35Melbourne, Australia
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My self-summary
Inside the Great Mystery that is,

we don't really own anything.

What is this competition we feel then,

before we go, one at a time, through the same gate?


I am artistic, buddhist, and peaceful
What I’m doing with my life
Working for an adult website. Yes, I am serious, but no, I cannot give you a membership or the name of the site.

Otherwise, there's joy, practicing pull-ups, playing piano, watching plants play in the sun, laughing. Come laugh with me!

I’m really good at
Climbing trees. I like running (did a half-marathon once), I am great at learning languages, I tell myself I'm good at understanding people. I'm alright at piano...been playing since I was 6, but the lessons sadly dried up long ago.

Strangely, I'm good at crossing one eye and moving the other and at touching my tongue to my nose.

I'm also good at feeding all the neighborhood kids, and getting them to help me cook, garden, and clean. I am getting better at growing plants. They are great teachers because too much pestery-obsessive attnetion and they die, not enough love and they die.

The first things people usually notice about me
I don't watch TV, listen to commercial radio, or really go see movies. Outside of photoshoots when I model (and even at many of them) I hardly wear makeup.

I am unkempt, I'll admit it. I don't shower every day, but I'm not disgusting or unhygenic. I just don't care so much about blow-drying, manicuring, or exfoliating myself all the time like that.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a) Lolita, Sufi poetry and parables, Crime and Punishment, The Subterraneans, East of Eden.

(a.2 - authors) Thich Nhat Hanh, HH the Dalai Llama, Kerouac, Steinbeck, Wendell Berry (enviromental farming practices), Kingsolver

(b) Some foreign films, like Life Is Beautiful, Naaushika (of the Valley of Wind) and others by them, and I did like Brazil. (c) Classical, ambient stuff, good jazz (who likes bad jazz?), Better Than Ezra, Something For Kate. I love Debussy, JS Bach, Rachmoninov, some Chopin

(d) I eat as much organic food as possible. Also, I am allergic to nightshades. This means I cannot cannot eat anything containing: chili, peppers, capsicum, TOMATO, POTATO, eggplant, tobacco, paprika, cyanne, wolfberries, etc. I don't eat beef (except in Japan), don't eat any factory-farmed meat, eggs, or dairy. So that limits my diet quite a bit!

Six things I could never do without
1. Rocky my stuffed animal raccoon I've had since I was 5 months old and still sleep with (sorry, Hubby!)

2. my glasses/contacts ...I'm just so visual.

3. a good tree to climb, look at, or a plant to touch. I really like plants. They're really neat!

4. my ability to meditate or regain calmness and peace of mind. Not that it's honed right now.

5. Sometimes if I eat foods I'm allergic to, I literally go insane and start hallucinating for a while and need some medication to deal with it, so I would need that, just in case.

6. a piano is always nice to have around

I spend a lot of time thinking about
I'd rather spend the time trying not to think about anything.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I trust almost everyone.
You should message me if
Let's be friends! If you like discussing politics, spirital philosophies, or are in a pleasant mood. I love people!
The two of us