boy| I Saw the Devil| Bronson| Zenith| Coherence | The signal.

Musicians: Fools Gold; LCD sound system| The Clash| Depeche Mode| Phil Collins| Foreigner| George Michael| Aruna| Marc Etson| Passive progressive| Delphic| Black keys| MGMT| Temper Trap| STP| Alice n Chains| Armin Van Buuren| Nic Chagall|Arcade Fire| PJ Harvey| Beirut| Cave singers| Tears for fears| Pet shop boys| Santigold| Deadmau5| Mike Snow| Radiohead| William Fitzsimmons| 16 Bit Lolitas| Yeasayers| Matisyahu (possibly misspelled)| Cosmic Gate| Matt Zo| Ferry Corsten| The Xx| Massive Attack| Muse| The Knife| Interpol| Graffiti6| Placebo| My Morning Jacket| Canibus| Above&Beyond| Empire of the sun| Washed out| College| NASA| NERO| M83| Chromatic| Junkie XL| Tanlines| Geographer| Twin Shadow| Florence + the Machine| Empire of the Sun| Enya| Classical| Claire| Brood| ODESZA| and many be cont'd

Shows: TEDtalks| Parks & Recreation| Curb your enthusiasm| Fringe| BSG| Dexter| X Files| Supernatural| Revolution | Reality: people watching...
Six things I could never do without
The obvious: water, sunlight, and food
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- my portfolio and skillset (75% of the time)
- the real meaning of life; philosophy
- music: to learn guitar or piano?!

- books that are conducive to enhancing one's quality of being, intelligence, passion, etc

- society: its at the precipice of a dramatic change due to tech, and how this affects my personal endeavors...

- how tribal mass society can become. How it represents a swarm of fish: individuals invisibly tethered to the reactions of their peers. It's fascinating from the perspective of someone who does not have such a bond.

All the aforementioned can be, and most often is, coalesced into one paradoxical mindset regarding my existence in the design industry: to differentiate, optimize, and develop a niche, yet continually adapt, evolve, and maintain general awareness to avoid being lost in specialization.

A small portion of my mind focuses on the inevitable...
On a typical Friday night I am
Everywhere and nowhere - the paradox of life.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
More likely than not, I'm surfing Okc during moments of inactivity.

I was obsessed with the Men In Black....
You should message me if
you want...I won't bite, unless evoked.

you have athletic, fit, or jacked to describe your physique. It is obvious that personality, intelligence, and commonalities are the more salient qualities to any meaningful relationship, but that combination should evince a desire for perfection in all areas that are of interest to you. What is of more interest then your own body?
The two of us