37 North Bay, Canada
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My self-summary
well i been off and on this site for almost 2 years and i decided to give it one more try.... I want to meet someone who is not afraid to be friends either than possibly just lovers.... everyone seems to e either married or into the games or just chatting and not want to meet. I just moved to North Bay from Brampton and its hard meeting new people. Other than work and my teenagers I dont do much but enjoy the outdoors and just chilling. I am a simple gal with a big heart. So if you want to know more Im not gonna waste your time with a novel just ask.

I believe Good Men are indeed all around me.

I pass them on the streets, in the malls and the halls and at work. Most women can`t see them because they don`t know what a good man really looks like.

He usually isn`t flashy or rich enough to turn your head. What I'm looking for is a man with a great sense of humour, who is honest, family oriented and who is loyal.

I am active and I enjoy the outdoors! I love to hang out with my kids and go to movies, dinners, long walks, ect... they truly are a big part of my world! Would you like to join us? I currently live alone, with my children and I'm a hard worker. My taste in music is very wide as i like something about everything i listen to, from "old school, to new school" i also have a zest for travelling, although i havent done alot,i would love to do more, somewhere hot would be awsome! my ultimate goal would be to find someone who likes the simple things in life, and who isnt perfect! JUST PERFECT FOR ME! could this be you?

What I really want is someone that misses me when I'm not around, someone that cares about me as much as I care about them, a man who will love me for me not what they can gain from me, a man who ain't confussed about who there women is, a man who understands the meaning of exclusive to ONE women without the games, as i tell people i aint a doorknob where every man gets a turn, im more like a casino where only ONE man gets to hit the jackpot.... in all im looking for a real relationship. A man who is willing to build with me. I am NOT looking for friends with benefits, I am NOT looking for any head games if you still playing them then your still a child. Move on to the next profile. So if you are serious message me.

if i added you to favorites and not sent a msg its cause im on mobile and will say hi once i get to my pc...


With you I've know such happiness so real
I only wish I knew the words to tell you how I feel
With you I want to watch my dreams come tru
Knowing what joy it brings whenever I'm with you
Maybe someone has hurt you before and your afraid
It will happen again, but I'm not out to hurt you
Its your heart I want to win
I won't be happy until your in my arms and I know that your finally mine
But ill keep hunting far and near until that love I find
I don't know what yo think I don't know what you want me to be
I just know that I want you and I hope that you want me!

lets talk and meet up.......