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My self-summary
Listen, while everyone is waiting for ultimate perfection, its like the aesops fable of the dog who has a bone, but sees the reflection in the water, and trying to get the second bone, he ends up losing the bone. A character in the transgendered movie Boy Meets Girl, said, "You are perfect exactly as you are; there is nothing wrong with you" As a few others have also echoed that, from the Buddha, and not a few wise people over the years since then, let's try to be kinder to ourselves, and each other...look for the good that is there....if we exhaustively look for the "blemishes", that's all we'll find (See Eric Berne; Games People Play - "Blemish")

I'm too tuckered out to do a rewrite - my best friend died a year and a half ago, my dog 3 weeks before, and had an injury several years ago that has taken longer to heal than expected. I'm still recovering from all those fun fun fun things. My pictures are still from a few years ago...all on the to-do list. Anyway, disclaimers aside, here's the short form:

You like Bach? Outdoors? Hate parking meters? Like the Dalai Lama? or at least think this Karma thing might be a possibility? up for biking/hiking/yoga?, then send me a message :)
"You'll be awful glad you did!" (Mr. Pinky, from the ORIGINAL film Hairspray) -
Nov 2014 - the below needs updating. - but too much going on to do so now - welcoming some great friends (early music interests a plus) - I moved to SF Bay area around May 2014.,

UPDATE - visiting NYC to scope out apartments; moving there in August 2015


Anyways, below is my very looooonnnnnnnnggggggg profile....but I give up. I'm trying to be know, the same as everyone else, all about zero body fat, the clubs, watching Celebrity Housewives and and getting just the right clothes for the gym and for the Abbey....and focus on the externals, since no one cares about the insides, I'm trying to focus on the outsides more..but here I am, in case there is something on the insides that is appealing...but if not, despite my attempts, I've tried to be like everybody else, but apologies, I'd rather practice Beethoven, then listen to rap much too loudly music at the gym....(although I totally am a great workout partner and am always open to suggestions and a good bad influence!)

"I try to be my best. It's good to be your best." - Echo, The Dollhouse.

For a gay professional baroque musician, teacher, Tibetan buddhist, my self-summary is a multi-continent grab your passport...and strange to write it out...but here goes:

A well meaning guy (I choose to believe that...really....hmm...really) opened with a succinct message that my profile was verbose. Verbose, trying to be something to put a smile on your face, yet sharing about's a fine line. So go ahead, just click on the photos and skip to the bottom if you like....otherwise I hope you enjoy the story....(since its a internet meat market, the colorful info which is my natural style...or some would say lack of it...its deliberate to help you and me, whoever you are, discover we have some sweet things in common. Something In Common, as JD Salinger might put it.)

I'm a masculine, down to earth, loyal and goodhearted guy.
I like to play Bach and like riding in a jeep or truck in the the desert and camping and hiking around rivers. My Jeep died a couple years ago - car accidents - not so fun (Mink Stole in John Water's Female Troubles playing Car Accident is the exception) - (which kinda interrupted my gym stride for me and finally got green flags to get back at it), and the Hyundae Elantra is NOT doing the trick, but a rockabilly truck I am hoping is in the near future :)...need somethin that'l carry surfboard and harpsichord, c'mon! I'll settle for a Volvo stationwagon most likely:)

I'm into 21st century and 18th century musical keyboard instruments, surfboards, cowboy boots, movies, and regular stuff.

And not so regular stuff - from harpsichords to the music of Wendy Carlos - who inspired me in many ways - and helped me realize that well, wow, I'm sort of different as well.

Also very fortunate; I got to grow up listening to my heros and musical role models - and move to NYC and study with them. I am a very blessed guy. And now I get to share a 300 year old tradition with others for a living. Way cool.

I also enjoy good food, good Company, and genuinely good people - always the best when spending time at The Fun Table together.
What I’m doing with my life
I play harpsichord and piano. I teach. (I drive. A lot.) Teaching requires lots of driving to students houses and often requires REALLY long lessons - I have developed an approach based on the 400 years of the best composer/keyboardists teaching traditions - and bring "the conservatory to the student" - specializing in 2 hour lessons, which often go to 3 hours (No, I don't watch the clock). As Coco Peru said, "I'm a giver!"

Otherwise, I'm just trying to grow as a person. As the Dalai Lama said "Help others if you can help them; if you can't help them, at least don't harm them." And I practice. Meditation (HARD!!). The Goldberg Variations (Also HARD!!).

