60 Stockholm, Sweden
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My self-summary
First of all: I'm NOT looking for someone.
(Addition 23 nov 2012. I'm staying on for the tests. And friendly chats.)
It's like this: About a year ago, I had mail in my inbox from a dating site: "we have matches". Hey, I don't belong to a dating site! Spam? Junkmail? I unsubscribed. Time passed... The same again! *Another* site. Had I accidentally hit some adverisement button? I unsubscribed. The third time, I mailed them. "but you filled in a form (on the net), and you PAID!"). Someone has given me a "present". Unsubscribe me please, I don't want the money back.
Then OkCupid turns up... and OK, I'm starting to get curious. I look. Someone has taken the trouble to fill in a lot of questions. And tests. Not all truthfully, of course. But someone who knows me *very* well.
I ask my family, friends, even my husband. Denials, anger, laughter, accusations.
I ask advice. "Unsubscribe". The next time heaven knows what kind of site it will be. "Change your password and e-mail". I've changed my password, no good. I'm not changing my e-mail. 1/ It's been with me since 2000, 2/ It probably wouldn't do any good
What I’m doing with my life
I'm (trying) to take controll of my profile on OkCupid... I'll go trough the questions and remove the most offensive answers.Weather I'll be able to keep up...
I fill in other questions that I feel I can answer truthfully.
Some of the tests are fun. I like being a Basset or a Bloodhound. And a genius at English. Please don't belive everything. But maybe it's me who's wrong here...

Is someone doing this out of spite? It's a long time since I had a spurned lover, I've been married for years.
Is someone trying to "help" me? I've been married for years. Thank you, but no thank you.
Is someone hoping I will be unfaithful? I don't do adultery, sorry.

The people at OkCupid *seem* serous. IF I should ever be singel again I'll keep that in mind. I'm old-fashioned, though...