32 Auckland, New Zealand
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My self-summary
Nice girl with a sassy side. I've got manners, and can hold an intelligent conversation just as easily as I can be silly and have a good time! :)
I am a bit of a sweetheart, but I am by no means a square...you can find out for yourself what I mean... ;) I love an adventure and I'm open-minded. I tend to be on the shy side, but if I find something interesting I'll have alot to say. I appreciate people with intelligence, a sense of humor, and a genuine/caring disposition. I don't find silence awkward, sometimes you don't need to say anything at all to feel connected. I like to be pleasing and I get upset if I feel like I've let someone down in some way.
I'd say I'm an interesting mix of nice girl with a wild streak, like to push myself, have fun and do things most people don't. I like to view the world in a different way and appreciate the beauty of things overlooked.
I'm curvy and I love my curves, so if you don't...don't message me!
You should message me if
If you're taller than me, that's a good start. I don't have any particular preference physically beyond that, but I do like comparing tattoos so hopefully you'll have a few.
If you create stuff or know stuff I don't, I'll probably like you.
Personality...character...a smattering of integrity...whoa! Huge ask, I know!
Really, I'd just like to get to know some awesome people. Friends are great, sometimes friends become more, who knows.
Maturity is a bonus, as long as you also know how to let go and not take everything seriously...silliness and spontaneity go a long way with me!
I have a preference for men of a dominant persuasion who can appreciate and look after my more vulnerable/trusting side.