39 Austin, United States
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My self-summary
South Austin Austinite for seventeen years. Still enjoy finding people and places to take pictures of. Simply put, I am a Doctor looking for a new companion.

The most accurate description of me is: I am like really strong coffee, not everyone likes me.


* Are you a hipster?
Not really. Sure, I wear bow ties, and I love hats, but that’s because they’re cool.

* Who do you think you are, a comedian?
Actually, yeah, I do. Last year I started doing stand up and caught the bug. My ideal first date is to take her to an open mic night.

* Dude, do you even lift?
Yeah, but I’m not a muscle head in any idea of the word. I like to run (ran my first half marathon in May 2014) and I try to be healthy.

* Are you a nerd?
Hell yeah! This is something I used to hide. I am not sure why, now it is something I am proud of. When I was younger, I ended each day by playing my Nintendo and reading comics.

* Are you a trekkie?
No. I like the show and movies but I wouldn’t go far enough to call myself a trekkie. I lean towards Star Wars. (Yes, I am thrilled that JJ Abrams is directing the new one)

* Are you adopted?
Huh? Why would you ask something like that? What is wrong with you? I am not adopted but when I was a kid I used to ask my parents to tell people I was adopted and my read dad was Han Solo.

* Are you religious?
Yes. I was raised Catholic. A few years ago I started questioning my beliefs. I was lucky to have a good counselor who helped me see that it is good to question. I am okay questioning everything and I think it has brought me closer to the words in red.

* Were you born and bred in Austin?
Yep, well, kinda. I was born here, moved to Colorado for ten impressionable years and came back ready for all the festivities the live music capital of the world has to offer.

* Are you a spy?
How dare you ask another random question? Is it the bow tie? Who have you been talking to?

* In three words or less, what the hell have you been up to?
Photography, comedy, Growth. Care to join?
What I’m doing with my life
Work is amazing. I am trying to move up, take care of my boys and take care of myself. I have a lot goals for 2014, travel, learn Spanish and make new friends. I am looking forward to this year.
I’m really good at
Telling stories (not sure if I’m good, but I can ramble out a tale)
Computer stuff (mostly apple)
Standing in front of strangers and telling them things I wouldn’t admit to my closest friends
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my beard. There’s a funny story about when I met a drunk Irish man on the train in NY and his feelings towards my beard. Remind me to tell you about it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Pilo Family Circus (If you’re a teacher, the clowns will make you think of your kids), Choke, Blink, Child Thief (New take on Peter Pan, really good), American Gods. Currently reading S. by JJ Abrams and the Ritual by Mo Hader.

Comics: Action Comics (with a writer like Grant Morrison, how can you not love it), anything that Mark Millar writes

Movies: Labyrinth, Grease 2 (The 2 is not a mistake), Ghostbusters (My childhood was shaped by those first three movies) and Legend. More recent: Now You See Me, Fight Club, Man of Steel, and pretty much anything Tim Burton touches

Shows: Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Arrested Development (this is recent, I got hook and watch the whole series over two weeks), Community, Doctor Who, Sherlock (BBC), Luther

Music: (this section might make me sound like I have multiple personalities) Garth Brooks, Bob Schneider, Hayes Carll, Mumford and Sons, Eliza Doolittle and more…

Food: Recently I decided to just try the food, even if in my head I hated it. That opened up many doors for me. I still haven’t tried sushi, I want someone who knows what to order to go with me the first time.
The six things I could never do without
This seems to be changing for me often. I'm leaving out the obvious like family, loved ones and pets. Right now it would be:

1. My Canon 5D
2. My Kindle
3. Coffee
4. BBC television (they are amazing at drama.)
5. Chipotle
6. Music
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What is my character up to? Why does Joss Whedon get so much pleasure killing characters we love? How can I get more centered as a person?

Also, I put a lot of thought on a) the power of words, how one word is considered bad, yet another with the same meaning is acceptable; b) my YouTube on-going show – it’s a guaranteed hit if I only had the actors and camera; c) if an Obama action figure would have Judo chop action.
On a typical Friday night I am
A sample:
* Freestyle Underground Ping Pong
* Staring at a white screen with writers block
* Walking down Congress with Canon in tow looking for something to stand out
* Sipping wine and sitting in my garage watching Austin beat
* Sprawled out on the ground in relief the week is over
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
In the last few years, I:
- Learned what true pain felt like
- Did something I was too scared to do for years and when I thought the worst had passed, I learned I was wrong

None of that is easy to admit, nor is it sexy, but hey. You should know upfront, contrary to some Internet rumors, I am, in fact, a human being. Most of this is private. I do not talk about it often and will not talk about it over an email.

I write short stories. I do not have a journal, so I get all my thoughts and crazy out on the computer screen. Most of it is not primetime television safe so I usually do not let just anyone read it.

Bonus private fact: I have no clue how to date. I shoot from the hip and hope it works.
You should message me if
The coin comes up tails.

The moon is full.

You need someone to explain the post credit scene at the end of a Marvel movie.

Also, history (and my friends) would suggest that my "type":
* Is my height or shorter
* Has a 4 letter name or nickname (Is that weird, it seems weird)