63Henniker, United States
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My self-summary

Eschewing the dominant paradigm.

The future ain't what it used to be. It needs us to care (and DO) about more than ourselves. It's Time to Do Epic Shit.

I'd like a partner who shares my excitement at the possibilities every morning, and the sunset over the river each evening, to revel in adventure together. To create and exult in a life of significance, with each other.

NOT 'well-rounded,' or 'down-to-earth.' Long walks on the beach bore the heck out of me... We are amazing life forms on an amazing planet. Let's not waste that in the pursuit of mediocrity. Let's be extraordinary!

I integrate passionate play, hard work, and deep living, in the natural rural world of my wooded hillsides and rocky river, with an emphasis on local community.

Authentic as all hell. Extensively travelled and over educated. Eclectic, adventurous, thoughtful, self actualized. Slender, muscular, slightly weatherbeaten. Extremely involved and active. Fit. You might think I'm too old for you. You'd be wrong.

Just hitting my stride in life, and digging it. Healthy as a horse and almost as smart, have my own teeth and all my hair.

My art is my life, the world is my canvas. Love movies, wilderness, books, museums, old fashioned diners, working with draft horses, scuba diving, art galleries, firefighting, canoeing, wood heat, antique cars, vegetable gardening, full moons, working the soil, and skinny-dipping. At times I have raised nearly all my own food, and will again.

I need to always be learning and insist on being a full participant in life, not a spectator. A traveller, not a tourist. My sense of humor is endless, from silly to sardonic. Also a thoughtful if provocative conversationalist.

Not easily labelled or pigeonholed, I have always tried to think for myself, determine my own carefully considered values, and actively live by them. More often I've done what I felt was right than what would've been smart. Voted "most interesting person I ever met" by all my ex's.

A capable dilettante, practical romantic, I'm both pragmatic and naive. Strong on the outside, gentle on the inside.
What I’m doing with my life
Otters play in my millpond, and so do I.

I am restoring my land, creating fields and gardens, fencing pastures, improving the forest, planting perennials and ornamentals in random places for all to share.

Along the river there are Scottish Highland and Milking Devon 'heritage' cattle grazing under the trees on my hillside, and a market garden growing on the rich bottomland. Building up a sustainable and productive farmstead is well underway.

I have for my entire life been assembling the experience, the skills, the tools, and the place, to thrive in the emerging global sea-changes - and love life while doing it.
I have always tried to be a producer more than a consumer. I don't 'stop to smell the flowers'...I plant the flowers, releasing them to the wild. Literally.

I also volunteer various larger ways in my small town. It is such a cosmic privilege to be here, of all the places in the world.

Building and living many dreams. Surviving one or two nightmares. Raising my wonderful daughter is fundamental to all I do and aspire to do. Of course. Presently working at physically restoring two historic water mills I own with the goal of producing fish-safe zero-emissions commercial Hydro-power.

For 'outside' work I design, build, and restore Timber-Frame barns and homes, using traditional techniques. For money I've also dived with sharks, travelled in sales, hung church bells, made maple syrup, and everything in between.

I have collected an extremely broad range of experiences and interests that have always been more important and enriching to me than a corner office.

Sometimes it seems overwhelming to have the good fortune of so much potential. And somewhat pointless if it is not shared.
I’m really good at

Husking coconuts with a pointed stick. I'll show you how.

Reading above my grade level.

Doing things for the first time, even when they scare me...
"In the difficult are the friendly forces, the hands that work us." Rilke

Being a great single Dad. (See above...)

Figuring things out and making things happen, usually 'outside the box'. ("They didn't say it couldn't be done. Actually, they said it *shouldn't* be done..")

Analog guy in a digital world. I can build a fireplace or a barn, write an editorial, ax-hew a pine timber or weld a strap-hinge, navigate a mangrove swamp or guide a night dive - while quoting Shakespeare AND Monty Python. I've done many, many, other things also - but none of them in cyber-space, or on Wall Street...
The first things people usually notice about me
You'd have to ask them. Possibly my respectful cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary approach to people of all kinds. Perhaps my trans-Atlantic way of speaking. Or my subversive sense of humor. Or, maybe they just think I'm a jerk.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Good basic foods, excellently cooked over an open fire. By me.

NPR, Wendell Berry, Ani DiFranco, Werner Herzog, Kurt Vonnegut, Jim Kunstler, David Cronenberg, Tina Turner, David Lynch, Pink Floyd, Henry David Thoreau, Leonard Cohen, Luc Besson, the OED, Stones, Wallace and Gromit, Marianne Faithfull, Edward Abbey, R. Crumb, John Donne, Sarah Silverman, Hunter Thompson, Jaques Cousteau, Richard Brautigan, Patti Smith,...

If you feel it is important to tell me your favorite TV shows, we are probably on divergent paths.
Six things I could never do without
Fresh natural (not bottled!) water to drink. Intimate interaction with the outside world, daily. Sun and wind on my skin. Dirt under my feet. Hawks over my head.

Endeavors of magnitude.

Good tools, and lots of 'em. (If it's an illness, I am a very sick man.)

Mental challenge. Continual personal growth.

Independent action. Self determination. Accomplishment despite personal risk. Activities where consequences matter. (Once upon a time, all that was the daily human experience... what happened?)

Reading. Learning. Sharing.

...Actually, a great gift in life - dammit! - has been to learn there is very little I could not live without if I had to.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The accelerating convergence and linkage between climate change, energy decline, and socio-economic collapse, and the need for true pioneers in this new century. How to be one.

How to enhance and rebuild community. "Collective Action for Common Good." (see above.)

What we can do to help the next generation. (see above.)

How to find a compatible date. (See all of above.)
On a typical Friday night I am
At a local event or watching a movie at home.

Or observing the beavers in the river as the sun sets, and waiting to see a shooting star.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a Frisbeetarian. I believe that after death our souls land on the roof and get stuck there.
You should message me if
If... you've ever dreamed Mefloquine dreams, or swum with wild dolphins. Or sharks... cage-free.

If a good Sandy Loam excites you. appreciate Truth, Beauty, and Weirdness.
If you relish adventure and exploration, both inner and outer.

If...on the ship of life you'd rather be an active crew member than a passive passenger.

If... you like vanilla okay - but enjoy other flavors too. are aware of the Great Shift already underway. If you no longer are comfortable with membership in our consumerist society, and feel it is important to personally make a difference - in how we inhabit the landscape both as individuals and as a civilization.

(And... if you look forward to that as a positive and rewarding prospect!)

If...intellectual curiosity is important, as is being physically active and self motivated. Spark!

Personal loyalty and fundamental kindness are important too.

I love to learn and be stimulated by what others have to offer. Surprise me!
The two of us