34Paris, France
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My self-summary
What is life if not a test,
What is love if not a rest ?

A poet ? Nah. Wrong guess. You wanna go for double jeopardy ? I'm a sort of day dreamer. My head's often in the clouds. Very imaginative and creative, it (only) sometimes keeps me far away from that phone call you wait from me. The good news is : that's not 'cause I don't care. And the best part is : there's always a way to make amends.

Oh yeah : I never make promises. First, because I'd hate not to be able to keep it for any reason (shit happens). And second : I always do my best without, so what would be the point. "Trust me", they say in the movies... as well Indiana Jones as the Terminator. ^_^

Also, I'm terribly honest. The Robert Downey Jr type in "Iron Man", if you like. Saying what I think even when I'm not finished thinking if it's a good idea or not is the story of my life.
What I’m doing with my life
I write. Stuff I like in life as much as stuff I dislike for a living.
I’m really good at
Keeping my calm...
Kicking when I can't !
Baking cakes and sweeties...
Dreaming, imagining...
Writing, obviously.
The first things people usually notice about me
They never see me coming, so closeup on my nose, I guess.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Basically, because I hope you'll want more details later... ;-)

Movies : the original 'Die Hard' trilogy, and all the (good) franchises of action-thrillers and sci-fi/horror movies. I also got a nostalgic taste for the old slasher movies from my youth... As a former cinema student, I can watch everything, only I rather watch an action film instead of a drama. ;-)
As for the TV series, same thing. More or less. So many things anyway, how do you want to see and review everything ? ^_^

I can read, but I'm so slooooow at this. That's why I often read mangas or comic books. Sometimes also novels (thrillers more often), wellfare manuals, cooking recipes and even screenplays. Since I like a good movie and a quick reading, reading movies ain't such a bad deal, is it ? ;-)

I'd love to know the basics of many languages too, so when I can, I buy myself a book or two about the ones I'm interested at the moment. Currently into japanese. I love many things about Japan, starting with food and language. If you wanna help, you're welcome.

Yoga, martial arts, swimming, biking, bowing, trekking, video gaming (moderate), even different forms of art (modeling, painting, drawing, video editing, cooking) fill the blanks of my activities and tastes. More or less.

Finally, big fan of sushi and chocolate cakes. I can eat and cook everything exotic and tasty : mexican, indian, american (hot dogs!)... Such little things usually put a smile on my face after a day at work. :-D
Six things I could never do without
Only six ? No way. Everything or nothing !

Pffffff, OK, then, maybe:
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future...
Sex, like everyone for a seventh of my time, so why not say it...
And crazy stories to write down, involving genetic clones in the distant future, serving as vessels for etheral beings from a parallel universe, eager to enslave the earth, and going back through time to find and terminate the first indigo double-tailed desert scorpion ever born to rewrite the entire course of history. OR... when not, I could just think of nice quiet action-thriller conspiracies... involving the flooding of Paris or blowing up the Eiffel Tower. Just that. I promise.
On a typical Friday night I am
Booooooored ! A drink, anyone ?
Otherwise, it's gonna be a night at the cinema again.

And why only friday night, anyway ? You think I would wait until the weekend to do what I want ? Would you ? Of course, I wouldn't go to Spain all of a sudden on tuesday evening, even if I want, but technically, when I wanna go bowling or drinking, or modeling or sporting or drawing or going to an exposition or whatever, I do. Whoever is free to come is welcome. I think this is a silly question. I believe this is intended to make us admit if we have a sort of routine in our lives, what do you think ? Which I don't. I have no organization at all. No orga.....


I've just realized "no organization" could mean a lot but it doesn't. Nope. Bored on friday should be enough. ^_^
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Come oooooooon ! Is this serious ?
You should message me if
... you speak that well english, even though I'm 100% french meat. ^_^

... you're a foreigner, in or away from Paris. That makes "double points". It keeps me focused during conversations. Ha ha ! Plus, I like languages in general and am interested in many.

... you want a drink, a chat, a walk, ideas, to talk about cinema, work, food, to go eat something (yeaaah! :-D) or just make my acquintance, 'cause I can be funny or weird sometimes.
The two of us