41 Philadelphia, United States
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My self-summary
An accomplished risk-taker with zest, zing, and zip, I'm here to keep myself open to new friends and... with arms cautiously open to fall upon the most wonderful man I've ever met.

Reasons why the man (/people - NOTE: this is NOT a reference to polyamory) I want to share my time with should be open-minded, kind-hearted, sincere, compassionate, positive, a finely-tuned communicator, and generally a fantastic human being - who's been there, done that, and knows who he is and what he wants:

>>>I'm an old soul with a quirky, youthful spirit
>>>I get carded
>>>I’ll give you flowers and backrubs
>>>I’m easy… going (couldn't resist doing that on a dating site, obviously I'm a prude)
>>>My profile is really, really long.
>>>Damn, that girl’s heart is bangin'
>>>I sweat (scientifically meaning I’m more evolved)…
>>>… but not the small stuff
>>>I’ll never leave you hanging…
>>>… with a noticable booger in your nose, or elsewhere
>>>Laughter, distraction, intimacy, and love are my happy keys, and I’m hoping to make an extra copy for the trustworthy person who calls the day after… et al… that becomes my partner in adventures fitted in substantial misfit style.
>>>I play with things, such as, words, blenders, & time warps
>>>I’ll fit in your suitcase, and can travel impulsively
>>>I make good list [sic]
>>>(More) seriously…

by choice or chance I've managed to pack in a lot of life into my years, so I've become happily aware of what I have and don't have - and grateful for both. The same goes for what I want, which is luckily more flexible than a bullet list of possessions, although more important and harder to replace when lost.

>>>And hopefully, I’ve made you giggle.

Hopefully, you're a hot, hip nerd with eq and iq. What can I say, that's my type. But types, like rules, are made to be broken too. With that in mind, ideally you live or work in center city, you have a well exercised brain (and if it comes with a matching body I won't complain), and you're within 1 decade of my age or no more than a year or 2 younger. It seems I fit best with men around 40-50, even though I tend not to think of myself or people in terms of years.

Easy - in the "going" way - is good; a 99% of the time must, in fact. If you're used to difficult people or relationships or angry banter, you're not my style. Just because I want a "serious" relationship, doesn't mean I don't want to enjoy the process.

Although a great partner and mad love is what I ultimately want, I'm open to friendships and mishaps - though I believe I've had enough life experience and explored my wants, needs, and deal-breakers - and checked them twice to avoid those tiny tragedies of dating (but have you? if your answer isn't a resounding Yes! we might be able to be buds, but it stops there). I've been ready for the real deal - in all relationships; you should be too.

This package comes with a dust broom and a ridiculously jumbo-sized heart (not the birth-condition kind), and I'd like to unleash it (the heart not the dust broom) with the right person. Assuming you're package is equally endowed (no pun intended), I'd like to be certain we both have the proper grip - I don't like sweeping unless necessary. So, I'd like us to investigate our[friendship potential first. Let's keep it simple and smile-inducing fun, until it finds its resting place or becomes whatever it becomes (but we must still have our fun!).

I maintain a life filled with positive vibes because I luckily was born that way, and it's an integral ingredient in the kind of relationships I welcome into my life. I’m independent and happy even when I’m alone. Bonus for you: I'm a natural giver - I can't help myself, and I'm open for a little giving and taking.

I’m strong.
I won’t need you.
But I should want you.
What I’m doing with my life
Creating, Learning, Advocating, Cuddling with my cats, Yoga, Drinking coffee and drawing or reading or writing or people watching or feeding the homeless pastries in Rittenhouse Square, Painting, Writing, Playwriting, Exhibiting, Publishing, Getting stronger, Loving my family, Loving (is she one of those granola!), Looking inward, Looking outward, Looking forward to finishing my MFA.

and in complete sentences:

I see the good through the bad, and I smile even if I'm in pain. I'm self-aware, evolved and integrated, mindful, funny and/or/ummm (quite) playful and silly, make an effort to be pretty damn good looking, occasionally glamorous, often hilarious, I smile (a not quite redundant) and mean it, I care deeply about friends and strangers, human rights, retail therapy yoga and.ballet classes, my vivacity is contagious, and I'm creative and smart (most of the time). I have a regular income too. Not bad for an ex-full-time artist/dancer/choreographer/artistic director/writer, turned
writer/painter/DME designer/designer clothing buyer and seller/spokesperson/consultant... and always-make that usually-an activist.
I’m really good at
Laughing (it's a strange yet memorable laugh)
Out of the box thinking...and doing
Being an aunt
Making things happen
Making people feel worthy
Making people smile
Making up words
Coming up with too many business ideas
Sharing-love to share
Breathing deeply
Fixing up my friends and strangers
Dreaming (awake more than asleep)
The first things people usually notice about me
FIRST: My endless smile and telling eyes...and my bodacious ta-tas.

