55 Redlands, United States
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My self-summary
I like to have fun & deep conversations. I love to learn and I am curious about a lot of things. I am open to just about anything. I LOVE MUSIC and Nutrition! I live a free life! 2012 has been one the best years! I am not religious but very spiritual. Meaning i am very connected to what i think its all about. I found an intense freedom by leaving the judgement conversation. I started to notice awhile back that humans are always measuring how stuff should be...towards others and self. makes for great conversation..
I've owned my own business for 24 years in February. I'm quick, intelligent, very creative, very optimistic and easy to be around. I'm comfortable being myself, so its easy for others.... so I've been told

I have two great kids that don't live with me, 21 & 22
What I’m doing with my life
Learning & Knowledge:
I'm attending a medical institute to learn all i can on nutrition, healing, bio chemical effects and responses on the body from a doctor who has a radio show... LOVE NUTRITION Love Yoga

I'm remodeling my back yard. I built a subterranean fire-pit out of brazillian white quartz and white montana serpentine. Its great, it has blue glass and i put white sand in it (feels great on the toes while looking at the stars) Then, there is a small waterfall and stream that travels around the top of the fire-pit at ground level (Where your head is) and another 4' waterfall and stream that travels through the yard, with fire on it. Anyway, it's so much fun to create...
I'm still in the planting and rock phase, then have to do the nightscaping after's an ongoing project:-)
After that I'm going to move the studio to the other back yard and build an Earth Ship in its place, which is a self sustaining biotecture. I Love Live Music and go to shows often.

I'm also a transformational coach and LOVE working with people. Coming along side of another person to see what they see. Recognizing the limiting conversations they have, to the great resource available to them so they may have the vision they want....NOTHING like it. And i do recconnective healing I'm really intrigued by astrology 2012 shift and ancient knowledge as well as quantum theories yet have a background in Christianity but AM NOT religious... i left that conversation awhile back and am in a bigger one now. All inclusive with abundant resource
I’m really good at
Connecting with people. Conversations, creativity, going on adventures, shopping, staminatic resilency, wit, Fun
The first things people usually notice about me
hmmm, Style, Energy, Smile & Hair? Good one, you'll have to tell me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
MUSIC IS MY LOVE.... Alternative, Rock, Electronic, Classical, Jazz, House, Lo Fi, Trip Hop, Trance, Industrial, Metal, Pop, Oldies, Surf, Pots & Pans... name it, if its got a beat, I'm singing.
I got rid of my TV 5 years ago, my IQ has improved immensely and i no longer drink the Kool-Aid ...
BOOKS & Movies Leadership & Self deception, The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, The Field (Great one on quantum physics) The Bible, True Power of Water by Emoto, Fierce Conversations by Susan Scot, Leadership the Inner-side of Greatness by Koestenbaum, The Max Strategy, Essence & Alchemy (Great book on scent & fragrance) The War of Art. I love True Romance, What the bleep do we know just about anything Jim Carey or Will Ferrell, love most of Tarantino & Cohen Brothers Forks over knives, Food Matters, Gerson Miracle, Dexter Breaking Bad okay...too many to name!
The six things I could never do without
Really? If i took this literally. Food, Water, Air
Taken Figuratively
Alphabet Ponies
My Kids
Guessing Again
Doing It Anyway
Picking Up After Myself
Sudden Moves
Raw Protein
Making Stuff Up Just For Fun
Agnostic Spirituality
Remembering What You Forgot
Frozen Grapes
Anatomic Intoxication
Liquorice Leather
'Splain it Lucy
Killing Suspense
Anti-Social Alchemy
Sex in Stereo
Turning It Up
Fresh juice
DMV Lines
Rudders on Ducks
The Sound of Color
Seaweed Snacks with Wasabi
Baggage Claim Area
Third Reich Radio
Sensible Nonesense
Nightblooming Carrots
Kivorkian Breakfasts
Epiphanic Synergy
Squirrel Nut Zippers
Fog Horns
Inflatable Planets
Sand Boxes After It Rains
Big Books
Bubble Wrap
Tax Exemptions
Pedal Tone Spankings
Evangelical Tea
Mustard Plugs
Knowing That I Don't Know
Cheeka Laka Mocha
Tasting Sound
Willoughby circa 1800’s
The Camptown Racetrack
Asylum Weekly
Side Effects
Belly Button Lint
Tijuana Face-lifts
Beautiful Uglies
Rehearsing the Future with Historical Premonitions, Locking Them Up and Swallowing the Key
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What's going on in the NOW
On a typical Friday night I am
Grateful & Excited
Going to a concert
Hanging out with Friends
Watching a movie on the down low
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love thin women and am a sucker for great eyes. I'd like to date below my age because i have high energy and am young at heart. I like blond hair but not dead set on it... Most of my relationships have been with brunettes, but, it catches my eyes
oh.. and most of all, the most secrety secret in all of secretdom... Eyeliner rocks me
Hows that for risking with authenticity?
Always say whats true for you and you'll never live in self betrayal
You should message me if
If you looked at my profile the way Alabama looked at Clarence in True Romance. Are curious and want to know more. RELATE to a lot of what i said. Or you're just looking to chat over coffee or tea. I've never met a stranger and its fun getting to know people. Breathe...Don't take yourself or others too seriously & HAVE FUN!!