30San Diego, United States
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My self-summary
(just started using this site again so my profile is a little out of date - I'll be working to fix this so please be lenient)

Its always hard to write about yourself, battling between not exaggerating your good qualities too much while still trying to remain appealing. I am a very loyal and compassionate person, with an expansive sense of humor and play, and an appreciation for wit (If you can't laugh at yourself life isn't fun). I am honest to a fault, easily excitable, strategic and hardworking while being a terrible procrastinator. I love cooking, running and other athletics, learning or exploring something new, and pretty much anything as long as I'm with good company. I find great satisfaction in others success and enjoyment, especially when I have helped them to find it. I'm currently working full-time/part-time while attending UCSD part-time/full-time. My life is an open book, you just have to turn the pages. I like 'real' (personal or intimate) conversation and will answer *practically* any question someone asks me.
What I’m doing with my life
I am currently attending UCSD, finishing up my double major in Biochemistry and Economics. Other than that I'm trying to have a great time here in SD : meeting as many new people as possible and exploring anything new.
I’m really good at
Cooking, massage, exercise, reading people, listening and giving advice, public speaking, strategy, Frisbee, making and keeping friends, and much more :)
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile or my sense of humor.

Recently I've heard from several people that the first thing they noticed about me is my 'charisma' - and the narcissist in me had to share that :)
I've very easy to like (If a few mischievous comments don't throw you for a loop lol). I'm almost always happy, animated, and enjoying myself - and ensuring everyone around me is as well.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm a huge geek :) and aside from everything listed below I have
interests in everything from Ren Fairs to dnd.

Books: A few too many Econ books lol - the last was "the number" - I also tend to read the new york times/economist/pulse every few days to keep up with current events. One of the last good things i read was Sybil, and i found it absolutely fascinating. I really enjoy a good fantasy or sci-fi book when i have the time, and I've read a ridiculous number of them. Favorites have been: wheel of time series by Robert Jordan , Ender' game/shadow of the Hegimon, anything by RA Salvatore or Anne Rice, the Dresdon Files by Jim Butcher, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Harry Potter, Neuromancer, Shogun, and many more.

Music: I like any music with interesting lyrics or that you can just relax to - note - not a fan of rap :(
Bands I actively listen too: Linkin park, the killers, Coldplay, perfect circle, blink 182, foo fighters, Marilyn Manson, offspring, system of a down, MSI, bloodhound gang, Aquabats, and varied others of similar nature.

Movies: kill bill 1&2, princess bride, serenity, count of monte cristo, Shawshank redemption, American History X, Lord of the rings 1-3, Dune, pulp fiction, sin city, Animal house, anything monty python, legend, princess mononoke, ghost in the shell, blade runner, dark knight, 300, Avatar, Iron Man, The prestige, from dusk till dawn, Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles
... when I think of more I will add them :)

TV: true blood,
venture brothers, Archer, Dexter, Burn Notice,
White Collar, [South Park]], Two and half men[, stargate
universe, big bang theory,firefly, robot chicken, .....
just to name a few. I'm also a huge fan of anime and have seen most of the good things it has to offer: beebop, outlaw star, death note, bleach, FMA, FLCL, Gundam seed/wing, Hellsing, etc.

I figured I'd throw in a Video Game section as well lol, since I've spend more time doing that than movies or music. I have always been a huge halo fan though its one of the few FPS games I've enjoyed playing. I've played a decent number of MMO's and RPG's, I loved FF10,EQ2, morrowind, oblivian, fable, dragonage, Mass effect 1&2, return to krondor, Arcanum, Baldurs gate (I,II, throne of bhal) and others. Dota was a constant companion during my early college years! I currently only play LOL and SWTOR on any kind of regular basis, and only when friends invite me to. Sure I'm forgetting something but that's already a pretty impressive list lol....or maybe impressive is the wrong word lol.

Food: Oooo this is hard.... I love food and I love
cooking. About half the reason i run is so I don't really have to
watch what i eat. I love Mexican food, most Asian cuisine, I
especially love Sushi and Japanese food (and beer/sake lol),
fondue, and so much more. I love good cheese... breads ... and wine :) Good beers are a true wonder to be enjoyed with friends, I know wine (having been raised with it) but I prefer a good beer to a glass of wine most of the time). As a cook - there are many things I love making - mostly because I love eating them. If you even get a chance to eat my cooking, likely it will be one of the following dishes (i can make almost anything I just have some dishes I make VERY well) Chicken dumpling soup, thai peanut chicken stir fry, Lasagna, rosemary potatoes, fried rice, pot pies, Tuscan Bean Soup, Broccoli Beef, Bow-tie casserole, and anything breakfast related, my coffee cake is to die for :)
Six things I could never do without
A good nights sleep - I love sleeping and dreaming :)
Something tasty to eat, probably that I cooked
Somewhere to run or bike, exercise is very important to me
A long hot shower after a long day. At least 30 mins or more
A never-ending-supply of books to read
Friends to share everything with :)
(I know this makes 7-8 but my laptop/android phone are vital)
(and 9 would have to be a good beer or glass of wine lol)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything :)
What new recipes to try, or old recipes i can improve on, often about why I'm not sleeping yet...especially once it hits about 3am lol
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing something awesome with friends - house party, club, dancing, movie night, cooking dinner together, going out for food, chilling at home, playing video games, ....the list goes on :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That's really hard because practically anything I'm asked I'll answer - especially in one on one conversation.
So go ahead and ask- its no fun if I just tell you in advance :)
You should message me if
(always down to chat with someone new - if I'm online just shoot me a message )

I am open to meeting people for any number of reasons - you can never have too many friends or meet too many new people :)

My only Criteria are your being Trustworthy and hopefully Fun :)

In terms of Dating....
I'm an absolute sucker for a girl who's a bit of a tomboy ( gamers a bonus ), throw in likes to run and cook and I am sold.... :)
I'm looking for someone Playful: who can make their own fun, Intelligent and Witty: willing to banter at a moments notice, Positive: always making sure the cup is more than 1/2 full, Compassionate, Down to earth, and ..... I'm making a long list aren't I? When it comes down to it I'm looking to fall in love again with a girl who will love and appreciate me as much as I will her.
The two of us