Mostly though, trying to figure out this divine spiritual dance called life. Trying to learn how not to be a schmuck towards others unintentionally. Studying great ancient traditions to turn my world into an awesome reality through understanding a little thing called Action, or Karma. And I like to share anything that's helped me with you, so your life can be sweeter, too.
I’m really good at
sharing the good stuff I've come to understand with others - students and friends and the like. From music to meditation. I like to build stuff. I like using my hands to make things.

I'm not so good at Surfing. But want to be. A surfer friend said, "nah, don't worry about standing up so much,...just take a board and ride the waves in like'll have just as much fun, and heck, you'll even find your balance without even trying". I have two boards...don't be shy....see below; Great Date option #1) I have gone out a couple times (it's a laugh and lots of fun, but I DID get a bodyboard at Costco, and plan to get a second one, so that would be a much easier Great Date Option #1

I rode horses and motorcycles as a kid. I'd like to be living in a less dense area and get back to that. At least the riding horses part; I have a friend who is going to hopefully help me get back into the saddle soon :)

Probably won't be really good, but it will be really fun.

I discovered I'm good at composing when a friend asked me to compose for his documentary The Invisible Mexicans of Deer Canyon. Look up HollywoodBaroque on the web and please use my mp3s for yoga, mediation, or just hopefully you'll enjoy them!

I'm good at playing the harpsichord as well. Who'd 've thunk it?!

I like building things with my this virtual age, I like makin' stuff. I've figured out how and made a real virtual harpsichord that won't require 6 trainers from Gold's Gym to help move; because I want to be playing every few weeks for a retirement community, doing benefits for The Trevor Project, and for other community enclaves, giving my heart in the form of gorgeous 16th-18th century music that a gay man, trapped in a tibetan buddhists body, living in OC - seems to be really good at - and to share this with others. Music has touched my life in so many ways... that you'll have to ask about over coffee. It is my passion. And I get to teach, and get paid for talking about it as well...very cool.
The first things people usually notice about me
I can type and write pretty fast, that's been noticed here!, but other than that:

1)I'm a pretty nice guy.

2)That I like to laugh. Alot.

3)How attentive I am to others.

4)How focused and committed I can be...

3 hours can pass while I work on an edit, or when I get into the zone and practice 100 year old technical studies forgetting to eat dinner! Or engrossed with a friend / boyfriend talking and many other activities.....

This can come out as watching Buffy episodes back to back for 3 hours with a friend without realizing. Some people think that's a cool thing. I think that's a cool thing.

Using my Meteor-Freak Superpowers for Good

Or this can come out as doing whatever needs to be done to help a friend in need...flying cross country when no one else will to help in a dire situation, or helping someone through a personal crisis or problem.

5) That I try earnestly to be of service and a kind and decent guy to others. That I am a devoted teacher and friend and companion. Loyal, honest and great to spend time with at "The Fun Table" (concept courtesy of Wendy Carlos' amazing loving friend and producer, the amazingly talented Rachael Elkind, who inspired me to be an equally hopefully devoted producer! Rachel and I would have Popovers at the Popover Cafe in NYC and talk about the meaning of life had much to do with Good Company, Breaking Bread with loving friends at The Fun Table, as often as possible)

6) Erroneously they assume I'm straight....(I think there is a huge Kinsey 6 hovering above my head, but apparently not)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books come below, but check out Karmic Management by Michael Roach (more about him below);

but since I just watched a very wonderful gay film and this guy keeps coming up as being really amazing, starting out of order:

First off, the movies with Matthew Montgomery - he is an awesome gay actor, and his films he is in are inspiring and not the cliche's that can also be really fun and sweet, but he takes it to another level...check him out!

Shows. Hmm.
Saving Grace (I think I was a hot sexy lesbian cop cowboy in a previous life),
Justified (I think I wanted to be a hot Marshall in a former life),
In Plain Sight,
Sex and the City
(Like Carrie, I believe in Love...and integrity...and humour)

and few others you'll have to ask me about :)
Okay, those are obviously thematic. I do like hiking in boots near rivers and chapparal alot.

