58Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
My values are simple. When I see a trail of gunpowder, I light it.

Stopped watching TV in 1975.
Never a movie fan.
Star Wars sucks.
Sports spectatorship? Ugh.

Are you "down to earth"? Well, here's the door.

No 4-year degree? Really?! Heheh, no.
Conversely, bonus points if you tested into Mensa--I didn't.

Compulsive eaters won't like me, cardiac diet of 1200 calories. Fresh meat, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables. After my 3rd heart attack, I gained 100 pounds, and I am shedding it now. A veteran of the US Marine Corps, my self-motivation is inherent. I am living the paradox of not settling for women who would settle for a fat fuck like me. This shit is getting old!

... and no, I do not want to hear about your grandchildren. Gimme a year on that one.

If no one will watch Wheel Of Fortune with you because too often you guess the phrase before *any* letters are revealed, then please, dear lady, read on.
What I’m doing with my life
Eleven years ago, I retired.

I played active roles in making the world a better place, mainly trudging through nuclear sites the world over with a geiger counter, looking for clues of illegal effluence. I made a career of blowing whistles.

I also made common sense investments, and my major life's decisions are well behind me. I enjoy life comfortably.

I have always been* and I will probably always be stuck in the 70s to some degree. My life is 99% unstructured and I chase whatever whim strikes me at the moment.

Currently, my primary project is developing new algorithms for natural language proecessing, and I am reading mostly textbooks--computational geometry and classification algorithms. One of my floating projects is editing quotes from Bram Stoker's Dracula, as well as managing the details of the books' future hand binding.

Otherwise, I play guitar, get high, listen to music, or practice my gypsy card-reading routines, my latest hobby.

I won't claim I invented the phrase 'wake and bake' but I was certainly an early adoptor. Anyway, while we're here, please take a look to the right there. Where it says, "Drugs? Sometimes"? That's weed only for me. Everything else is a tad too hard on the heart.

* There was that period I served in a nuclear detachment with the United States Marine Corps, but I believe that is balanced by my time with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission investigating nuclear power plants and radiochemistry laboratories. Plus, I was a total cokehead when I worked at the nuclear weapons plant in SC (US Dept. of Energy, SRS). Good times.
I’m really good at
finding new experiences. Do you like a bit of chaos mixed into your adventure? If you have smoked a joint in the smoking section on a trans-Atlantic flight, not in the john, you know what I mean.

Dropping everything for a few weeks or a couple months and renting a room in Berlin or Stockholm is my idea of fun. Wintering in BC out of an RV? Tell me when to stop driving north.
The first things people usually notice about me
I do not wear a hairpiece.

I am stoned. BTW, don't blame us stoners for your dead alcoholic husbands. They couldn't face simple reality; stoners embrace and revel in existence for all its structures and complexities.

I weigh over 200 pounds, however I have lost 40 pounds with this new therapy and after another 30 pounds, I can start weight training for muscle mass again. Another 50 pounds and I may start jogging again. The condition causing the heart attacks has been eliminated with no chance of returning. I lived long enough for the technology to develop.

I have little tolerance for bullshit. I don't waste a lot of time fretting over politics, and for me, religion is politics.

I would much rather play guitar.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
You can talk me into seeing virtually any live performance. The symphony? Local college production? Death metal concert? Yes, to any one. Okay, after some arm twisting, I will include standup comedy but only if the evening includes sushi at some point, but a second date is unlikely.

Music: Everything but rap and xenophobe country. When I play guitar, I have a fairly solid psychobilly sound.

Books: I have degrees in nuclear engineering, computer science, and German literature --dead German mathematicians pretending to be Shakespeare, "The direct opposite of nihilism is doughnuts." Yes, I have books.

Food: I am a damn fine home-style cook, and I have broad tastes. I could happily cook three meals a day, and maintain a kitchen every day, for someone for the rest of my life. My favorite adventure is going into an ethnic restaurant and ordering more or less at random. I don't however do stunt foods.
Six things I could never do without
My cat, a guitar, my library, my music collection, and the occasional good cigar.

#6. Singing silly cat songs. For instance,

♫ Cats wear hats but seldom flats,
they think heels are what appeals. ♫

to the tune of 'Both Sides Now'. You've been warned.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The evolution of the universe.
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sex with bondage and leather
is not my sort of endeavour.
If you ask me to shag
with a whip and a gag,
I'll answer "not now nor ever".

-- stolen shamelessly

Some of my best friends are witches.

My cat prefers porchetta over prosciutto. Can't say I disagree.

I like watching car races. They're not sports. I was born that way.
You should message me if
... you are one in a thousand. (Special: This month only, "one in 900".)

... you are a smart woman with venom.

... you have an unbounded curiosity.

... you are creative intellectually or artistically.

... you have bought into a live table poker tournament. Win or lose matters not.

... you noticed that my grammar and spelling are impeccable. You also noticed that I do not slavishly subscribe to putting a comma inside double quotes when placing it outside makes more sense. I wrote my own grammar book, don'cha know.

... you served five years or more in a federal prison or one year in a foreign prison. You get the golden ticket. Your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant (in your favorite city?) just to hear your story. As for the rest of ya...

... you only had to read all the Trivial Pursuit cards once to memorize the answers. To this day, you consider that research, not cheating.

... you dropped acid in the 70s (or 80s (or 90s)).

... you will not drink Budweiser under any circumstance short of someone threatening your offspring, and even then, you'd gag.

... you grow occasionally wistful at the long-cherished memory of a chilly Saturday night with a quarter moon and a lukewarm bottle of Boone's Farm. The state of your undergarments at the time shall remain your secret.

... you posted something private in the question above, rather than be a fuddy-duddy stick-in-the-mud. Saying "I'll tell you after we meet" is not coquettish, merely intellectually lazy.

... you support hiking the minimum wage because that gives the homeless fewer reasons to be anywhere near downtown Seattle. I lied about the politics--fucking shoot me.

... your vices are only the tiniest bit beyond your control.

... you don't really give a fuck about any of this cuz you're gonna have me regardless.

Stalkers Welcome!
The two of us