30Buena Park, United States
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My self-summary
My name is cordy amore & I am a certified g & a bona fide stud & you can't teach that!!!! & this right here this is big cass & he's seven foot tall & you can teach that ........ bada boom realist guys in the room hiya ya doing!!!! 😂 ok ok enough wrestling gimmics lol anyways . Sometimes I do forget to put periods just so you know readers . Anyways finally my name is cordy I am a very very very likable person if given the time or opportunity to get to know . I am as they say border lined special needs & the other half normal . I live at home with my mom & step dad . I basically take care of my mom for work because she is ill & just had heart surgery about a 2 years ago . I also found out that I am also legally blind however I don't let that stop me from taking care of my mom or doing what I love in my free time witch is listening to music or playing videogames those three are important too me 1 my mom 2 videogames & 3 music 4 wwe & 5 sports I'm a sports fan . I also cannot drive at all because of my eyes so I hope to a lot of you that's not an issue or me living at home is an issue . Because I hear a lot of lectures from a lot of ppl & if your going to be that type of person to cast judgment on me then plz move along or if you are the type of person that's just going to hit me up then talk to me for a short time then don't bother & also if your looking for sex or fwb I don't do stuff like that nore do I give money to anyone so don't ask I'm not responsible for your bills nore am I your personal bank . One more thing if your the type of person to be unfair or to even be mean to me you shall be told off & not in a nice way either just saying I will not tolerate one's bs push me & I push back . on a good note I'm a sweet funny nice comical down to earth & some times generous (if with the right person ) & understanding kind hearted & warm & a very cool guy to be around anyways if you have any questions about me or you'd like to know more about me plz feel free to message me on here or my kik jokerfan86 (if you message me on kik plz tell me who you are ) have a nice day 😀 ps before anyone asks what am I looking I'm just looking for friends to start off to hangout with & get to know spend a little time with get a bite to eat or coffee or tea go see a movie that kind of thing after that who knows possibly a girlfriend but friends to start off with
What I’m doing with my life
(Update) I'm a caregiver for my mom that just had heart surgery I'm doing what I can to take care of her (I hope that doesn't also scare off the women that read my profile )
I’m really good at
(Update) High tech stuff & videogames & hearing about ppls problem's making ppl laugh & smile I'm just very neardy when it comes to sports,comics,90's stuff ,music, movie buff , & batman
The first things people usually notice about me
My lips & what a nice truley nice guy & kind hearted person I am & love making Ppl laugh & smile whenever there having a bad day . I like to hear about ppl's problems & I like to give ppl more confidence about them self's whenever they bad mouth them selfs. I like helping ppl out when I can
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: comics , joke books , poem books , videogame guide's & tech stuff books

Foods: American , Mexican , fast food , Italian & boneless anything

Movies: mafia movies , batman , American pie movies , some chick flicks , horror , comedy & drama , action ,

Tv: wwe , family guy , attack of the show , x-play , biography's , deadly men (it's about serial killers very intresting ) , I love Lucy , the three stooges , 90's tv shows ( all that , kenan& kel , hey Arnold , rugrats ect from the 90's , football , basketball , baseball & collage football (go USC fight on! )

Music: guns n roses , black sabbath , led zepplin , Ac/dc , pink , fergie , keril , Metallica , the Beatles , the doors , nirvana , heaven& hell, dio(yes I said dio 🤘🏽) & also love rainbow(also with dio) & deep purple with white snake lead singer David Coverdale & also the two late greats Michael Jackson & prince just to name a few 60's 70's 80's 90's music ect I don't listen to the radio only what's on my iPod . I have a movie line if anyone gets this then your awesome ok here it goes. What country are you from ?.... What? . What ain't no country I ever heard of? do they speak English in what . What ?.... English!!!! Mother fuckca do you speak it!!!!!!!
Six things I could never do without
My mom
My dogs
My iPhone
I spend a lot of time thinking about
About why can't women just except me for me & & understand my situation & just give me that chance that I feel I rightfully deserve & also just be supportive instead of lecturing me . I mean is that so much to ask ?
On a typical Friday night I am
On a Friday night I am just at home with nothing to do either watching tv or talking to my mom late at night
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Afraid of spiders & clowns & very afraid of dyeing alone & also I'm very honest & very very loyal
You should message me if
Message me : if your Intrested in what u read in my profile or if u wanna get to know me & hang out or if your looking for a really nice kind hearted person & sometimes generous & warm & caring but also loving as well but most of all honest who won't lie or hide about anything I am an open book

Don't message me: if your snobby, rude , cold hearted , mean , not honest or a lair , or only want one thing sex or friends with benefits type of bs I hate that kinda stuff . Or if u don't wanna get to know me & also I get this a lot on here from ppl & im getting kinda tried of it but do not message me if your one of them type of ppl that are just in love with grammar yes I understand that gammar is needed but if your the type
Of person to message me & talk to me about using Gammar or that my profile is in need of it or just down right rude about it chances are I might be rude to you back or the type of person to tell me how uneducated I must be not use it . then yeah I will be rude because you don't know me or my story plz keep your tips or quote friendly advice to yourself thank you have a nice day . Ps before anyone asks what am I looking for I'm looking for friends to start off then who knows after words friends then possibly a girlfriend
The two of us