49Newark, United States
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My self-summary
Time and tide wait for no man. After having the same self summary up for the last decade or so I have finally changed enough to change it. I am DADMAN a role I love. I think of things in terms of my daughter now. One of the reasons I am currently anti-religion. I want my daughter to grow up in a world based on truth and provable information not lies and fairy tales from a dead age. I've bought a house and am in the process of becoming respectable. I am still a swinger but on a very limited level. I married Marisa and that seemed to make swinging that much more fun. With stability comes perks, people come to my house to have a good time. I am more selective about the people I swing with mostly other settled established couples and the occasional single. I play an RPG once every 2 weeks and I work 9 to 530 every weekday. I used to have cards that read Semi-Retired Adventurer and that still applies but I am looking forward to teaching things to my daughter.
I keep my OkCupid account open even though I have only been contacted by 15 people. I like reading profiles of people (I have contacted a lot of people but very few ever go anywhere) But I have a criteria list: Match and Friend should be above 50% Enemy should be below 33% Imaginary friends (religion) should not rule or be a major part of your life. You shouldn't get basic science questions wrong i.e. the earth is not bigger than the sun. You should be both diverse and cultured. Yes Black people (especially this Black person) are allowed to like country music , cartoons, RPG's, Renaissance Faires, martial arts, steampunk and cultures other than the one I was born into. If you talk like you don't have a basic understanding of the english language (grammar, syntax, etc.) you had better have been a native speaker of another language. As you can see from my wife I prefer my women on the plump side but I like all kinds of women and if you have sexy brains you are more than welcome. If sex is what you have in mind I am all for it but my wife only allows women that she finds attractive as well so even if you aren't planning on being with both of us you still have to be a genuinely fun person to hang out with. I have touched on everything but drugs. I dont mind 420 friendly people but I cant hang I go everywhere with my inhaler for a reason no cigarettes for the same reason. As long as you aren't a person that NEEDS to get drunk I am ok with that too. Anything else and I am afraid you are a no go. sorry. I know this sounds like I am something of a dick but I am really not. I have just gotten too old to filter bs 24/7 so I put this out here to let you know that what I am looking for and what I expect. One of the good things about finding my wife is that she helped me consolidate a lot of loose ends in my life. At my age I think I have earned the level of social indifference that makes me want some kind of filter between me and those who would attempt to change or distort who I am. I am doing the things I like with the people I like and I can always add more people to that list. You may be one of those people but over the years I have figured out the kind of people I don't like and who don't like me. Hence the criteria. You don't have to want sex, we also play D&D, Pathfinder, Monopoly, Wii and Xbox we have bonfires once in a while and epic parties with and without clothes. If I sound marginally interesting drop me a line I would love to chat. I have ADD so I love to have new brains to play with and pick through. :)
What I’m doing with my life
I am almost completely out of debt and thinking about going back to college I have crunched the numbers and it seems feasible. I have bought a house and I am settling into my new life. Happy being me.
I’m really good at
World of Warcraft (ok so I'm not "really" good at it but short of sex it is one of my favorite things, Martial arts, Sex, Finding loopholes, Pathfinder, Volleyball, Driving and Sex ok I am not really good at this either I can only go for about 45 minutes and then I peter out so to speak but despite the fact that I am getting old and losing my touch my current gf still likes me. Eh, go figure. We have a daughter named Charlotte Adventure Zimmerman. Pictures can be seen at You can also follow her adventures on Facebook.
The first things people usually notice about me
The hair, lots and lots of it. On my head. Probably not combed. Either that or the fact that I dont act like the stereotypical black guy. The usual reaction is,"Country music, Pathfinder, cartoons, sci-fi whats wrong with that boy." Oh yes the pointed eyebrows get a lot of attention too. And no I dont style them that way. ( I am WAY to lazy for that)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Anything by Alan Dean Foster, Piers Anthony, Robert Asprin, Peter David, Mercedys Lackey, Anne McCaffery, R.K.Rowling, Harry Harrison, and the like. Most action adventure and Comedies from the Eighties I average about two to five trips to the theater a year. Just saw Enchanted(disney's best movie offering this year)and bought the soundtrack. Music is my life I cant play a lick on any instrument but I listen to almost anything I am famous (or is that infamous) for knowing all the words to most of the country song in the Karaoke book at our local Karaoke bar, and singing them well. I grew up in an Italian neighborhood so I know GOOD Italian food and most places dont serve it. But when I find a place that serves good Lasagna, then I am home. As far as tv goes it is a vast barren wasteland with very few oasis's in it. But the few watering holes I do stop at are Dr. Who David Tenant actually is better than Tom Baker in my opinion and that has been a long time coming as Tom was the definitive Dr. for several decades. Mythbusters, and a few other assorted documentaries. Thats pretty much it everything else I like has been canceled. Just discovered Phineas and Ferb. May well be the best animated show since Animaniacs.
Six things I could never do without
Music, Friends, Pathfinder, My computers, Sex, Marisa and Charlotte.
Not necessarily in that order.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sex, and being Poly, computers and computer games. How you get punished for telling the truth and rewarded for lying. For example if a man tells a woman who asks, "Does this make my butt look big" yes he will inevitably end up sleeping on the couch while the man that lies will get laid. Is it any wonder that so many men are lying assholes when so many women have trained them to be. Worse still is that by saying that I become the bad guy of every situation I have ever said it in. Changing times and personalities, how every time I change I end up going back to who I was before the change.
On a typical Friday night I am
Goofing off with my friends, watching documentaries or going to meet and greets. Watching cartoons, playing real time strategy war games. Going to various parties not to get drunk but usually to discuss physics or cartoons. Its good to be a nerd.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My physical age and my maturity level are not equal in the least. My physical age is a much larger number.
You should message me if
You are bored or interested in a different spin on the everyday. You plan on taking over the world and need a social manager. You are running a Pathfinder game in the greater Newark (De) area and need a rogue. Or you are just looking for sex. Sex is always good. Must be female to apply for last request. Dont just look ladies drop me a line I dont bite. And no my wife wont get angry she doesnt mind sharing me. :) Unless you plan on trying to take me away from her you can borrow but dont try to steal.
The two of us