35Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
I like learning about stuff (either experimentally or academically) and doing it, I think this makes me sort of a nerd. Definitely, when I'm learning to program or to do physics or whatnot. Less so, I think, when I'm learning to cook, brew, construct, knit, or garden. I like board games, card games, even video games; learning how to play them game, then playing it. This doesn't mean I'm likely to be good, but that's not necessary to enjoyment. I'm both stubborn and agreeable, which sounds a little contradictory, but I don't think is. One time, I wrote a code to explore how random walks evolve in an expanding universe. Seems anecdotal but I think it reveals a lot about me. I like to tell long, rambling stories that don't go anywhere. That's not true. I am compelled by my nature to tell long, rambling stories that don't go anywhere.

I run a kinda weird partial hippy lifestyle that falls apart when I'm serious about science. I bike to work and walk most everywhere else, unless it's fearsome far. I like to be outside in nature - hiking, canoeing, whatnot. I embrace some things on the grounds of "naturalness" - it's a big part of why I call myself an ideologically committed omnivore. I refuse to shop at Walmart. But I eschew organic foods, which cost more, are a bad use of arable land when there are people to feed, and generally have a worse carbon foodprint (nevermind that certifications are pretty arbitrary), and yet embrace local food. I also have no use for holistic/natural medicine say - you just can't trust snake oil unless you know it's made from real snakes. I guess I'm a bit of a homebody; I enjoy both cooking and brewing something fierce, which dulls the impulse to go out. Sadly, this isn't great for meeting people. Merely yelling "I need someone to drink my beer so I can justify brewing more." into the street rarely works out well.

Hence, my presence here.

I am Goofy, Energetic, and Fun
What I’m doing with my life
Well, I'm a student and I should defend my thesis soon. I don't have any job lined up, but I'm told after the doctorate you have to stop being a student, so I'll need to line up a job soon. I probably defend in the fallwinterspring, which is exceedingly soon in the context of this conversation.

In summary, I try to understand the unresolved thermal emission of dust around other stars. It's a challenging problem.
I’m really good at
Zymurgy. Speaking at length. Exploring ideas. Problem solving. Providing directions. Overthinking things. Bragging, apparently.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favourite book is probably In Search of Schrödinger's Cat. All of Gribbin's books are fantastic. In general, science non-fiction are most books I like (e.g. beyond Gribbin, I like Gould, Green, etc.) Past that, either Science but fiction (e.g. Calculating God is the last fiction I read) or non-fiction but non-science (e.g. Berton's The Invasion of Canada is the last non-science-y book I've read) also appeal to me somewhat.

Movies? Uh Airplane!, Primer, Bon Cop/Bad Cop, The Fifth Element, Contact, A League of Their Own, First Contact, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Do I like music? Sure - but in truth, I'm pretty easy. I like most music, and don't have strong personal favourites that rely upon the music itself much. I tend to like music with fairly strong silly components, though (for instance, I'm fond of the Barenaked Ladies, the Lonely Island, MC Hawking)

TVs? Currently, I'll go out of my way to watch Parks & Recreation (seriously, if you don't watch it, go out of your way to do so), occasionally House or 30 Rock. Beyond that, only the Food Channel, really.

Food: I really like all food, apart from Vegemite. Vegemite is by far the worst thing I've put into my mouth under the pretense that it was food. Okay, I also hate cilantro. Terrible, terrible stuff that lends the taste of dishsoap to otherwise nice meals. Otherwise, I enjoy cooking, new flavours, old flavours, coming different flavours, and spelling flavours in the Canadian fashion. Although I really like Sweet Potatoes, I don't engage in any denigration of regular potatoes, and won't stand for other people doing so. Regular Potatoes are also great. If I have to cook something I want to be reliably good, and for a large number of people, I'll probably make a carbonera. They're fantastic. I like to experiment, though, and am an ideologically committed omnivore. I'd like to try and eat food I haven't eaten before, about as often as possible. I mean more ingredients than recipes, but both are good. (Especially when the recipe is more like how something's prepared. Thus preserved lemons are more important to this than Spaghetti alla puttanesca.) I hope that makes sense.
Six things I could never do without
Someplace to cook.
Opportunities to squish kittens with love.
Intellectually challenging discussions.
Sentence fragments.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What kind of flavours would be good in a beer. An interest in brewing is seriously captivating. I can't taste anything without thinking about how to turn that flavour into a beer (or at least, whether it's a good idea to try.)

How to explain what I do to people. Both for strangers on the street, and so I can write it down to be peer reviewed before being published. I have no idea which is harder, but neither is easy.

Why Star Trek:Deep Space Nine made any Jake-heavy episodes, when they could've made more Garak heavy episodes, or Dax-Sisko episodes, or Kira episodes where she's angry. *Sigh*
On a typical Friday night I am
I stay in mostly. Board games are good (sadly, nobody ever wants to play scrabble, so it's mostly Settlers of Catan and Trivial Pursuit), video games are good, cooking (including shopping for food and the like), chatting, joking, whatnot. Going out? Movies, restaurants, maybe bars? Other things are good, when they can be found. ROM/Zoo/Science Centre? (Though maybe Science Centre is not for friends, only romance?) I'm never the one who says no to an idea. Rarely I have the chance to get out of town - I mostly prefer rural Ontario-type destinations, I like the woods, fields, farms, lakes, all that.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Every time I try to write something here, I end up reading it and saying "Andrew, you're not confessing something private, you're trying to brag about being a nerd."

And then I can never decide if I'm disappointed with myself, or pleased with myself.
You should message me if
You've found my profile captivating enough that you've read all the way to the end.
The two of us