36Vienna, Austria
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My self-summary
Well, why would i write in here...
First of all i love the english language. That being said, i sometimes prefer it to german (yes born and raised in Vienna), especially with movies and books, because its just so much better. The translation to german is subpar most of the time, so why bother...

Since the language is kind of important in my life, because i just don't really watch that much german stuff, it made sense to me, to look on an english plattform (yeah i'm not the whole disco/barscene kinda guy...).
A friend of mine from the US is using this site and he brought me to it, then i saw that i made a profile back in 2006 apparently... no idea why, probably just goofing around... so now its 2013 and i'm using it ;)

So what would be interesting to know about me...
I'm a pretty easy-going guy, i love to try new things and i definitely love to travel. I'm interested in all things technical, sci fi, natural sciences etc.. I prefer an evening with friends playing some kind of boardgame, to being in a bar/disco at any day. I still like irish pubs and cocktail bars and i go out to theaters, operas and to the movies as well but still you get my drift ;)
What I’m doing with my life
Well on the private side i'm tryin to live my life as best i can, but right now i'm single again, so watch out, here i come ;-)

On the business side i lead a team of IT guys all over the world for an international company and i do have my own company on the side, which has expanded slowly but steadily to encompass entire europe now. Looks like it's gonna be big. Can't wait for that ;-))

I work from home at the moment, making it even more awsome. The only drawback is, that i don't see my collegues anymore, but on the other hand, i have em on the phone all the time anyway....

And now i've started moderating for OKcupid. Fun stuff (although some disturbing images... O_o) :-)
I’m really good at
Badminton, discussions, mixing cocktails, cooking and everything even remotely technical, gaming related or rhetorical ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
That would probably be my charming personality *g*
Nah i'm guessing my dark humored remarks and my sarcastic nature followed by the big brown eyes that i use to perfect my puppy dog look....
Which should just have proven said sarcastic nature *g*
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love everything by Terry Pratchett, he's just my favorite autor ever... And of course the perfume by Suesskind! Other than that my favorite book is always the next one, because i do read quite a lot through the entire range with fantasy being my favorite (classical literature, technical, historical, scientific or just drama).

On Movies there is so much, but i'd say Stardust is definitely on the top as well as several evergreens like Die Hard, Officer and Gentleman, Oceans 11, etc.. i have a very broad range of movies that i enjoy watching. And i'm a junkie for several shows like Stargate, How i met your mother, House, Simpsons, and similar ones.

Music: a big selection not contained by certain genres but i don't like Techno, Rave and Trance that much, well except clubbing sometimes. But i better be drunk for that... I enjoy groups like Tenacious D, Nirvana, Queen, also some Rammstein as well as classical music.

Food: Sushi.. definitely any type of Sushi-variation
Then of course there is the austrian cuisine and italian... ok i'm getting the sense here, that my interests in books, movies, music and food might be a bit too broadly diversified to be properly introduced here ;)
Six things I could never do without
Laughing ! especially the dry british kind of humor ;), Computer + Internet (without mail i can't live for long, woe is me...), my iphone (yeah yeah i'm a fanboy...), my friends & family, sports, job (i just need a direction i guess), Sex and Kissing (oh yes i SAID it....) ;) and of course the ability to count to ... wait... six things? oh well.. -_-
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything and Always...

Generally about my life and the life of the people around me and how i can improve either of them.
But i'm constantly thinking about the oddest things... random thoughts that constantly harass my poor brain *g*
You can ask and might get an answer...
On a typical Friday night I am
Either having a movieevening with friends, playing some game (board, pc or whatever) with them, hanging out, going to see some show or just chilling in an irish pub or cocktailbar.
And if noone is available i'm playin something or watching a movie.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I dunno...
maybe that i dont snore ? :-p
You should message me if
While i do enjoy being contacted, i do prefer intelligent women that i can relate to and have a conversation with. Generally i do tend not to get along well with people that don't get sarcasm at all... :-)
The two of us