29 Victoria, Canada
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My self-summary
Let's find that rare physical, intellectual, and emotional connection.

Want to do a Lord of the Rings marathon?

My name is Ross. I'm easy going, calm, confident, independent, caring, and know what I want.
I'm also goofy and wildly funny, often with witty humour. I like to ask people random Disney movie trivia questions, absolutely love watching movies, I play some video games on the PC but am into any game really, I like to keep fit, health is important to me, I take my dog for runs and hikes all the time or go exploring as well as workout. I got into archery and will be continuing with that. I'm down for anything new, fun or outdoors, and value good conversation, or even silly conversation.
It's all about sharing experiences with someone amazing.

I'm an appreciative man as well as very affectionate.
I was raised by my single mother and she is an amazing woman, maybe that is why I truly value women - a girl is worshiped when she's with me, in the ways you want to be. Make no mistake, I am not a pushover, I just know how to treat a woman.

When you're special to me, I make sure that you know you are. I'll do little things for you, I'm certainly a very thoughtful and caring person, in many ways.

I know what speaks to me about a girl so I know what I'm looking for.

Beyond initial attraction, I’m looking for someone who shares my values as well as that attraction and chemistry that you just can't put down on paper. I really think that spark has to be there from the beginning, and keeping that going is important to me. I'm a confident and positive guy who has a sense of adventure, leads a well-balanced life, knows what he is looking for and has a good sense of himself.

I believe every man should be a gentleman, be chivalrous, and treat a woman right. I'll hold the door for you, take my coat off for you when you're cold, remember what's important to you, always respect you, and even carry you if I needed to.. I'll let you use your imagination there ;)
I care about the small things.

I'm mostly British with Irish, Scottish, and Greek in me as well. All of my family hails from Europe, I've lived in Canada most of my life though. I want to travel to England and all over Europe and discover where it is in the world I wish to live. I LOVE watching movies (I said that already didn't I? Well too bad! movies are awesome!!), spending time with good company, watch some anime/tv shows, and enjoy trying new things.
Oh, and I love food; eating out, cooking or trying new things, but my favourite is pizza.. mmm don't even. On a scale from 1 to even I can't.
I have a big, witty, and sarcastic sense of humour and will make you laugh.
I'm a passionate man and have a strong belief in myself.
Also, I smell good! Yay

I'm looking for a true gem of a lady who inspires me as much as I inspire her. To be mutually into each other is so important, you're both equal in how much you adore each other, there are no games, just honesty.
A girl who, when I wake up beside, I feel an immense satisfaction, like I'm such a lucky man. When she wakes up and turns to me, I send her the most loving smile, and she returns it to me with a most tender kiss. We'd bring out the best in each other, be absolutely delighted to be in each others presence, want to share and do most everything together, and just be passionate about the way we feel about each other. A girl who takes care of herself and has lovely long hair (I have a thing for long hair)
We would both be supportive of each other, and the most important thing to both of us would be just being together.

It would be lovely to meet someone with which our eyes turn into galaxies every time we look at each other or even think of one another, smile at the mere mention of each others name, love the sound of each others voice. I value personality equally with looks, quirky/goofy humor is wonderful and intelligence is something I appreciate greatly. I like a very sweet girl. I like to be around people who can keep up with me mentally, I think deeply about things sometimes and can put someone in a state of awe, I like to have good conversations and bounce things back and forth. At the same time I like to be totally silly, it all depends on the place and who I'm with.

I will always listen to you, you will have my full attention when you speak to me. I am very easy going, laid-back and calm, almost Zen-like. It takes a colossal amount to truly make me upset, as I don't take things too seriously and can think clearly at all times. This is because I am a level-headed guy, even if my body is freaking out on the inside I can maintain control and make well thought out decisions. That would come in handy if I ever have to deal with a swarm of zombies wielding the body parts of other zombies as weapons charging at me! You would want to be on my apocalypse survival team! We need to find someone named Karl.

In a relationship it's quality time, respect, honesty, communication and trust that I value the most. Someone with whom we can get through anything together as long as we work at it together, have the desire to work at it, and have each others backs always, we're a team. When we look at each other, even after centuries have passed, we still get star-eyed. Being best friends, companions, lovers, everything. A girl with whom I could live a thousand years a thousand times and still wake up to her face and be so in love.
Timeless foreverlove.

Hopefully all of this made you smile, I look forward to hearing from you
The first things people usually notice about me
How comfortable they feel around me and that I am a genuine person
The six things I could never do without
- My dog
- Pizza
- Confidence
- Stories/Movies/Games
- Affection
- Intimacy/Sex
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Should I part with one of my doomsday devices? I suppose I could have just three and still be feared...

Nah I actually think about where I want to travel, how I hope to find that amazing person to share so much with and have so much fun with.
On a typical Friday night I am
Spending time with my dog, it's important to me that she has had a good day. Out on runs or hikes.
Going out to the cinema or watching a movie at home.
With good company, which matters most.
Playing games on my PC.

Never been a big party person and have never stepped foot into a club.
You should message me if
You would like to meet for coffee and..
( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■

brew a connection.


Actually I'd rather go for a nice walk with my dog and get to know each other more.