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My self-summary
WAIT.....Never mind this summary for now......
I just participated in the Womens March and want to know why you were not there.
A) Busy
B) Not my thing
C) I'm in full traction at GroupDeath Hospital. Bring flowers.
D) Doing my nails
Only C qualifies as a reason. All the others are exfcuses.
Next time please support your sisters.

I think its time to add some new summer paintings.
I sure hope this is an improvement over my earlier photos.
Well, that's what I've got for now and I'm sticking with it.
And by my name, I suppose I am saying that my interests and passions are broad. But I agree, this is a dumb name.
Anyhow, I find life so interesting that I have tried almost everything reasonable at least once. From climbing to flying, From singing to dancing, from cooking to painting, from building to exploring, from etc. to etc.... etc.
Well you get the idea.
But to what end? Only to find out that the most interesting adventure is sharing our discoveries of life and the world with close friends. So I am looking for the person who can be that special friend who can place a band aid on my bruise and to whom I can lend a shoulder when their world falls apart.
Hmm...I wonder what this "style guide" below here means?
Doesn't anyone edit these summaries? They just don't always make sense? Well, on to the photos I guess.
Oh yes, I should mention that women just adore me, unfortunately they all seem to be either under eight or over eighty. This has been a great disappointment for me. Seriously, how could things be worse?
My personal observation was that the kiddos were far more interesting company than the older generation, and my granddaughters I'm sure will agree as well.
Anyhow, I have been recently accused of not tackling enough hard questions so I was glad to see that OKQ has changed its essay questions to multiple choice.
Yes, that's much easier and definitely clearer. I will now try my best to comply and jump through the appropriate hoops for the sake of posterity.
What I’m doing with my life
Well, let me try the multiple choice answer:
a) I'm glad you asked, it reminds me of the time I.....
b) That's a great question...
c) This keyf keeps sfticking and ........
d) To answer in Spanish please push 2
e) To answer in Spanglish Please push pi to the 12th decimal pt
f) a & c but not d
g) Rather not say
h) Well, hello there

------Okay, I would like to skip this and return to it later.
Huh?, whadya meanf I can't ????.....fffff.......damn this key..........., my answer is I like dogsf and catsf.
Whats the question again?
I think this mayf be a trickf question.
Are youf also having problems with this multiple guess question or perhaps the key of f minor.
This multiplef choicef thingf is just not working for me.
I had better get back to essaying it and hope for the best.
I’m really good at
Q1. Will I meet a lover on OKQ?
The short answer is no. Because its ridiculous to assume that this is a supermarket shelf filled with products to chose from by simply reading the ingredients and looking at the label.
At best it is something akin to an art gallery with a unique work of art that needs to be understood in all of its complexity. If somehow it leads to intimacy then this is a triumph of trust and hope over fear and self deception.

Q2. Is this even worth doing?
Of course it is. But the easy part is the summary, photos and questions. The hard part is what happens when someone says hello. My god, this piece of fart (damn this f key) I mean art actually responded to me. Now what to do?
If I say nothing I will be ignored. If I say something flippant, I'll seem to be arrogant. If I try for clever and fail, I will seem to be boring. And on it goes..........
Its definitely safer to not reply if you are looking for just a lover.
But if you are looking, for and at, a work of art then you have every right to carefully examine the merchandise with no reservations. Indulge yourself. That's why you joined.

Q3. First contact with alien being.
When you meet by phone or in person, don't pull out your ruler and review how he measures up to your criteria.
Try to find out what is not in the profile. Is he kind, brave, generous, inquisitive, intelligent, humorous, accepting, loyal,
and the like. Use that information to visualize if you can spend time with this strange person. In the same way he is trying to respond to your subliminal messages as well. Whatever the outcome, its always heartwarming to see how hard we all try to find fulfillment in each others company.

Q4. What are my apparent priorities?
If you describe yourself as a happy and contented individual with your kids, friends, family, dog, god, cats and imply that there is minor role that could be filled by an especially magnificent man,
it would be safe for this special man to assume that he will be somewhere between #4 & #5 on your priority list.
No thank you, might be the proper reply to you.

Q5. Does anybody read our summaries?
Yes, and very carefully. They also compare the summary to the photos. After that, they discount the self-serving nonsense to see if anything useful is left over that may reveal how this person fthinks. (I think this key still fsticks or stinks or whatever)

Q6.When people actually meet each other face to face another great dilemma occurs. We find that the the other person becomes a mirror that forces us to relearn what our own needs and wants are. Since our own identity is often based on self-deception which is supported by our culture (Me included), this experience can be truly hair raising.
But be brave, don't flee, don't hide. It can be the beginning of a real but scary change in ourselves, and that's often good.
So there, some worthless observations and there are many more out there. Are any of them helpful at all?
Do you have any fobservations of your own?
If you do, please let me know.

