28Norfolk, United States
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My self-summary
Honestly, I'm looking to change a lot of things in my life. I want to change so many things about myself, and I'm in the process of doing so - this is one of them. I try to keep an open mind about most things - I have a sarcastic streak a mile wide, but I would never intentionally say something downright hurtful to somebody. I'm kind of a nerd, but not obsessively so..I am definitely not any good with sports, though. Nothing against playing them if I had people to play them with, really, but I'd have to learn how. The one thing I hate most is deception, I cannot stand it and I think that the most respectful thing you can do for any person is to be honest. Not necessarily brutally honest, but no downright falsehoods. As I said, I am down on my luck and as a result have little to no family or friends, but I greatly desire them both. It's a shame, but it's just where I am right now. The only thing I can do is work to change it. I am still young and, yes, a little on the sheltered side. But, if you can take the time to understand and speak to me, you'll find a genuine, knowledgeable, caring person. I assure you of that much!
What I’m doing with my life
To list all my problems in detail would take time, but here's the nutshell: I'm in school but have screwed things up (though I've managed to salvage the situation), I weigh more than I should (not morbidly obese, but I want to lose some), and I just get plain lonely at times. But I'm tired of all that, and I want to change before it's too late. I need to change, and I understand that - while I'm still young, while I can still experience all the great things the world has to offer. So, these types of things are step one: finding people to connect with. I plan to really start working out and shed the excess weight (which, by the way, I've noticed that having someone along -really- helps with one's motivation) as well as work out my education issues and apply myself to something I care about enough to make my future. The one thing I do have going for me is a part-time job - it doesn't pay the most in the world, but I work in a Library as an aide. Most of the people you meet on a daily basis are fun to talk to, and I couldn't ask for better coworkers.
I’m really good at
I'm really, really, really sarcastic. My humor is dry a lot, and even when it's wet (ha >_>) it tends to be ridiculous. I do enjoy writing/editing, and my major in College is in English, with a focus in Professional Writing. Think Technical Writing, but with various other parts going for it as well. I seem to be predisposed towards 'techie' stuff - I couldn't list off computer parts for you, but using a bit of general knowledge/common sense I can probably figure out what's going on with something technological. In line with that, I also very much enjoy video games as stress relief. Finally, though this might be considered 'being judgmental' by some, I appear to have a very good judge of character. That is, more times than I can count, my inner gut has told me what people are like off things so much as an initial meeting - this has saved me many a time from getting into bad situations. That's not to say I swear by it and can't be wrong, and I don't judge someone off physical appearance. It goes..deeper than that. It's a little weird I understand, but it is what it is.
The first things people usually notice about me
People say I have intense eyes. I'm not sure I agree, but then we are our own worst judges. I am quite tall, and if not for the weight issue I probably would be decently handsome - people have referred to me as such before in spite of my 'extra' pounds, but a few self-esteem issues make me wonder if it's sincere. :< Not to sound anything but modest, but I like to believe it's true.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm very picky about books..that's not to say I don't love to read - if I'm into something I can speed read my way through 700 pages in a single night. Proof positive - I read Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows in one sitting from 1 AM to 5 AM the night it came out. =) But I seem to have trouble finding books myself. Most of my favorites have been recommended by people. I would have to say my favorite book of all time is Ender's Game. It's a little science fiction-y, but I don't enjoy it because of that - the characters, their motivations are so deep and profound that it's moving on many levels.

Movies..I'll confess, I've very rarely seen any movies. A favored saying of mine is "If you've seen a movie, there's a 95% chance I haven't. If I have, congratulations, you just beat some incredible odds." And that's unfortunately accurate. It's the butt of many jokes against me by my coworkers - "Why haven't you seen this movie!?"

As far as music, I will listen to anything that sounds good. I am definitely not picky - as long as it's not like nails on a chalkboard, I'll probably be able to appreciate it in some way, even if it's not in a language I understand. Food is something of the same way..I am not picky. I will give something a shot, and if I like it great, but if I don't it's not a huge deal. The one thing that makes me sick is anything with mayo. Yuck! Fast food..I'd be lying if I said I didn't eat it, but I don't tend to enjoy it. Sometimes that's just what we have to eat in order to get something in our bodies, but I'll take a quality home-cooked or store-bought meal over fast food any day if I can help it.
Six things I could never do without
1. The internet. I think this goes for a lot of people nowadays, though, so I don't really have to explain - but online is becoming an integrated part of society more and more every day.
2. My laptop. Something of an extension of the internet, except I use this thing for school. If I write, it tends to be on the laptop and stored away secretly. I've never shown anyone what I write, it's embarrassing. >_>
3. Video games. Yes, I'm a junkie and a nerd. No, they are not my lifeblood, but they're stress relief. I can appreciate a good game like someone might appreciate a good book or a good painting, and it's relaxing to play though them. But I always remember there's a real life out there waiting, so I never pass up an opportunity to do something for real over playing a fake game.
4. Dogs. I have two right now and I love them absolutely to death. I will have a dog all my life if I can help it. I don't dislike other pets, but my preference will always be there.
5. Friends. Unfortunately, I barely have any people I can call friends right now, and that's why I realize they're so critical. I love to go out with them because I am that kind-of 'sheltered', so I always get to experience new things. I'm not as bad as I was about this, but I still have more to learn. Not to mention, a good friend to talk to or just to hang out with is great stress relief.
6. Family. Again, I don't have many people I can call my family right now - just a handful due to circumstance. But my dream when I get older is to have my own, STABLE family. It's the one thing I really strive for above all else.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
So many things. Which is good and bad, because it's never bad to seek greater knowledge, but I tend to think too much. I have tried meditation before, which is a great way to self-inflect. I also reflect on the past, so that I can try to learn from old mistakes and try not to make them again in my future. As far as the future, I think about it daily - my present right now isn't fantastic, as I've stated many times up to this point. I want my future to be spectacular, so I have to start crafting it from scratch.
On a typical Friday night I am
I take issue with this question because it's random. I will do whatever I have to do - If I have somewhere to be, I will be there. If not, I'll likely be at home, either trying to do something constructive or trying to relieve stress (usually by zoning out on a game or something, or writing). Again, this is something I want to change, but I can't do it without people to help!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have very, very low self-esteem. I realize that's not becoming nor attractive, but that's how it is. Part of the reason for this is because I hold myself to a higher standard than I do others - so when I do crash, I crash hard. I do want to get over this, because I know there's a great person inside of me if I'll only let him out. The best solution I've been able to come up with is to change what I'm unhappy with in life - that way, the great person inside of me will get stronger and project more, until I am that person.
You should message me if
If you find me, my thoughts or my wishes any kind of interesting at all. I'd love to hang out for real, and like I said, maybe you can help me get on my A-game. I'm tired of letting life pass me by, so..whether you just want to be friends or if you'd maybe be interested in something more, feel free to message me!
The two of us