Buffy, Firefly (woo hoo, a space western), Dollhouse, Angel - yes, a shameless Joss Whedon fan - he always writes about empowerment, justice, virtue, The Powers That Be, and nobility of honor; things that inspire me to be my best. I try to be my best. And if you caught an episode or two of Buffy, and think its about vampires, watch them back to back on Netflix, and a deeply spiritual, humanistic, inclusive, very pro gay/lesbian, mythological arc of inspiration, empowerment, and love and compassion will likely make you a fan for life, and while you will laugh, you will love the characters, and you will be deeply moved, and I think even changed for the enrichment of the profound journey "dressed up as an apparent show about a girl who slays vampires"; All of Whedon's shows are similarly subversive works of humanity and art......

Also in the Whedonverse:
A late discovery this year would be the surprisingly smart, funny as fuck, yet sweet and with a good soul and a texture of transgender specific morality (how did this happen on CBS?), the series How I Met Your Mother (many Joss Whedon producers/writers/actors in the mix here); going on association with the Awesomely talented and Very Gay and Smart Neil Patrick Harris, Prop 8 - The Musical, and the webmovie: Dr. Horrible.

When people think I'm not with it (listening to old dead composers mostly) I point out that I am not missing pop-culture and in fact, I could probably teach an academic class how that Buffy is as great an artwork as the Symphonies of Beethoven (which I really love - but only on period instruments - the Hanover Band does a bang up job.) Anyway, I point out that I am very well balanced in my cultural responsibilities!

And Law and Order, (there's still somethin about that justice thing....

Movies; part I: Trick (hey, I'm a pianist, one of my favorite gay movies; and with both Tori Spelling AND Coco Peru!); The Broken Hearts Club (that Timothy Olyphant DOES get around, huh?), Muriel's Wedding (always inspired by the triumph of overcoming adversity), and lots of Australian the wide open spaces...What's Up Doc - Madeline Kahn's debut, and a non-stop laugh fest about the perverted twisted world of a Musical Archeologist, also known officially as Musicology. the ology of Music. Music as a science? "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard" (Judy Maxwell). Also how can you not love Buck Henry (very gay and very smart) who wrote this amazing screenplay, and it's easy to fall in love with his exchange "Emerson....I adore anyone who adores Emerson....I adore anyone who adores anyone who adores Emerson....your turn...."; and Eunice Burns/Madeline Kahn schrilling "You call this a honeymoon?" I am probably a combination of both Judy Maxwell and Howard Banister, so I can't help it....and I'd love to have know the late, great Madeline Kahn. We all miss her.
And just recently re-watched Brokeback Mountain and was blown away .... it is amazing we are still on page 1 of that struggle with DOMA...

Deserving its own paragraph, Absolutely Fabulous and French and Saunders. And French and Saunders "Mamma Mia" which immediately disqualifies me for the OGT awards, since I can't even imagine sitting through the original that the parody, well, parodies. I'm sure I have upset alot of people now.

And some of my other favorites and inspirations: Queer as Folk (helped me realize how rich the gay community can be), Pink Flamingos (mostly all of John Waters with Divine, and Serial Mom), the 2009 version of Battlestar Galactica; one of the best "coming out" genre book: The Movie Lover. Back to films, hmm, The Year of Living Dangerously (electricity when Sigourney Weaver and Mel Gibson - before he was a schmuck - caught each others eye...ever so romantic...and yes Linda Hunt getting the Academy Award for her portray of a guy, awesome), Gallipoli, The Last Picture Show, (amazing...Peter Bogdanvich is ubertalented) - and relatedly Barry Lyndon - Staney Kubrick and one of the most stunning Langsam artistic FILMS ever made - and no matter what we think now, Ryan O'Neil was more than a sexy musicolgist and eye candy (and very very funny in What's Up Doc), but truly a talented actor. Also yes, going on free association, Paper Moon, also amazing.

Also mainstream favorites are Smallville (thought season 10 was lame duck "season"; season 8 with Doomsday would have been a GREAT place to end - depth of writing, character, and c'mon, you just have to love Chloe Sullivan (or want to be her), and Damages (note that Season 2 has that Olyphant guy, again...go figure).

Movies: Again, Brokeback Mountain, Milk, both very moving, and also very important and very sad, too. Some recent new favorites for their own peculiar ways: Easy A, (just so funny..and sweet...talented actress...always a sucker for a strong smart female lead, or an underdog that makes good) and Thor....all about nobility, honor, integrity, things dear to my heart.
And a list to round things up:
Tigerland, The Home At The End Of The World, David's Birthday, Latter Days, Jeffrey, Elizabeth, The Living End, Joy Ride, Dangerous Liaisons, The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Rescue Dawn (totally blown away), Southland Tales, The Buddha, and by association, The Matrix (great score, and Keanu, how can you go wrong?), and finally despite the Scientology mishap, Tom Cruise in Top Gun and The Last Emperor; the latter he proves he is truly talented, and cinematographically, the film is breathtaking.

