54Cheltenham, Australia
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My self-summary
I'm superficially fairly outgoing, yet really quite shy. Sometimes I fake confidence well, sometimes I really do know what I'm doing (they're the easiest). And sometimes I've just had enough and I withdraw and dissappear for a while. It's OK, I will come back.

I'm no fool, but I find people really hard work. Persons are fine, but people are hell. Parties can be exhausting. Fun, but exhausting. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite social, but it is hard work.

Children are much the same; fun in moderate doses, but best handed back at the end of the day. I had a great time with my nephew as he grew up, but my relationship with him as his uncle was and is very different to my sister's as his mum.

When I was 20 I was studying psychology, at 30 it was engineering. At 40 I discovered that "engineer" isn't just a profession and a personality type and now I work for a disability service organisation; the last place I would have expected to be before it happened. It's very different to engineering!

I am outwardly extrovert, inwardly introverted, and not very photogenic
What I’m doing with my life
Well that was hopelessly out of date, so now its gone...


I spent a week sailing on the Gippsland lakes in late February, went some places I hadn't been before.

Yep, thats out of date too now...
We went to the Sauna Sail this year, Queens birthday weekend in the lovely warm waters of the Hazelwood cooling pondage at Morwell. Two of us camped on dry land (fools) and two camped in the boat, floating in water at 23degC - sort of like being inside an inside-out hot water bottle, very comfy.

In mid July I went to Adelaide on a whim with sillyname37 and stayed with some friends he met at a conference; we got on so well that a weekend away turned into a 9 day week and we're planning to go back in September.

Someone said in a profile I recently looked at that she was into "riding motorbikes fast".
I've been looking for another motorbike for a while now; I think I've finally found what I want. To you this may read as "ho hum, guy buying motorbike", but the last time I bought a bike was in 1987, so its not something I do very often. So much for the classic mid life crisis, buying a great big motorbike after a decades long break from riding - I never stopped riding and I'm getting a little bike. I guess I'm into "riding motorbikes slower"!
I'll spare you the details, but if anyone really is interested in what comes after 22 years on an old fashioned BMW, do ask me.

I've been reading Alistair Cooke; anyone remember him? He did "Letter from Amrica" on the BBC from just after the war right through to 2004. His older pieces are a fascinating insight into the past, but his newer pieces are also interesting, seeing the recent past through the eyes of someone who was born in 1908.i
I’m really good at
Making friends with cats. Cats are very WYSIWYG.

Monotasking. I definitely cope with one big problem at a time much better than lots of little problems.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes point in different directions. Does that bother you?

I read somewhere that it's supposed to bother me, which just puzzles me.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I caught this radio program recently: (Also at ) which I found very interesting. Perhaps it resonates with you too?

I've been reading each of Douglas Coupland's books as they come out since 1997, when I picked up "Postcards from the Dead" in a bookshop. I randomly opened it at a page describing a small town called Merritt, in central British Columbia, Canada, about two weeks before I was due to leave to visit Merritt. I bought it - I couldn't really not buy it could I? Edit: Coupland's latest, "The Gum Thief" is very dissapointing. Don't bother!

I've read most (all?) of Terry Pratchett's work, but I don't own any of it. I wonder what that says about me?

Bill Bryson! I love his style as well as his content. Having spent some time living in Ohio, I can really indentify with his descriptions in "Notes from a Big Country" of returning to the US with his English wife and kids after 20 years of adult life in England. The book was published in the US as "I'm a Stranger here Myself", and he describes discovering that large slabs of his adult vocabulary, particularly anything to do with home maintenance, were in a different language, Yorkshire English, while his accent was still Iowa.

At least I had the benefit of a foreign accent, so when I went into Home Depot and said "I'm looking for something which we call a widget where I come from" and waved my hands around a lot, they didn't look at me like I just tried to tell them Des Moines is in Yorkshire. Actually they mostly just looked at the person next to them and asked them if they understood what I just said.

I'm not really a big reader, but every few months I am seized by the need to read, so I go to the library 20 minutes before closing time and borrow an armful of books chosen in a hurry and usually find about half are worth the read. I find myself reading more new and interesting stuff than if I spend hours carefully selecting books I know I'll enjoy. I've recently recognised that people on OKCupid who are good matches to me seem to have interesting reading habits, so now I'm raiding your reading interests down at my local library!

I have no TV and I rarely go to the movies, but I'll happily sit and watch a movie with friends. I'm struggling to remember what I've seen lately. Update, watched "Read then destroy", by the Coen brothers, at the Astor. Good fun silly movie, much like Fargo was. And yet raising Arizona did nothing for me.

I listen to JoyFM. Like 3PBS and 3RRR, they treat their listeners like rational adults, rather than teenagers, and of course the sponsors announcements are much less obnoxious than commercial radio advertising. It's a bit like the library - a lot of what they play I wouldn't seek out, but I'm happy to listen to it. I'm a financial member, because I feel guilty listening without supporting, but I feel equally guilty being a straight member of a gay radio station, I'm not the target audience and I shouldn't be influencing the content. So I don't vote or take part in the station management/operation in any way, just pay my membership.

Did I mention beef rendang? Good stuff, beef rendang. Unobtainable in Ohio. I'm partial to Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese food. Stalactites (Greek) and Alasyas (Turkish) are old favourites, and of course a good lasagne is a very fine thing.
Six things I could never do without
The internet. Kind of goes without saying really, doesn't it.

My friends.

Somewhere to escape from my friends.

Mobility. Getting about, exploring new places.

A cat or two to pat.

Beef Rendang, which, by the way, cannot be had for love nor money in Cincinnati. It's a long story.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Cooking the perfect Beef Rendang. Travel. Taking a better photograph. How things work. How people work. Whether it's actually possible to understand how people work.
On a typical Friday night I am
The last few Fridays I've been: A) At the office xmas party, at a comedy venue which was loud, had bad food, bad comedy and refused to serve tap water. I should have known better. B) Camped out above Lake Eildon on the way to a New Years Eve gathering in Wangaratta. I could drive up the Hume in 3 hours, or take two days to wander up there. So I had breakfast Saturday morning at the bakery in Mansfield and wandered into Wangaratta at the utterly unprecedented (for me) time of 9am. C) Camped out at Nungurner Landing (Gippsland Lakes) on my way home again. I spent Saturday wandering around the lakes, being inspired to get my boat sorted out, while glad I was in my air conditioned car. D) Doing carpentry; boat bits and some stuff for my mother's new kitchen.
(And this is so out of date its got furry mould growing round the edges, but heck, its representative of the sorts of stuff I get up to)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit in plain view if you know what you're looking at.
You should message me if know whats in plain view or even if you're just curious. Or if you're sort of interested but a wee bit shy?

Climb out on the limb and write, I promise you a reply and that I don't bite.
The two of us