29Chatswood, Australia
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My self-summary
• Got an overall positive, free spirit, cheerful and carefree personality.
• I believe in truth, justice, and the Wonder Woman way.
• Enjoys recreational activities such as, dance classes (currently jazz n tap), indoor rockclimbing, bike riding, hikes, fun runs, play singing, musicals and museums.
• Open to new, fun and exciting activities. Ya know, try anything at least once.
• 80% of the time would catch and release spiders.
• I have my pros and cons, I may stumble, but I always try my best and my heart is always in the right place. I am what I am, and I shouldn't change who I am to tailor anyone else, nor should you.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently back at uni studying to be a nurse. Decided that it's a better use of my time and effort helping people.
I’m really good at
Knowing useless trivia.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
• I'm super into movies and have many, many, MANY-MANY, many favourites, too many to list here. I enjoy watching genres of all kind, mostly dramas although not shy from simple and fun ones also. As I have too many, ask me about it to see if we like the same films. I eventually narrowed down my Top 3, The Prestige, The Fountain and Inside Out.
• Shows I've got alot on backlog and will every once in awhile binge through some. Mentionable highlight, John Oliver, Steven Universe, GoT, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage.
• Music, I'm still finding my tune, but currently I'm settled with "folk indie", such as my current favourite artist Ingrid Michaelson <3.
• A filthy casual gamer.
Shout out to any "Allies", Love & Respect.
Six things I could never do without
Chocolate Milk,
Chicken nuggets and chips,
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Security vs privacy.
Democracy, capitalism, communism, alternatives.
Science, Philosophy, Art, History and Education.
The future, environment, society, legacy.
The ending of Interstellar.
You should message me if
If the idea of chatting with me tickles your fancy.
If you have a sense of curiosity and empathy.
If you play the piano, we can duet, you be Ryan Gosling, and I'll be Emma Stone. (referencing La La Land)
Also I'm the talkative type so rather than just hi, perhaps something more meaty, unless you're vegan, then bushy?.. No wait...
The two of us