34St. Louis, United States
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My self-summary
I am looking for a potential relationship but I want a friend first. I have decided you can't have a true connection with someone you can't be friends with first. Yeah, I am a guy and I am not looking for a booty call! Some guys just want a connection. We are not all pigs. Message me if you are looking for the same!

Here is a bit about me:
I am funny
I am creative
I am intelligent
I think therefor I am... does that mean I am not when I am not thinking? Woah...
I studied Graphic Design in college and loved it
I am currently studying Computer Science in college and loving it
I have 2 dogs
I live by the philosophy: Real men have Chick Dogs!
I love to read
I am geek, hear me roar!
I am a nerd
I am not so much of a dork

One of my goals for myself is to find new hobbies. I am looking into taking up some of my old enjoyments and hopefully I can find some people to do them with.

Things I want to take up again:
Rock Climbing
Photography (again... this is a passion of mine which I let slip)
Kite Flying (I have 2 stunt kites which are a lot of fun to fly)
I am open to suggestions on other activities!
What I’m doing with my life
Currently, working towards a bachelor's in Computer Science to pair up with my bachelor's in Studio Art!

I am currently working in IT doing internal tech support for a large company. I love the people I work with even if the work is sometimes a bit stressful!

I also enjoy board games and attend the second and fourth Friday Board Game Meetups at Urban Eats.
I’m really good at
I am a pretty good Photographer. I am great at building/fixing computers. My pitch is pretty solid and I can definitely hold a tune. Don't believe me? Ask me to Karaoke some time =)
The first things people usually notice about me
If I haven't shaved in a while, my natural goatee. No joke! If I don't shave, my facial hair grows INTO a Goatee!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
How did I miss the favorite books section! Must correct this oversight! I love Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but will read anything someone says is good. For non-fiction, I really enjoyed the book Black Boy. For fiction, my favorite book of all time is Villains by Necessity. I am an RA Salvatore junkie and read his books the same way a woman might read a book with Fabio on the cover, not because I expect literary genius, but because I like the mindless action. Oh, also on a dystopic trip currently and will try anything about a dystopic society. I binge read the Hunger Games in about a week. Almost forgot, I need to pick up the next Percy Jackson book too. Oddly enough, never read Harry Potter. Can you convert me? =)

I watch pretty much anything. Currently watching through Arrow, Flash, and Brooklyn 99. If you have a show and want someone to chill and watch it with you, I am open to most shows if I have company. I love Adventure Time and any goofy animation. I also will binge watch Law and Order, NCIS, and Criminal Minds if I am in the mood.

My musical taste is pretty varied. I like pretty much anything except Country, rap, and hip-hop. I guess you can say I "don't get it." Its the same for death metal. Currently, I am digging Nathaniel Rateliff. That guy has soul and it just makes me feel good. Bonus points, by the way, if you know Johnny Flynn!

I love Sushi. Unagi is amazing and fried Philly rolls are my sushi vice! They are so good! Other than that, Strawberries and Peaches are tied for the fruit of choice. Oh, and I could live off Mexican/TexMex for a looooooong time if I had to.
Six things I could never do without
1) Family
2) My dogs (the fluffballs they are!)
3) My SNES
4) Computer (w/ Internet obviously)
5) I guess food, water, and air should be here somewhere
6) Human Interaction
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Ways I can improve myself. I have been writing out goals and putting time-tables up on my nifty dry erase calendar.

Confession: I wrote the above part a long time ago. I never ended up using the dry-erase board! Back then, I worked a dead end job at OfficeMax and was not very motivated to do anything. This is all different and these days I spend a lot of time thinking about life I missed out on. I still never used the dry erase calendar, haha.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hopefully, out with some friends, possibly at 21st Street or iTap trying everything I haven't tried. I am a bit of a beer snob. Also, camping would be something I would love to get back to on a regular basis. I am a gamer by nature though, so sitting on a couch watching Netflix or playing games with friends ranks high on my list! Playing games by myself? Not so much =)
You should message me if
You are looking for an interesting guy to hang out with, need a climbing/workout friend, love vintage video games or modern board games, or whatever! I am pretty open to most things.

Oh, if you do drugs (even pot), I am really not interested. My comfort level around drugs is just low and prefer not to be around them.
The two of us