32Hudson, United States
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My self-summary
My name is Marc. I am success-driven / goal-oriented, enjoy education and knowledge for the sake of self-improvement, and want to have a lot of amazing life experiences (beyond the stories I have already.) I would like to start my own business one day, just seeking the right opportunity. I am seeking a partner who enjoys the intensity and we can push one another to greater versions of one another.

I'm family oriented. My family is rather important to me, probably the reason I'm still in Ohio instead of a warm, tropical place. My grandfather is one of my heroes whom I attempt to be more like; he was a well-respected business owner with a heart of gold.
What I’m doing with my life
I work for a Fortune 500 in consulting, my current client being in automotive. In my spare time, I am working to get in the innovation / start-up / entrepreneurial space.

When its not learning or work, I am working on my house or going out and catching up with friends. I try to run, bouncing between doing another half or attempting a full marathon. In the summer I go boating, jet skiing, other running events, or working on cars. I also grew up on quads and getting muddy, so no fear of the the outdoors. In the winter, I ski, play poker, indoor rock wall climbing, and focus on self-improvement. I'm not one to sit and watch a sporting event, I am a doer. I greatly prefer individual sports to team ones. That being said a friend can drag me to a Tribe or Ducks game and I can get through haha.

Regardless of the season, I like meeting new people. I enjoy groups, debate, conversation, showing people new things, and going on adventures. I'm reasonably well traveled, with a few Caribbean passport stamps, but always looking to see new places.

Former gamer, FF7, FFT, and God of War were some of my favs on PS. PC, I was a Sierra and LucasArts fan boy. Currently prototyping VR hardware accessories for my startup.
I’m really good at
Networking, I can certainly work a cocktail party, wedding, or business event and connect with people.

Making people laugh or making them think.

Anything dealing with cars- specifically American cars.

Turning people onto new things- foods, friends, festivities.

Helping self-confidence and self-body image in others through my art.


Completing self-set goals
The first things people usually notice about me
Well it depends on the setting and who's looking.

I've been told the intensity in my eyes, a nice smile, and also have nice legs and a nice butt.

Some college buds told me I am rather charismatic. If they say so...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: I'm a huge fan of my music. I love metal (though not the screamo black metal and stuff like that), hard rock, classic rock, and combinations. I also like some alternative, grunge, classical, and bits of techno. I support decent local music (Cleveland / Akron scene is pretty sweet). I LOVE turning people onto new (to them), obscure music. My tastes have been changing slowly the last 2-3 years somewhat with music, but its always been about emoting through lyrics with me.

Movies: I love vampire movies- UnderWorld series, Queen of the Damned, Blade series, Van Helsing. I like comedies- Monty Python (anything), anything Mel Brooks, Airplane series. I also like martial arts / fighting movies: Kill Bill series, most things Jet Li or Jackie Chan, Matrix series

TV: Shark Tank, The Profit, Into the Badlands, Better Call Saul.

Car Mags: Automobile, Motor Trend, Road & Track, Car & Driver (I like to keep up with the latest car info).

But for books: I like the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer. Also The Prince by Machiavelli. Kama Sutra was an interesting read. Some writings of Greek philosophers are pretty cool. The Start-up Owners Manual. I don't read for pleasure, but more so to gain knowledge, skills, and and better understanding of the topic of my interest- knot tying, palm reading, project management, leadership, aerodynamics, you name it...

The Great Gatsby and Great Expectations were good classics. Some of the Transcendentalists writings are enjoyable too.

Food: I like a variety - seafood, sushi, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai. Can't go too long without a good steak. Spicy Caribbean and authentic Mexican are also amazing. I couldn't live with a vegan, but could likely work with an open-minded vegetarian.
Six things I could never do without
In no particular order:
-Education (my mind loves to learn continually)
-My Family and Friends
-Downtime from the grind (work, events, house, cars can get overbearing all at once.)
-Quality Entertainment, whatever it may be.
-Competition (I need the measuring stick to constantly push me to better)
-My toys (my cars, jetski, skiis, etc.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why OkCupid matches me to people I have nothing in common with and am not remotely attracted to. I put zero belief in the match percentage as its been horribly wrong. Sometimes its on, other times not even close. Apparently I am an algorithm-breaking type. Why someone I write a nice message to does a drive-by on my profile but says nothing.

Inventing. Moving, shakin', making change and an impact in the world. Trying to hit that home run and change the world for better.

How to start a profitable business that will positively impact the world and help me have time to enjoy life, seeing all the things I want to see.

Random things: What other people are thinking, how to improve myself, did I spread myself too thin, how did I get into this mess? Personal goals, elevating my status in the world. Cars and how to modify them, even if its unrealistic.
On a typical Friday night I am
Fridays are a toss up. It could be a wine and company night, poker / euchre with friends, bar hopping, home improvement, or vegging from a long week. I may venture out for anything from an art gala, a Groupon event, car parts store, or a restaurant with friends.

My weekends are pretty much my only downtime currently, so I relax and also find small projects I can get done to feel like I "did" something. I've done plumbing, electrical, chainsawing, and home maintenance all within the first 3 months of ownership.

I'm kinda investing for my future now, so saving my money and working on building something greater. I'd like a girl that could value this, perhaps in a similar boat or at least understanding.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was accepted into college at 15.

My dentist told me I have a condition called "Superhuman." I always knew it. ;)

I feel I am horribly un-photogenic. But found an awesome quote that matches my feelings on the matter: . I am not Mr. Selfie, that's for sure.

I have a favorite height for women. Basically it corresponds to their being able to rest their head on my shoulder.
You should message me if
I am looking for a firestarter. One who is hard to contain, one that enjoys a variety in life. She has her stuff together and is looking for an equal. My trifecta is educated, motivated, and fit. A sense of humor and wittiness is beneficial. She should be passionate about something that drives the fire within. We should be able to have a good time together, I'd like to show her new things and her to do the same.

Ideally you're a college-educated, with curves in all the right places, and driven-attitude that could keep me on my toes. I'm looking for a lover, a best friend, wife material, a strong business-savvy partner. So you're not just a pretty face, communication is huge. I want kids and a family one day, but I want to experience things together with a life mate as firsts for both of us.
The two of us