Q7. My statistics.
To be perfectly honest, after a year on OKC, they are dreadful. And I suppose that its because I am ultimately a seeker of joy rather than someone who seeks comfort in life. Sigh....but I have to accept this. Apparently this is not a topic worthy of mention in the essay questions.
Anyhow, of the many persons that I contacted, I managed to share a "cup of coffee" with less than 2%. It seems that this chemistry thing is truly an elusive element especially after the usual deal-breakers are eliminated.
And so I guess it should be, considering that each friendship has the capacity to change our lives.
The first things people usually notice about me
Firstly, men most definitely do NOT notice your eyes (were it only so). Its more likely that they notice the tone, or timbre, of your voice. In addition to that, your choice of words sends many subtle messages to the ear. Seems that men are more dependent on their ears than their "lyin' eyes".
What do you think?
Maybe the real question is "what kind of impression do I leave on others"? I don't know.....maybe you can tell me.
I can tell you about a night flight to Seatac and the impression that my adjacent seatmate made on me. She knitted for about an hour and then smiled. Her face then lit up into a"glow". She then spoke of her life, her travels, her dreams, and her lover on another continent. She was bright, witty, and totally charming. She was eighty-ish and yet she was timeless. She lived in Bellingham and I asked her if I could please drive her home for the pleasure of her company. She declined since she was being met by a friend. I thought to myself that her life was truly worth living. Her life was a gift that she quickly returned to all whom she met.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Again I feel compelled to write on a strange topic.
Recently I went to a party and chatted with a group of dog lovers and found that ALL slept with their dogs. Well, this gave a new meaning to "dog lovers". In fact they were way more than simply having their dogs at the end of the bed keeping the masters feet warm. We are talking of something akin to "spooning", at least that was the prevalent joke. Am I the only one who fears that dogs are replacing bed-mates? Maybe I am just old fashioned. Who knows....any insights?
Oh yes, books....
Try this "A Venetian affair". You won't regret it. Its based on a true story.
As for entertainment, chamber music and opera often fills the bill along with oratorios, milongas and tangos and the list goes on. You know, things that are not "canned" and are done by real people in your presence.
Hows this for bringing a tear to the eye?
Six things I could never do without
These questions are so lame that we need to set up some more interesting topics. Lets see:
1. Going to Snoqulamie Falls
.... A.Driving in a convertible......Good
.... B.Driving on a motorcycle.......Fantastic
2. Making the scene in Friday Harbor
.... A.Taking a ferry........Good
.... B.Flying a plane to the airport.......Magnificent
3. Late bkfst at Le Furneil
.... A. Latte and croissant.....Great
.... B. Capucino & baguette with Cambanzola.......Breathtaking
Ah, we can go on forever with this...........but better get on track since we don't want to waste your valuable time. We all want to meet the perfect partner posthaste and after waiting for over half a century we don't want to waste another minute.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What many women, who dedicate their current lives to kiddos, girlfriends, cats and dogs, claiming to be content, are doing on OKQ ? Seeking some kind of missing happiness that only a man can provide? I just don't get it.
To me the the true goals and benefits of this bizarre method of meeting people should be:
1, To fimprove my typing skiflls.
2, To get some great leads on what to read next
3, To find out again and again that no one ever takes drugs.
4, Everyone thinks that they only notice eyes and smiles.
5, Walks on the beach are currently not in vogue
6. To find out that men need to be "funny" in order to attract women.
7, And to actually meet someone interesting?.... you must be kidding
On a typical Friday night I am
What has TGIF have to do with photos? Nothing.
It is just that there have been complaints that my photos are NOT recent enough. Balderdash I say.
However I will have my daughter remedy the situation forthwith. The nerve of some people. Stay tuned.
OK, here's the new stuff and on ice dancing as well.
What more can you ask for?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That and much more will be revealed in time. All it takes is inquisitiveness and a touch of candor.
Anyhow, I am starting to warm up to this and am getting inspired. Who knows, what with my newly acquired typing skills I may parlay this experience into a magazine article or even a book.
So write and say something clever so you can be inducted in what is for now a mystery and also a comedy. The working title could be my new pen name ------ "OKStupid".

On second thought, forget the clever, Just say "hi". We'll work out the rest later.
You should message me if
You are looking for a man who is not only compassionate but also passionate, for a friend.
Of course true love would be heaven itself.
However, if you are a member of the Rush Limbaugh fan club, find all answers to life in Religion, or watch FOX TV exclusively, then maybe its better to smile politely but avoid having a cafe together.
Incidentally, I think that casual sex is an oxymoron.
The two of us