SECOND: Damn, does she really expect me to read ALL of this!

THIRD: My terrible habit of forgetting to empty my inbox, while you have an intuitive sense of how much I want to get your message, and you have this weird feeling of sympathy for how oddly sweet it is of me to:

a) either feel so guilty deleting people without responding, which she'll eventually have to do to hear from wonderful you - and I'll surely get to it tomorrow
b) you'll feel a deep rush of urgency to get through a landfill that could either be the result of extreme popularity or laziness, and you still admire me for being lazy with my OKC inbox, because, damn - (you think to yourself) that girl has her priorities exactly where I want them. [NOTE on TONE: Sarcastic laughing, please don’t misinterpret as self-aggrandization]

FOURTH: IF we meet, my unique respect for people, from my homeless bud on the corner to the checkout girl and especially you (and me too; we’re all worthy of ‘hello’). Hokey, but true. You’ll see. I hear it’s more endearing in person than on paper.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I avoid favorites, because I prefer to stay fluid.

I'm currently reading about 7 different books (nope, never been diagnosed with ADD), including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, Buddha shit, dumb & art mags... books by Carolee Schneeman, "The Mind & The Brain," “Indignation”/ Roth (finished, awesome!), “Telegrams of the Soul”/P.A., “Bright Felon”/Kazim Ali, "In Praise of Slowness"(still...isn't that the point), and others that will fit in my purse.

As for food, anything goes, except American-ized Chinese, and some days I could eat raisin bran, oatmeal, or tuna noodle casserole for every meal.

Music, movies... I'm ready for new ones to list - wanna share yours? Or take me to something live?
The six things I could never do without
I've learned I could do without just about anything - except the obvious. Instead, here are "things" I couldn't fathom a life without:

Creativity no particular order

Here's my more superficial list:
Expensive jeans that make your ass look great
Apple-as in the store
Parks to sit in & people watch
Something to look forward to
The Sun
I spend a lot of time thinking about

My family, friends, today and the future, creating - in various ways, becoming a better, smarter, more enlightened person & direct story-teller, ways I can be more of an advocate for healthcare reform, politically and civilly active (I'm an honorary member of Grannies for Peace...but I AM childless and far from granny age).


Friendship, love, compassion, compatibility, and why my "best matches" seem to congregate in NYC and what/if anything should I do about that.

What I'd do with a great man in or out of NYC..

Doing everything I can to continue and share my life and gifts in the wealth of health. And style.

On a typical Friday night I am
I don't do typical. But I do do cocktails...

Perhaps, we could be doing cocktails together tomorrow? We can Friday whenever we damn well please!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was a professional dancer (on the barre, not the bar), but I'm clumsier than a blind 3-legged cat.
You should message me if
You're kind, sweet, open-minded, and open-hearted... and you’re sexy & think I have a sexy... mind.

You're ready to hang with a kind, spirited, communicative chick with a bad-ass sense of humor and a passionate laugh to match.

You know who you are and you're at least 90% sure you're right on.

You are a good kisser and avid cuddler, are close to my age or within 10-years older, fit, have a generous smile, NOT conservative, and/or have read (or tried to read) a book in the last month or 2.

You’ll hold my hand in public.

You care about yourself.

You’ll travel to Africa, Spain, or Pittsburgh with me.

You'd like to meet and hopefully you'd like to meet again, yet you have no expectations.

PS aka AND/OR...
You want to be my friend - good friends are hard to find, and I've been told I make a pretty good one.

PPS You had the patience - or intrigue - to read this entire profile, or at least most of it - OR - you have editing advice.

PPPS You message me with more than "hello" (delete), something not salacious, & less than a diatribe; something sincere will do just fine.