31Chapel Hill, United States
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My self-summary
{**Updated 11/29/11 -- I have met somebody awesome and am not currently looking for dating/relationships.}
{Additional update 1/12/12 -- Hey all, while I do occasionally sign in here, it's to read the forums. I'm still taken and don't expect that to change in the near future. I do appreciate your nice messages, but I am NOT available. I'm on here to read the funny stuff people say in Dating Advice.}

I’m a graduate student who knows a funny story about substantia gelatinosa. Born a southern belle but permanently disowned by the south for my use of the phrase “the religious wrong,” my penchant for social freedom, and my abject hatred of all things grits and tea (sweet potatoes are a gift from ceiling cat, though). I believe in strong families, strong children, and marriage equality. I believe in modesty, class and in looking fabulous. I believe in logical reasoning, the scientific method, and Harvey Dent.

I love rollerskating, catching fireflies, dancing to Hannah Montana songs at 2 AM, and the smell of fresh strawberries. I go to planetarium shows for fun and am looking for a stargazing buddy. My heart belongs to chlorine, the mirrored surface of swimming pools, and the slow heat of summer: I may be a neuroscientist in training, but inside I will always be a swimming coach. Mary Poppins makes me cry, but I love the Saw movies and find them fascinating, not scary. I believe in love that’s kind of a big deal, and I believe it’s worth waiting for.

I’m the kind of person who uses fourteen-syllable words at work and who will never get tired of watching The Lion King. I can tell you about the inward sodium current of an action potential or the time one hundred small children attacked me with tubes of shaving cream, but my favorite kinds of people love hearing about both equally. I love Romantic poetry with a capital ‘R,’ I almost became a lawyer, and I’m trying to finish my fifth novel. I think that the world is beautiful, and I study science as just one more beautiful thing, no more and no less than William Wordsworth, sand between my toes, and raspberry popsicles.

I am outspoken, optimistic, and hyperpolarized
What I’m doing with my life
I’m a fourth year PhD student in neurobiology. I study how children with autism hear sounds, and how we can use this knowledge to develop better, earlier and more efficient means of diagnosing and treating autism. I love translational medicine, working with kids, and learning about cognitive neuroscience. I am “learning to love” electrophysiology, cellular biology, and molecular biology. After graduation, I am looking primarily at careers in translational research, but I'm keeping my options open and always want children to be a part of my job.
I’m really good at
Slicing brains. Seeing the bright side. Pooh sticks. Child psychology. Writing books. Swimming. Teaching swimming. Neuroanatomy. Eating steak on a hamburger budget (aka: finding sales). Arguing. Analyzing EEG data. Crying over the ending of The Polar Express. The English language. Caring for children. Being responsible. Dance Dance Revolution. Public speaking. Baking macaroni and cheese (bonus: I’m good at eating it, too). Learning. Dreaming.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I look too young to be in graduate school. Rest assured: I’m older than I look, tougher than I look, and every bit as short as I look.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: These don’t change -- Les Miserables (Victor Hugo) and The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand). Yes, I reconciled them. Ask me.

MOVIES: Superhero movies, including Batman and Lesser Heroes Who are Not Batman. Almost any science fiction, as long as things stay at least somewhat scientific and don’t get too hung up on giant robots. Character-focused horror. All things Disney and all things cute.

And not a movie (I have read the book but prefer the musical), but I adore Wicked and see a lot of myself in Elphaba. If that tells you something about me and you like it, I already appreciate you. Explaining why you think you're my Fiyero would make me laugh a lot and give you many bonus points.

FOOD: I always need more smoothies and more chocolate. Baked potatoes, good sandwiches, steak and fried ice cream are also always good to have.

MUSIC: You should be aware that I listen to the musical stylings of Miss Hannah Montana and do not care what you think about it. I will also try anything once, but be aware that I usually go back to upbeat Disney tunes when you’re not looking. I’ve never met a song with screaming or negativity in it that I liked.
Six things I could never do without
No, no, that’s too boring. Let’s go with “The 7 Things I Hate About You”!

(If you get the reference, that will be at least one thing I DON’T hate about you.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sensory processing in children with autism. Electroencephalography. What needs to happen in whatever story I’m currently working on. My data. My friends’ data. My coworkers’ data. Swimming. How to teach swimming better. The various papers I’m writing and/or should be writing. Classes. Character analysis and thinking way too deeply about the movies/books/tv shows said characters came from. Talks that I have to give or should be preparing to give. The past. The future. My future.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hopefully not in the lab (but maybe). Hopefully at the pool (but maybe not, especially if it’s cold). In the best possible scenario, with people I love. Doing any number of the things described in the first section of this profile. Not doing most of the things immediately associated with people in my age group: I’d rather pick strawberries than party, I’d rather learn about Saturn than get drunk, and I love people who feel the same way.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m a virgin. I’m not looking for casual sex. Soliciting it from me is a waste of your time and mine.
You should message me if
I am NOT single and only looking for FRIENDS. I'm serious about this if you are cool and have things in common with me because I need more friends. Original content of this section retained below for posterity.

(You want to talk about how Orion could totally kick Scorpius's ass. You want to watch it rain sideways on my porch until your toes go numb. You can talk about the medial geniculate nucleus and psychoanalyze Maleficent in the same sentence. You're happy with where your life is and not looking to rush into a relationship, but you're ready for a serious one if it comes along. You played Kingdom Hearts and went on a rant about the neurobiology of Nobodies (or you would like someone who did). You want to sing Taylor Swift songs badly with me. You're fit enough to run a marathon but silly enough to run one in Disney World. I won't make you wear a tutu. Probably. You live a grown-up life with grown-up priorities, but you look at the world through the eyes of a curious five-year-old. You watched The Dark Knight an embarrassingly large number of times in the theater, and you can take apart a computer or a poem. (Note: I cannot take apart a computer. You can teach me, though.)

You should share my major political, religious, and ethical views and should be physically fit and attractive. You should be a non-smoker. You should be gainfully employed. You should like children. I'm looking for someone who is as excited about their life as I am about mine, who likes to challenge themselves and has as much to offer a relationship as I do.)
The two of us