34St. Louis, United States
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My self-summary
Well i'm a free spirit, laid back type of guy. Have been a work-a-holic for the last 10 years so now i'm doing more relaxing and chilling as they would say. My family is mostly british and french and mostly grew up that way, so I can say that most people mistake me for a british gentleman most of the time weird. I like to take things easy, i don't stress, not easily surprised, and I like to remain very low key and in calm atmospheres. I take random road trips or drive around sometimes just for the fun of it and listen to some good alt rock or whatever sounds good with an icee most times for good measure.

Rather chilled out and neutral in all situations pretty open and really honest, it makes things so much easier thank goodness. =) I can tend to be playfully sarcastic but good natured about it since I am very much against being mean to anyone intentionally and I am very much a philanthropist of the active kind, which means I actually like to go out and help people instead of tossing money at them and walking away. Down to earth and humble and I never take myself too seriously and it's actually quite fun.

Sometimes I can be completely random and ditzy, but in a good way and will just be nonchalant about most things that are not of the highest priority. I do kid alot and also a bit old fashioned in terms of being a guy...not the cave man old fashioned, but tough, hard working, stoic, blunt, takes care of his responsibilities, does what he says he's going to do just about, not bow down to any type of tempting forces type of guy.

I'm a slight loner who hangs with other really cool rogueish type loners, progressive thinker, philosophical, random traveller (aka wake up and decide to travel somewhere in country or not). I do like to party every once in a while but nothing too too crazy. I work out about 1-2hrs30 mins a day had to cut back from 3hrs until I get into crossfit and did I also mention I'm a little bit of a prepper by hobby? Just saying. And if you are into Myers-Briggs test I happen to keep getting ISTP. =)
Currently down in waynesville doing rehab for my shoulder, not fun at all, but awesome doctors.

More to come later....yeah..idk...Yeah.
What I’m doing with my life
Working with 2 different financial markets and transitioning into a FEMA type workplace at my current job, retirement planning, and just going with the flow. Work hard, play harder. Just always pondering why i don't live somewhere warmer, like Arizona or something and if there are any places with houses that have more space outside in smaller communities. Yes weirdly enough I am a small town country type of person, I've lived in the cities long enough from brooklyn, the bronx, dc, and st.louis. I prefer the peace, quiet, less traffic, and more privacy.
I’m really good at
Being shaken never stirred, being overly logical, determined, dancing, working out/helping people work out, playing video games, an amazing host and just relaxing (maybe too much).
The first things people usually notice about me
Calm and nonchalant demeanor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Not so much any favorites but more along the lines of random How to, DIY books.

Movies: I'm going to have to go with action movies and comedies...like the matrix, the avengers, 40 year old virgin (watched that 8 times in a row then 5 times in spanish) the expendables, x-men, sin city, most will ferrell movies. Along those lines, but won't mind a horror or suspense movie either.

Shows: Well i'm trying to get into the walking dead but i'm so far behind, but other than that Family Guy, some Robot chicken, Tosh.0, Steven colbert show, American Dad, South Park, Cleveland show and shows like that. Don't judge me =)

Music: I'm going to have to go with alternative rock, bands like chevelle, red hot chilli peppers, sevendust, incubus, ....nirvana, linkin park and still updating. I can tolerate a very small section of country songs mostly because I cannot deal with another "whiskey lullaby" or anything like that. Nooooo. Rap and rnb i can tolerate a tiny bit of as well since I mostly listen to words I either can't understand what they are saying or I hear some nonsense and it kind of lessens the enjoyment of it, but can deal with it.
Dubstep.........what.....is......that? Sounds like hyperactive robots having sex.

Foods: I love sushi. I know I'm not supposed to eat it all the time, but I seriously want to. But other than that I would have to say italian food was created to make me eat more food than I want because it's so amazing? Mexican is alright and everything else is alright too. Always up for trying something new. But other than that I keep a pretty clean diet of junk food, cakes, sodas, and stuff like that until....friday night until monday morning. All bets are off until then. =)
Six things I could never do without
Determination to change myself and the world for the better.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why humans were built not completely perfect, why world hunger has not been completely wiped out yet despite the last couple of decades of help and money, why when people can afford to help other people they do not, how in the hell is their a financial entity that borrows countries a near unlimited amount of money knowing they can't pay it back......And things of that nature that spiral into a universal black hole of more than a lifetime of studying which is why I think about them more than I study them.
On a typical Friday night I am
Reading articles on flipboard, watching one of the above mentioned shows, catching a UFC fight, or going out every once in a while when invited. Yes I'm a slight homebody, but when I go out I must say it's usually a crazy all nighter. Might as well make it worthwhile correct?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I sleep in all day, I sleep in all day like a slacker hippie....all the way until 1-2pm. Yeah not too embarrassing, but if you ever saw it you would think I was the laziest person alive.

What are you doing reading all the way down here for anyway? Hmm?
You should message me if
Like gentlemen
Don't mind meaningless or serious conversations
Like relaxing and taking it easy
Work hard and play harder
Dislike stress, drama, rush, worry, expectations, or anything of that nature
Down to earth
Not a loud obnoxious person (hurts my ears). =)
The two of us