31Odessa, United States
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My self-summary
So my sister says there are nothing but player dead beats on here from Odessa, tho' she finally found a good man. She told me not to vvaste my time on girls that are not committed to having a family, I find thats the truth!

Only thing new, that i think is noteworthy, is that i donate 30 bucks a month in supporting a tibetan buddhist nun in India at a remote mountain top nunnery called Dorjee Zong Nunnery(u can google it). I help sponsor her food,lodging, and education and besides good karma i at least good some good pujas/prayers. Well in my next life, yup, definitely a retreatant nun. Just ask, won't say on here :)

I use to think that art was bourgeois decadence until i started reading Voltaire,Paracelsus, and Goethe!

Just recently got a good past life reading a long w/ a good psychic reading. My mom and grand-godmother are very gifted psychics,so this stuff runs in my familiy. I'm an astrologer and my lil brother who did 12 yrs in the Air Force is a budding astrologer too. So in this past life reading, it basically confirmed what my grandgodmother channeled from her extraterrestial spirit guides, that i've only had about 5 lifetimes on Earth spanning the past 10,000 plus years. Even tho' i am a new soul here in Earth, as I'm told from this other Past Life Reader, that i've had many many incarnations from the Pleiades star system. Don't freak, sounds kinda weird,but this lady goes on to tell me that I am a Star child(as I know my mother and grandmother are as well) This lady said i am her first Pleiadian Past life reading and maxed out my experiences in the other worlds to become a Spirit Guide there or thats what i do in between lifetimes on Earth which is supposedly why I incarnate on Earth every few thousands yrs. I honestly feel like i do a couple here and then do my teaching work over there. A war veteran in the last century which actually explains why i love wearing my work uniform and still buy military books to read. Tho' when i am not doing that, am an avid reader of good spiritual and astrological books.

Just like in the movie Twighlight 4, when Bella was advised to visualize sending Shielding energies to Edward, so prevent him from getting juiced up, the same applies to sending healing or blessings to our loved ones or coworkers that need a lil extra help in life. Same concept w/ prayers.

Developing my Reiki aka sending positive healing energies to those of my loved ones and friends. All u gotta do is see the person,visualize color such as Pink,Purple, or Blazing white light and attach that with the feeling of love to the ppl that need help, especially good to do late at night while they are asleep or early early in the morning before they wake, this is a great way to practice your meditation. So u get great peaceful meditative practice,develop your psychic gifts that we all have, and then bring positive change to your friends,family,classmates, or coworkers. Theres more to the reading, just ask me and looking for a loyal empathic woman as well. If u are reading this so far, its a good chance you too are an advance soul from one of these Star systems blessed w/ Higher Awareness and a desire to bring healing to the planet. Tho' unfortunately, we are a small breed, but i know u are out there :D

Lastly my name AEmeth is Latin for Angelic don't be mis thinking there!
What I’m doing with my life
This is really important, so i am doing this and getting my Facebook ppl and famil to do this too, since there was a bunch more drama going on in Boston w/ an Officer shot and killed an a while back, just need you to keep focusing on the postive, FEEL AND BREATH IN THE PURE LOVING LIGHT

If u feel a bit of fear, just send loving energies inside yourself, and inflame yourself w/ prayers til you feel happy positive and light, then when u are filled up, send it out to the world,

ITS BETTER to feel strenght and compassion for the ppl who have sorrows and fear, like Jesus who carries us, we are models afterhim and we carry those near us :D
I’m really good at
workin' w/ my hands ;)
The first things people usually notice about me

Add me there :) Just move to Odessa Jan 08, 2014
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Hiram Key(amazing, Google it!) Dr.Doreen Virtue books on real Fairies,Angel,Incarnating Space/Star Beings, Books on Bune,Orobas,Papa Legba ;)

Movies: Oblivion,TwighLight 4, Loopers,Superman,Smallville,Teenwolf

Music: Christian Metal Core, Trance, Tiesto, Armin Van Buren, Paul Van Dyk, AventuraSwedish House Mafia,August Burns Red, As I Lay Daying, UnderOath, The Devil Wears Prada, gotta throw in some Drake and Lil Wayne ;)
Six things I could never do without
1. God created the great Paracelsus and Voltaire
2. Ancient Wisdom
3. Compassionate woman
4. Astrology Studies
6. Evil Monkey hiding in my Closet hiding my Apple ph charger
7. Kundalini Breath Work and the LBRP!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why spend your time thinking about the Past,Present,or Future when u can think about Parallel realities, Past Lives, and securing your future by getting some good ol fashion psychic readings...

my mom and grandmom are psychics and I am an astrologer but what they do is better than mine :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Im clumsy and awkward in everyday situations. However when the pressure is on thats when I spring in to action and Rock your f**king socks off
You should message me if
If your a girl :)

If u too have an evil monkey hiding in your closet :D
The two of us