32Hamilton, Canada
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My self-summary
Grew up on the prairies, moved to Vietnam, moved to Egypt, moved back to the Prairies, tried to move to Costa Rica, and then moved around on the Prairies. Moved to Ottawa. Played guitar on my front porch until the government axed my hippie-dippie job. Moved to Damascus but then they had some sort of "Arab Spring" facebook event so I thumbed it back across the border. Managed a hippie flophouse in Istanbul. Visited old friends in Egypt for the post-revolution party (and how ironic that seems now). Switzerland. Tunisia. Back to Montreal for summer beers in parks. Six months of research and/or "saving" endangered riverine species in the Peruvian Amazon. Now it's daily commutes to Toronto on a hunt for a masters degree in very specific save-the-world-ology. Which means staying in one place for a while. Which is a bit scary. But--to tell you the truth--there might be something to this "settling down" thing. Maybe.
What I’m doing with my life
Blood sweat and tears to earn a Masters in "Forced Migration and Refugee Studies." Looking for open stages to reboot an aborted musical career-on-the-side. Improving French, Spanish, and Arabic. If any of that sounds right to you, we'll get along... if it doesn't, well, stranger things have happened!
I’m really good at
Making omelettes.


The first things people usually notice about me
They tell me I've got a deep voice for a skinny boy, but I'm just as my momma made me, sir.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I hate these list things. You don't have to read it. You can skip it if you want. If you wanna know a secret--well--I probably skipped yours.

Music--in no particular order--Devendra Banhart, Neil Young, Deep Dark Woods, Ed Sharp, Salah Ragab and the Cairo Jazz Band, Lyle Lovett, Bob Dylan, Joe Pug (omg go listen to Joe Pug right now), The Tallest Man On Earth (go listen to him when you're done with Joe Pug), Amr Diab, Souad Massi, Metisyahu, and this will be out of date by next week.

Food--I love breakfast so much. You don't even know.

Books--I've decided to stop reading unread Hemingway books until I hit 30 because there's only so many and I don't wanna run out before I die. Hm. I don't save money but I do save Hemingway. That seems like a behavioral defect of some kind.

Movies--Excalibur. Syriana. Life Aquatic. Vicky Christina Barcelona. The King's Speech. No Direction Home. Monkey Warfare. I don't know; I don't keep this information on hand, dammit.

I quit. That's all the list you get today.
Six things I could never do without
I... hey... wait. What did I just say about lists?




1) A folkie guitar. Mine has twelve strings.
2) A good breakfast. Otherwise I get whiny by lunchtime.
3) A friend. Or six.
4) A cup of coffee. Or six.
5) Goals. The only things that save you from a life of TV and video games.
6) A vice. My little brother once told me, "Everybody should have at least one vice." Wise words, little brother.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Durrr... what next?
On a typical Friday night I am
Out somewhere, with someone, doing something completely different than the Friday before. Expect the unexpected. Make typical the atypical.

Or, you know, maybe just have a good time.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I once won a yo-yo street-fight in Camden Town.
You should message me if
You like to move around. You know, like, around the world.

You're up for anything as long as it's not expected.

You like good coffee.* You like bikes. Or cameras. Or music. Or brew-pubs. Or stories. Or parks or the sun.

You should probably just drop me a line. I do love meeting new folks, and I find this silly website is better for making friends than falling in "love". Or maybe I'm just a transient oft-times hobo. Who knows?

*you can try me if you don't like good coffee, but I'm not making any guarantees.
The two of us