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My self-summary
I value rationality, intelligence, imagination, creativity and accomplishments. - read this. Seriously.

Philosophically and morally, I am an Objectivist, and politically a Sovereign Individual / Autarchist. I live by Galt's Oath and I conduct personal relationships under the terms of the Covenant of Unanimous Consent*--which is essentially Laissez Faire*, Live and Let Live--and the libertarian Non Aggression Principle which is: "No one has the right, under any circumstances, to initiate force against another human being, or to advocate or delegate its initiation".

The *Covenant of Unanimous Consent is based on the Non Aggression Principle. I wrote an introduction here:

It addresses the following question: What *IS* the absolute Bare Minimum that two people need to agree upon, in order to live together peacefully and productively?

Other articles about the Covenant are here:

P.S. If you agree with the Covenant, I REALLY WOULD like to meet and talk.  This is a "core" issue and we may discover that we have others in common.

*Laissez faire: the practice or doctrine of noninterference in the affairs of others, esp. with reference to individual conduct or freedom of action.

I was a business representative for the Objectivist Nathaniel Branden Institute for many years during the 1960s and I am the creator of Atlas Shrugged Celebration Day in Ouray, Colorado and Judge Narragansett’s New Constitution Project, both accessible from

I also have a forum/blog at
What I’m doing with my life
Architecture was my first career and my continuing interest. I also live in Arizona, so AzDesigner was a nice fit for my OkCupid nickname. My second career was computer software and my third career was commodity speculator. I also had a side career, parallel to my first two, as real estate owner/landlord/re-modeler.

In the "Questions" area, there is an interesting one about "daydreaming". I DO daydream and my daydreaming is intentional, deliberate and "nurtured". It is a part of my creative process. EVERY advance in human knowledge, innovation, production, engineering, arts, crafts and living standards STARTED as somebody's daydream--including the computer you are using to view this!
I finished migrating my personal website to and I continue updating it. I am also compiling--off and on-- the pieces for a book about my architectural and classic music mentor: "Paul Yaeger: An Arizona Architect":
I am remodeling my own adobe residence for the second time in 30 years (I've remodeled a dozen houses over the years). It looks fantastic in my mind but is quite a chaotic mess in the real world....never remodel while you live in a place. I broke my own "rule".
I've considered getting a summer place in Free State Wyoming and "snowbirding" between AZ and WY. From time to time, I replay the possibilities but have not yet committed to such a move.
Polyamory (or simply poly), is about love AND sex. It is also about an attitude--do you control your lover's every action or is your lover a free person? A truly polyamorous person chooses freedom over control. I am polyamorous. I prefer a non-marital relationship with a woman who reflects my values. I respond to values that I admire, being exhibited by other people. I LIKE having sex with and being in the company of an intelligent, imaginative woman who can think! That is certainly NOT promiscuous. A reluctance to being in a single "committed" relationship does not mean that one indiscriminately jumps into bed with just anyone.

"Polyamorous" describes people who are open to more than one relationship. Does a parent love one of her/his children and not the others? Sure, that is "different"--but there are elements that are very similar. I've written some on this subject. I'm looking for a relationship of some kind with a rational, intelligent, imaginative, creative woman.

Here is a link to a light-hearted and very good video presentation and explanation of polyamory by Leon Finegold:

I do not own other people. I have no interest in "controlling" the actions or behavior of someone else. That includes who she sees or with whom she has dinner and/or sex. People cannot "own" other people and attempting to do so is the root of jealousy and conflict.

At my age, living together may not be an ideal arrangement. I expect we both have many activities that would be difficult to abandon or integrate into living together. But that does not rule out the possibility of a good relationship, nor does it necessarily rule out the possibility of living together.. Also, as I commented on some of the questions, I enjoyed raising my two sons and, even at my age, with the right woman and circumstances, I would seriously consider raising another family.
I've also written (a blog?) on current events and individual sovereignty. A Subject Index to those articles is at

