23Padova, Italy
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My self-summary
I really enjoy film. This is largely because I am mesmerized by images and the play of colors and light. Topic wise, I prefer films focusing on existential, philosophical themes, but I'm bound to enjoy anything with a surrealist, unorthodox flavor. I'm thinking of shooting some short films myself some day.

Also I really like journeys, mental and physical. A dream of mine is to tour Europe and the US in a van with the company of some good friends. Every time I try to articulate my concept of freedom or happiness, it involves that fantasy. There's something irresistible, almost archetypal about the idea of driving endlessly without a specific goal, surrounded by people you love unconditionally.
As for mental journeys, I have a very active imagination and fantasy life. This is an important part of me: if I don't give my imagination full freedom to express itself in some form from time to time, I feel extremely out of balance. As soon as I close my eyes, the darkness behind my lids becomes populated with characters and places. I am in love with my visions. It's definitely a part of me I'd want to share with my lovers.

Also, I really like art in general: I really enjoy going to art galleries and art museums. I especially like symbolist and surrealist art, although anything original is bound to interest me. I'm always searching for art which is shockingly honest, visionary, even crude and repulsive- anything as long as it's revolutionary and moving! I paint and draw myself, as well as write, mostly prose.

I adore the culinary world. Stimulating my palate with new flavors is orgasmic to my very sensitive taste buds. I'm absolutely a hedonist, and my love of food is definitely an expression of my passion for sensual experimentation. I really think eating is a spiritual practice, and a great way to connect and understand others. In fact, I always say that to really understand the soul of a country, one need only eat its food and make love to its people!

I love philosophy. I have a lot of personal ideas regarding life and spirituality: it would take too long to describe my personal philosophy here, but I like saying I'm an existentialist anarchist with a buddhist-hedonistic-mystic flavor. My spirituality is very personal and I live only by what I have learned from exploring my own heart (that's why I call myself an "anarchist").
I crave inner freedom. My whole spiritual outlook is heavily influenced by this very urgent personal need. I'm extremely introspective (waaay too much to be healthy, actually) because I feel self-knowledge is the basis for any kind of freedom. I am fiercely individualistic and independent. I can get very defensive if people try to control or dominate me (unless we're talking sex ;D). However, I am also very gentle and passionately affectionate.

I love discussing philosophy with open-minded people, and I integrate my views with other people's perspectives all the time. In fact, I love tweaking my 'beliefs', and really enjoy people who can provide unorthodox answers to life's questions.

In general, I really love experimenting and pushing mental boundaries. I will fall madly in love with people who can blow my mind. Give me something I haven't yet considered! This is what thrills me.

On a side note- I'm a dual citizen (Italy and USA) and I go back and forth between the two countries all the time. I'm very flexible when it comes to moving around and living full-time in the States is definitely an option.
What I’m doing with my life
I work part-time as a copywriter and learning web development...I also do a lot of odd jobs here and there, still working on finding a career path I can feel satisfied with.
I’m really good at
Actually I'm pretty good at a lot of things! I'm creative and artistic but also very scientific and analytical in my approach to life and learning, so I'm very flexible when it comes to doing just about anything. I've definitely got a talent for figuring people out and knowing what they're feeling or thinking. It's very hard to lie to me. I just seem to "know" when people are being false.
The first things people usually notice about me
My intensity.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Some of my all time favorite movies: The Dreamers, Into the Wild, Lolita, Enter the Void, The Sixth Sense, Amelie, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Requiem for a Dream, Waking Life, Silence of the Lambs, Donnie Darko, American Beauty, Harold and Maude, Let The Right One In, A Single Man, Melancholia, Inception, The Fountain, Elephant, Pan's Labyrinth, Tideland...but the list could go on forever.

As far as music goes, my taste is very eclectic: psychedelic rock like The Velvet Underground, The Doors, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Yes. Punk like NOFX, Pennywise, Millencolin, Rancid, but also postpunk, especially the Joy Division. Also bands like Mindless Self-Indulgence,and Retard-O-Bot. More progressive rock like MGMT, Ratat, Animal Collective, instrumental like Explosions in the Sky. I also really like the Magnetic Fields and Belle and Sebastian. There's lots more though!
I also like classical music (I play the piano), especially things like Chopin and Satie, and more modern piano music, like Yann Tiersen.
Six things I could never do without
Art, soul-searching, unconditional love, dark humour, freedom, solitude.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
my life purpose, how to create inner peace, my childhood and its connections to the present, the meaning of the cosmos, beauty, death, creation. Ya know, the basics. =]
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