27Whitby, Canada
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My self-summary
I am a strongly passionate, non-confrontational, entirely selfless and overly caring person. I get the greatest joy in life when I see those I love be happy and succeed.
I believe if two people are at ends with one another for any reason, romantic or not, that they should JUST TALK. Talk it out, talk it through, put everything on the table, don't hold things in or bottle them up when a simple (or tough) conversation can sort everything out, for better or for worse.

Since I am a very passionate person it is truly my interests and passions that define me. So I may as well just try to explain that.
Whether it is rooted in music, film, friendship, art or nature; if it is something that gives me a powerful feeling or a strong emotion I will cherish it and pursue it. I believe that emotion is life.

My biggest passion in life is my music. The music I listen to and the band members themselves mean everything to me and I am always interesting in discovering more talented souls to share their beautiful artistic endeavours with. 8 Years ago I was introduced to Japanese music and ever since I have been in absolute awe. I have found an absolute beauty and surrealism in Japanese music that emanates and reflects my emotions. Alongside music, I believe art is the expression of pure emotion, art is the way we communicate the complex ideas of emotions, therefore I love all art forms since they are all a view into the emotions of the artist. Whether it is music, writing, painting, or performance, I feel that I am able to develop a connection with the musicians, the authors and the artists. I respect this connection and am always eager to hear more and love more, and to be able to make more bonds with the talented individuals of the world.
I also have great interest in style/fashion, including hair styling and makeup. I find the adventure and discovery of style is a wonderful journey that is fascinating and a of a lot of fun. If I was unbound I would love to be involved in some aspect of the world of style and fashion, but am uncertain of what is in store for me in the future and if I would have the proper skills and niche to be able to utilize such skills to make a living, it all seems so impossible from where I am today, perhaps it'll always just be my hobby.

I am interest in talking to anyone, so please don't be shy or hesitant, I will love to get to know you. I love to talk and I love to listen, where I may ramble on sometimes I am always interested in finding others that are comfortable to ramble on to me.
What I’m doing with my life
I find it rather amusing how nonchalant this question is thrown around, like we are supposed to have it all laid out. This is simply not the case, what I am doing with my life is working to put myself in the best positions of comfort, friendship and personal endeavour to live, laugh, love, experience and learn.
To do so from my current position I am working full-time as a cellular installation technician (ie. I build cellphone sites in buildings and on buildings).
I’m really good at
Talking (in person), it is something I do and can do almost indefinitely. Unfortunately this does not transfer over to phones, and computers very well since I find some online messaging very hard to get myself to do. Just get me in person and we will find something to talk about, I like all the elements of body language etc.
I am also really good at thinking and analyzing, it is definitely what I do most, I analyze almost everything around me, and tend to do it subconsciously a lot too, um if that's confusing ask me to clarify, because it is kkinda hard to explain...
The first things people usually notice about me
My height, I guess it is difficult to not notice that I am 6'7" and especially since I am tall and thin I can perhaps appear taller. Next to my height people may notice my eyes, hair and style.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: X-Japan, hide, Yoshiki, 雅-MIYAVI-, Versailles, Lareine, Malice Mizer, Alice Nine, LM.C, 176BIZ, MUCC, Hizaki, Kozi, Lycaon, Mejibray, SuG, Spiv States, Moran, Madeth Gray'll, ZIZ, Arcturus, Mono, Alcest, Dir en Grey, Ayabie, Diamond Dancer, Merry (メリー), The Pillows, Special Others, Pierrot, Moi Dix Mois, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Ghroth, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child, Carach Angren, Opeth, Ulver
Alongside these bands I can usually find some corner of any genre to find some stuff I really like/enjoy and appreciate, including genres like, pop, jazz, hip-hop, classical, opera, industral, avant garde, electronic, video game, folk, just ask me some obscure genre and I will reply with a song I enjoy and what I enjoy about it, but for the most part I stick with the above list.

Movies: I love movies and love watching movies. I couldn't say what my favourites would be since I like so many, but what I can say is what I love in a movie. For the most part my favourite movies usually are extremely emotionally powerful, a movie that genuinely makes you feel for the characters or ideas. As well, I like a movie that can take you away from the fact that you are sitting in a room looking at a screen and listening to sounds, something that can really pull you in (fantasy based movies can do this well). Also a stunning soundtrack can torn a good movie into a masterpiece. One example though I know it wouldn't be my favourite but it is one movie that comes to mind is The Fountain, it has a gorgeous soundtrack by Clint Mansel, amazing cinematography, engaging characters and an emotional story. It has its flaws but it is the type of movie that makes its good mask its flaws. I guess I will let a movie take me as far as it is willing to try.

Shows:I am a fan of anime and if you are interested check out this site I use it as a record keeper but I do not frequent it. I also enjoy a vast amount of British television including The Mighty Boosh, IT Crowd, a variety of panel shows and talk shows, as well as old shows like Blackadder.

Food: I am a pescatarian (vegetarian with fish) and have been one for almost 5 years, I also really enjoy sushi and many other ethnic foods, but when it comes to day to day I am a minimalist eater, trying to eat smaller amounts of what I need than excess amounts of what I don't (and probably not enough some days, since it is very difficult to maintain constant interest in something everyday several times a day)

Books (warning story telling time.... um, damn puns....): Growing up I never enjoyed reading and always found much more enjoyment doing many other things. This resulted in myself being a relatively slow reader well into high school. Since I was always away from reading I never really developed a method of discovery with finding things to read, so nowadays when I think it would be pretty cool to read lots of books I can never manage to find anything that would be genuinely interesting to me. Ideally I prefer to read non-fiction because I tend to budget reading time as effort in and reward out, since I tend to read at a pace roughly equivalent to fast talking it is often hard to budget the idea of spending many many hours reading something for minimal payout in the end. Where if I am reading something non-fiction something about interesting topics in history, art or science I can feel reward in the knowledge acquisition. So yes, I have read very few books in my life but that doesn't mean I don't read at all, reading is probably what I do most but the majority tends to be in articles and things online, of almost any sort of topic. At the end of the day I want to learn and I will not pass up a book if it will do that for me.
Six things I could never do without
Emotions, Art, Friends, Interest, Clothes and Technology
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Love, Life, Emotions and Music.
On a typical Friday night I am
With friends talking, maybe drinking, playing games~
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have anxiety about initiating interaction with others, especially in public, I feel that no matter what the circumstance the interaction is inherently deemed creepy since I am a guy....
You should message me if
You want to talk to someone about anything and everything~
The two of us