This quote sums up my political views very nicely: "The quest for freedom [is] a highly introspective, personal journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. The eradication of government is not necessary for one to be free. To the contrary, one must first attain freedom in order to be rid of government."
I’m really good at
I am an amateur photographer, scanning and building a "computer darkroom" for my extensive collection of film based photos while adding electronic photos from the most recent advances in cameras.
I like science fiction for its imagination qualities, real science for its tie to reality, chess & Rottweilers, although I am currently without a Rotty and have a beautiful, long-haired red cat instead.
I am a classical music enthusiast & collector of a Raymond Loewy designed 1953 Studebaker coupe & three "newer" Mercedes Benz SLC coupes (plus a few others).
I am a creative thinker and enjoy making my creations real. And I like to brainstorm, although I have found few others who do. Use the following link to visit brainstorming subjects:
I am a (lapsed) member of Mensa & am a past editor of Vidya, the Journal of the Triple Nine Society. I have also created OnlyOne Agora, an UN-moderated forum especially for individuals in the 99.9 %-tile who dislike being "moderated" by their alleged peers.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't really know. Perhaps that I'm 6 foot tall? Or my blue eyes?....well, I'm male. What else would someone notice? My kilt? Well, I have received favorable comments about my big hands! (smile)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Fiction & Sci-Fi authors whose books I've read and enjoyed: ALL of Ayn Rand, esp Atlas Shrugged, Fountainhead, (I was the Phoenix business rep for NBI during the 60s), Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Harry Turtledove, S. M. Stirling, the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I'm currently collecting and reading the entire works of Zane Grey and Louis L'amour.

Movies: Some movies that I've seen and enjoyed: FireFly & Serenity, Stargate, Star Wars and I really liked Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing. I like Braveheart and the Highlander series (well, I wear a kilt, what did you expect?) Before I quit TV, I enjoyed "Breaking Bad" and the Sci-Fi series "Eureka" and "Warehouse 13". It was nice to see those 2 new Sci-Fi shows that don't depend heavily on militarism and violence. I canceled my cable TV and started buying dvds of shows I want to watch. I recently finished an "oldie": "Tales of the Gold Monkey". I get to see the episodes I missed--when *I* want to view them.

Music: Mostly Classical: esp Aaron Copeland, Antonin Dvorak--his New World Symphony got me started on classical; Folk: John Denver, ABBA, early Kingston Trio, Loreena McKennitt. I find Native American flute music to be particularly haunting as well as the guitar music of Joaquin Rodrigo.

Food: Yes.

Shows: I've seen a few. I'm not too keen on stage shows or concerts. DVDs are much better. I get to control when and how I want to watch them. DVDs also allow me to avoid the crowds.
Six things I could never do without
Ok, ok. I'll start a list because I read a list that was better than just earth, wind, fire and water + friends and family.

1. Creativity. I LOVE it! I have designs & notes scribbled in many places on all kinds of subjects.
2. Imagination. Einstein says it is more important than knowledge and I agree. Beside, Creativity thrives on imagination!
3. Knowledge. At my age, I have definitely acquired some of this and could certainly never do without. Imagination builds on knowledge!
4. BACKUPS! Recent computer failures have been a bit traumatic.
5. Still workin' on this one--well, four is more than I had before!!
I spend a lot of time thinking about I managed to get an OkCupid Kinkier Award?? (The one with the cute butt icon--oops, I see they removed it). Ah, well. It might be something fun to explore... Until then, how about some additional search words and variations...: atheist objectivism architectural design designer polyamorous. Although my "tests" show me to be an anarchist, I'm really an autarchist or agorist and embrace autarchy (self-rule) and agorism. They don't "test" for those but Wikipedia explains agorism...:
and polyamory...:

Autarchy is explained on my website at:

Autarchy is distinguished from "anarchy" at:
On a typical Friday night I am
...wondering what to write about a Typical Friday Night..., Well. Tonight is Friday and here I am typing this in....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hmmm. I really did enjoy raising my two sons. I'm not actively intending to raise another family, but with the right woman and right circumstances I would consider doing so again, even at my age. See the following 2 links for details:
You should message me if
...something here interests you AND we have some Basic Compatibility* and you would like to initiate an email dialog and/or meet over a cup of coffee or tea. (I cannot currently view the OkCupid premium "likes" feature.)

SPECIAL NOTE: If you agree with The Covenant of Unanimous Consent (see link above), then I'm guessing you realize how rare that is and I REALLY WOULD like to meet and talk with you.

*Basic Compatibility: PLEASE NOTE that I am NOT attracted to people who worship AUTHORITY of any kind, RELIGIOUS or GOVERNMENTAL. It is a mind-that-thinks-and-values issue. If you are over 30 and cannot make up your mind (Agnostic) or still believe in fairy tales, supernatural things and/or ghosts, goblins, gods or things that go "bump" in the night, AND/OR you voted to make UN-constitutional WAR on innocent people (Insane McCain or "Peace" Prize Bomber Obama) then we are NOT compatible at a very basic level! I could have put this as a "warning" at the top and saved you some reading, but worship of authority and/or the supernatural (religion) are just not important enough to be first on ANY list or description of my interests. It belongs where you now find it--LAST.
The two of us