49Vancouver, Canada
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My self-summary
I value people and friendship, however I believe 98% of people here are afraid to take the first step and actually meet in person. I've seen enough of the Vancouver way to know people are frightened, lonely and insecure. I will meet you for a drink if I say I will but it seems even friendship (my first step) is too scary. Remember this: you only live this life once. Take a chance. Grab the bull by the horns. :-) And don't expect sex without knowing a person. I love dancing, enjoy good parties and have very eclectic taste in music. One passion is writing in various genres. I'm always working on stories and yes, I am a published author but not famous. Maybe some day. Still working on that. I also love nature and could do with more walks and hikes.

I believe we should be passionate about life, in as many ways as possible. Explore, seek, search, have fun, ponder the interior, flirt with chaos. Hungry curiosity about the world. And I'm a yin/yang sort; a balance is needed between the physical and the intellectual. I like intimacy in both contexts. I love love love intelligent conversation. Surprise me.

I am a girl, which means I like to dress up. Fun with fashion. However, while I am a clothes horse I am not a fashion slave. I am and always have been complete in myself. Many things enhance my life: friends, men, clothes, art, fiction, music, my friend's kids, family, cats, nature, etc. I create my life and if I'm bored with it, I try to change it.

Creativity and an open mind--these things excite me. Trying different things, looking at the world anew. Spicy adventures with a bit of sweet. I hope to never lose this view. I have not always found new doors to try. Sometimes they've been pointed out, but I'm often opening them to look or even step inside. I'm spiritual but don't push my beliefs. Everyone has their own path and that's what true freedom means; follow your path as long as it doesn't hurt others.

My profile is like one of my stories. I'm constantly tweaking and updating it. Other items of interest: bunnies, bellydance, sex, erotica, spicy food, trance, space, science, mysticism, ritual, SF, fantasy, art, conservation, the environment, weird science, space.

I am fiery, nonconformist, and spiritual
What I’m doing with my life
My new hobby is learning to sail a Viking longboat. (This has been quashed as they've beached the boat and I'm very sad about it). This year it will be travelling to the UK and Prague and Edmonton, the last being crazily exotic.

Other than that....I'm exploring, getting back to bellydance, plotting another novel, did an escape room (love 'em) and tastings at the distillery. It was pointed out that this profile was out of date. Yes I have a tattoo now, though I wanted one before they gained popularity.
I’m really good at
Confusing myself, communication, laughter, writing, dancing, sleeping, solving the world's ills (Hah!).
The first things people usually notice about me
My blue eyes, my wacky personality and my long hair, often spiced with colours not found in nature and my Boho style. I might also say a rude thing or two.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This list should constantly change but I don't have time. Books--Blackfire Concerto by Mike Allen, Blurry Man by S.D. Perry, Stranger in a Strange Land by Heinlein, seminal in my formative years. Little Big by Crowley. Courtship Rite by Donald Kingsbury--a very funky SF book about cannibalism and polygamy. Einstein's Dreams is another favorite. The Steel Seraglio, which I love. I'm reading the Illiad now (I'm still reading it...I'm still reading it...OK it sits beside the bed). In fact, it's become an odyssey.

Movies--Cabin in the Woods. Guardians of the Galaxy. I love good mind candy. Loved What Dreams May Come. Just can't always remember the names of what I last saw, but any Greenaway or Fellini films are just fine by me. Benjamin Button. Game of Thrones. Don't have a TV, really, but watch on the laptop. Oh, and yes I do like Once Upon a Time. I've just watched all of Dr. Who (the new ones). Some of its brilliant even though I don't like time travel tales that much.

Music--all over the map here but alternative is the most likely with some rock, punk, jazz, psychedelic. Portishead, David Bowie(sniff) , Brian Eno, Bif Naked, Modest Mouse, Faun, Woodland, Delhi to Dublin, Loreena Mckennitt, Feist, Hawksley Workman, *shrug*. The list could go on...

And foods--Thai is the ultimate fave. Otherwise, spicy, interesting, crunchy. Seafood of almost any flavor (except maybe urchin). Chocolate (dark), red wine, dark rum, good English style cider (not the poppy Canuck stuff). Absinthe, working on the boggy sock scotches. Overall, I'm a water or wine sort and don't drink coffee or tea.
Six things I could never do without
My brain, friends & good conversations, love, nature, writing & books, dreams--maybe that's seven but it's all combined.
On a dessert island (this is a typo but I kinda like it as a dessert island) it would include chocolate, red wine, shrimp and medical supplies. There could be six things of food, of survival and of many other things. But one must ask, why six?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Ways to make my life more worthwhile, sex, what is hidden and what it means, art, politics, how to get the callouses off of my feet. My friends, my dreams, nocturnal and not. This me-me-me world. Words, words, words--I'm always thinking of those.

And this: if you're looking for a woman to toss you over her shoulder and drag you to her cave, then I'm not that gal. Had to be strong all the time for the ex and while I'm strong in some ways I'm not in others. It's about balance. I'd like a strong partner too. Not King Kong, mind you. Fleas and the banana smell get overwhelming.
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There is one lie in my profile. Or is that lye? Perhaps just a caustic remark. Liar, lyre.
You should message me if
You want to discuss real life or that which is surreal, want to chat over some good wine... Laugh about the crazy and maybe be a bit bizarre. I'm always looking to go dancing. BTW, when I say I'm busy for a week I mean it. It's not putting someone off. I'm not always free at the drop of a hat and do have a life.

Because it seems people either think meeting the first time is a hookup or a blind date for life, I'm looking for friends first. I need to expand my friend pool and if you're not willing to get together and chat, then we won't get along. Who knows, maybe it would lead to something more but friendships are precious and I would like to have a few more friends with diverse interests.

Please, don't message me if:
• you ask for my ph # and when I give it, you stop talking, WTF?
• have no intention of meeting
• have no picture (of your actual face), or no profile = no answer (it's unfair that you can choose to talk to me based on my info and pics and I can't make the same choice)
• want to talk about sex and haven't met me in person
• want the first meet to be at my place. I mean, really?
• think I'm desperate for a booty call (you're not that hot)
The two of us