33 Woensel, Netherlands
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My self-summary
Update to the update: Going to head back towards Sydney in a while, hug my laptop and what not.
Update on the below: In Melbourne for a while.
Currently in Sydney Australia, don't mind finding a new friend here. Originally from Eindhoven The Netherlands.

I don't specifically want or look for. But I like people who are honest (maybe even too much so) and who are smart (one way or another) or interesting or have something going on or keep a conversation going on another basis.
Ik spreek en schrijf ook Nederlands.
Back in Eindhoven for a while.

This profile is all well and good, but let's not pretend we can be 100% certain based on the written musings of a profile owner.
I try to not take all this too seriously.

My sister in law told me I have a nice voice to listen to. A close friend told me I have interesting eyes. Someone else tells me I'm deceptively strong (for an IT nerd) - DIY and motorcycles I guess. I'm also told I make great cakes and brownies, the latter I definitely agree. It's a point of pride. Live with it.

I try to be fully honest everywhere, so to that effect, here's me:
My twitter:
My EE-Stack profile (for more techy people?):

Steam name Merdosh.
What I’m doing with my life
Being kick-ass, super-awesome at everything I do, obviously. ;)

What I do in my down-time, is among others:

Also more and more sports. Gotta stay healthy while I'm not exercising at home.

All good ideas welcome.

Unexpectedly enjoyed the golf clinic for freelancers.
I’m really good at
Confusing people, while not intending to do so.
Sucking at first messages.
Kicking-ass in person, most of the time.
Making Brownies. It's an established fact.
All-season Motorcycling.
Subverting OKC questions and tests for my own dark enjoyment... Sometimes.

I'm a little too good at wrapping my mild deviant interests in humour and riddles.

Making up sketches and jokes inside my head that make me laugh uncontrollably, but that cannot be explained to any degree to anyone else.

I'm not good at painting or drawing animals or people. It's one of my greatest regrets.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know.
I'm told I can be intimidating, which sucks, because I'm really not.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't really know how this bit really helps, but okay... Here goes (you asked for it!):

Reposting/stealing this from a profile I visited, but I really enjoyed this:

Generally in my life I try what intrigues me and I try to remember what I enjoyed. Although with some subjects it's a little daunting.

I cook. I try to do it well. But I like many kinds of food in all kinds of situations.

Books: Good stories, with plot lines.
Comedic: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (D. Adams) / The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (D. Adams).
Crime/Thriller: Cross Bones (K. Reichs) / Bleed for Me (M. Robotham)
SF/Fantasy: Ian Irvine's Tales of the Three Worlds. The Gone Away World by Nick Harkaway (especially good, if you ask me).

But, important not to forget, the classics; Shakespeare, Poe, Doyle. Although I'd be hard pressed to remember more than a few lines top of mind, I find myself re-reading them every so often.

TV: Have I got News for You, QI, X-Files, Better off Ted, House, Big Fat Quiz of the Year, The IT-Crowd, Chicago Fire, ST-TNG (Deal with it! I'm awesome, but also a nerd), Body of Proof, Would I lie to You, Brain Games, 8 out of 10 cats (and Does Countdown is even better!), American Dad (usually), Family Guy (often), Futurama (See ST-TNG), Californication, Dead Like Me, The Finder, Fargo, Franklin and Bash, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Late Late with Craig Ferguson, Modern Family, The Daily Show, New Girl, Orange is the New Black, Firefly (again, see ST-TNG).
Yes it's a lot, but I often work at home and need some background stuff on to keep it up.

Oh And Stand up shows by people like Aisling Bea, Dara Ó Briain, Sean Lock and Jon Richardson. And I suspect Katherine Ryan, but I have only seen a small bit of Apollo from her.

In the case of music: Anything that isn't easily replicated by slamming one's head repeatedly into a cheap late-90's keyboard. Examples? Postmoden Jukebox (YouTube), Ingrid Michaelson (YouTube), Maria Mena, Regina Spektor, Enya, Anouk, Elton John, Ilse DeLange, Yello (Yello? Yes! Yello!), Paloma Faith (think I want to see her live) and most others that fit that pattern.
The six things I could never do without
There's a lot I really, really prefer to not do without.

But with just water and basic foods that nourish I'll make it anywhere eventually.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
All. None. I'm good at over-thinking on occasion.

It includes thoughts like (for your own sanity, I advise you skip this list, but I'll keep it for now):

- Am I changed a lot in the last year? Should I let people know?
- Where can I best hide my thoughts, once they have foolishly left the front of my face?
- For people looking 'just for friends' in the range of 20 to 29, would it be acceptable if I promise to never act any older than 20 (around them)?
- If you colour everywhere outside the lines, are you not just colouring inside the lines again?
- Can you be accused of having lost your mind if you know where you left it, but just refuse to use it?
- Does anybody care that "You don't know what you've got, until it's gone" is a temporal inaccuracy?
- Should I stop trimming my facial hair? Should I shave it all off again?
- Why do some people attach so much value to having or not having hair on a face. It's so easy to change (granted for most women it'd take glue, but still).
- What can I do to make all paths in life equally valid for all people?
On a typical Friday night I am
very disappointed about finally having established "a typical Friday night".
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The inside of my head is incredibly creepy to the uninitiated. And even the initiated regularly.

And OkCupid's character estimations aren't all accurate. I can be damned romantic.... If I want to.

Okay last try: I believe in (and practice) friendship with super attractive people of the opposite sex (just friendship). And I'm pretty good at hugging.
You should message me if
Just do it, or not if you prefer, you pick. Let me know which you choose.

If you're hung up on customs and lore as if they need to rule your life. Then be prepared for some hefty discussion (or violent arguing on some). Just warning you, welcome to still send a message.
Like "men lead households", "families need a mom and dad", "marriage/civil-rights are there for straight people only", "men are supposed to be smarter/taller/richer (in relationships) than women", "women do social studies", and more such nonsense.