65Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
The story of my life. I've done things in my own way, but have been in my own way often as not.

I am a self-professed Taoist, a student of Eastern philosophies; The Tao, Zen and Tantra. Life is a classroom. When learning stops , life stops. I am a seeker, a student of life. I am capable of learning and find it quite amusing I seem to learn the same lessons again and again. Once I think I'm beyond my foibles, There the are again, albeit in much subtler disguises. When I truly do learn my lessons, I'll look down and I won't be here anymore this time around.

I spent my life to date divided between the helping professions, (CT and X-ray, chemical dependency counselor,) and building construction. .I have a couple of formal degrees, I use to paper train my puppies, but otherwise am self-educated. A student of history and philosophy. Unlike our government, I try to learn the lessons of history, so I am not doomed to repeat them. I find spiritual solace in the great teachers of my life, my dog and my horse... both Zen masters in their own right.

I am Libertarian; freedom is my issue.

I am open, sincere, and thoughtful
What I’m doing with my life
I returned to the area two years ago from the Southwest, where I was working as an X-ray, CT imager. I started my own construction business, which was really soaring until the recent debacle in the money markets. It is still in flight and I will get through this, as will we all, if the Feds don't fix it with their usual aplomb.

I very rarely drink, find the bars boring, unless I'm in the right company. I would of course, like to find that someone with whom I can build a lasting relationship, but I realize it must evolve from deep friendship and respect. Perhaps this is the place to start.

I am very comfortable in my skin these days, with nothing to prove anymore. I have no agenda other than fun, adventure, and possibility. I am open to friendship, casual relationship, and real relationship. NSA to LTR. I am especially open and willing to learn new ideas. A highly sexual being, I find a bright mind the greatest aphrodisiac, but will admit I'm shallow enough the rest of the package doesn't hurt. I find it easy to laugh, especially at myself.

The student is ready, if you are the teacher, now is the time to appear. Surprise me.
I’m really good at
Anything I apply myself to, but must admit my golf game has suffered in recent years.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am tall, can be imposing which my sense of humor and gentleness offset almost immediately. I am intelligent, polite, and intensley interested others viewpoints. I live and let live, have no agenda for others, but expect the same.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. The Way of The Peaceful Warrior. Anything and everything by Alan Watts, D. T. Suzuki, and Ken Wilbur.
Six things I could never do without
Sex, books, learning, animals, people, and did I mention sex?
The two of us