33Schenectady, United States
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My self-summary
Neuroplasticity is the answer... What was the question?

My name is Annalise and I am a constant dreamer... I live in my own world and that is the way I like it... I reject your reality and substitute my own. I am a "unique," a true character, and have the best one liners ever, or so I 've been told.
I am the loudest person in a restaurant.

Fuck the manual!

I am the type of girl who will randomly burst out laughing over something that happened yesterday or, errrr, two years ago.

I have a tendency to break into random song because, in my humble opinion, life is better as a musical.

I am an old soul and have an affinity for old school movies, musicals and actors..
I tend to use humor as an emotional barrier and a way to avoid or make light of how I really feel.

I am one of the most random people you will ever meet.

Don 't try to understand me, just love me. :)
What I’m doing with my life
Same thing we all are, well most of us anyways, pondering, searching, wondering why.. Seeking direction, while trying to keep our heads above water and searching for our own little corner in the sky.

Am still searching for something but have no idea what that is yet... Hopefully I will know what it is when I have found it. Seems I have a ways to go on this one.

Am currently working a a rehab and hope to get my CASAC within the next two years.
I’m really good at
Laughing at and making fun of my damn self.

Anything that isn't marketable or profitable. I.E. Singing, writing, and all that jazz.. But all jokes aside, consider myself to be quite adaptable and able to adjust to any set of circumstances or any environment. I am also very resilient. I have the ability to bounce back readily.

I am a friendly, outgoing, kind and caring person. I am good at staying patient and seeing the points of views of others while maintaining a non-judgemental attitude. I tend to put the needs of others before my own.
The first things people usually notice about me
How I eat faster than I talk and both are at about warp speed. The fact that I usually appear to be in a rush and need to relax and slow down.
My sense of humor..

The fact that I am extremely patient and non-judgemental. I tend to see the world from various points of view and believe that if everything was supposed to be strictly right or wrong or black and white then there wouldn't be so much color all around us.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Love Shakespeare... Among my favorites of his are Othello and Macbeth.

My favorite guilty pleasure used to be watching the soap opera, As The World Turns, and living vicariously through the sordid lives of the characters..

Dexter! Dexter! Dexter!

My favorite "recent" flick is Gone with the wind.. :)

My favorite books are Gone With The Wind, and Death of An Ordinary Man and lately have been reading Gillian Flynn. Her books are amazing!

I am an avid reader and love to read anything about crimes, psycho stalkers or murder.. Because, hey, if someone's dying, I'm a- reading about it... I am a bit mordid but, hey, such is life.
Six things I could never do without
- Hope
- Dignity
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I should have been born in a different era as my type of man
no longer exists...:) *Hums to the tune of Where have all the cowboys gone* "Where have all the Gables Go-oh-oneeee!" Yipee yihh yippe yeah."

My love for Clark Gable.

How to disable this instant messenger as it it causing my internet to crash.. Damn you, okcupid IM! Ok, there is goes....

My love for Alec Baldwin...

What life would be like if I had a dick between my legs.

How I can be too much of a pushover at times, have an inability to say no (have yes-itis) and sometimes get taken advantage of.

Why I can never be completely happy for a significant amount of time.

The reason why I can't be more open and honest regarding my opinions and can never truly just say how I feel before the moment has passed me by and it is far too late.

How I always yearn for that which I can never have.

My weakness for lost causes once they are truly lost.
On a typical Friday night I am
There's nothing typical about my friday nights for the win!

Ok, you got me, the aforementioned line is just a fascade to mask the utter boredom and dullness that comprises my friday nights.
In other words, I am usually reading, sleeping, or relaxing on the couch. Sometimes I like to mix it up a little and relax on the couch while reading and then fall asleep while doing so, so I can really live a little, and do all three nearly simuntaneously.

All corny jokes aside, on Fridays, I generally am at the movies with my friend (who shall remain nameless, you know who you are ;) We are movie theatre junkies. We have a contest going to see who can see the most movies before we die, or turn 30, whichever comes first..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
In the off chance that you are still reading my profile by this point and/ or haven't figured it out yet, well then, I will just leave the rest to your imagination.....
You should message me if
You can fill in the blank :
"Behold, the walls of _______."
Extra points if you can tell me what movie it is from, for the win!

You know the difference between your and you're.
You know the difference between where and wear.

You are new to the area, want to make new friends; or want to correspond via email.
The two of us