OK, and my all time possibly favorite film - Muriel's Wedding; for so many reasons....but that's what a date is for, right?

And I just stumbled on (in case its one of your favorites as well, and you just cant help to laugh and smile: -

I also like watching rowing (did some rowing in school), swimming and water polo

I'm forgetting some things, but they'll come later...that's what a date is for, right?

Too many to list here, but some dear ones:
Tales of the City...I keep hope I will get to meet Mrs. Madrigal.

Eric Berne wrote some awesome books on how to figure out this life thing. (If you haven't read "What Do You Say After You Say Hello - The Psychology of Human Destiny")

So did some amazing spiritual teachers like The Dalai Lama, Michael Roach (check out The Eastern Path To Heaven), and Dame Edna. Yes, Dame Edna. On that note, Jane Wagner and Lily Tomlin have done a lot for us to both laugh and learn and grow spiritually...all at the same time. Alot.

Music...that's a huge sweet topic. I'll go with performers for $1000: Glenn Gould, Trevor Pinnock, Wendy Carlos, Anthony Newman. Simon Standage and his The Solomon Quartet (You don't know him? He turned the Four Seasons back into a true Masterpiece that is as good as Bach!). And the greats of the past - Alfred Cortot, Furtwangler, Fritz Reiner (Am I the only one who thought he looked like Grandpa, from the Munster's, on the cover of his recording of Ein Heldenleben?), and the great Billie Holiday and friends. And I can't leave out the Swingle Singers (The Swingle Singer's rendition of Mozart's Magic Flute and The 1812 Overture will make you laugh and bring tears to your eyes) iTunes is a sweet lovin' paridise. 340GBs and counting of hi-res Apple Lossless tracks!

Oh yes, and MINA, the Italian singer; if Edith Piaf was the antecedent, MINA was the consequent! She is amazing! You can hear she is singing about great love even though I don't know Italian! She deserves her own paragarph!

Classy Books: Mary Renault's Alexander Trilogy - Fire from Heaven and The Persian Boy. I want to go to Greece; a past life thing for sure. And Yes, when I was younger and very idealistic, I did read Plato and Homer from the Loeb Classical Library editions...and for a NY minute I tried to learn ancient Greek.....I realized working out triple counterpoint combinations in Bach were more my thing!

Theres a theme in all of this I think! Mostly anyway.

Food.....can be pretty ordinary great Italian food, but the best part is the dinner companion. Tacos with a buddy by the shore, in wetsuits after tumbling in the surf, with sand still on our chest and in our hair (hopefully not in the tacos)....a home run.
Six things I could never do without
The option to include way more than 6 things because being linear has never been a strong suit:

1) my sweet Lama,

2) Music

3) Good Company, the night sky, and Laughing with others

4) Joss Whedon

5) My awesome friends, amazing mother, and the spiritual guides that have been following me around all my life, even if I'm mostly clueless (another great movie). And sometimes, I live in deep gratitude for - when I can remember!

6a) Even if I lose the battle, never giving up the war, and living by ethics, honor, and truth...certain vows that I've tried to follow - My Bodhisattva Vows :),

3/6b) Sharing all of this amazing stuff with others, at Starbucks over coffee...

6c) My dog zephyr

6d) Hiking, camping, falling down on my surfboard, wetsuits for two.....and a great pair of boots (I live in 'em)

6e) The love I have for others, the awe and respect I have for others who have given so much for me, and this country as well, and the wish I could repay the kindness through realizing fully my spiritual path to enlightenment - so I could manifest as whatever others needed to make them happy, to free them from suffering

6f) And a great workout from a hike to working out with a partner, to Tibetan Heart Yoga (still just learning that, but it is a great yoga practice!)

6g): Always have aspirations, based on helping others; Hope.

6h to infinity) Never give up.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The amazing beauty and awesomeness that surrounds me - a friend said once "we live in the presence of holy beings" - and another friend said "if we practice kindness, we will be able to see the love that surrounds us all the time; our birthright."

Not thinking....looking up at the night sky...hiking in the chaparral...just soaking in the amazing stuff that is nature...

Bach Cantatas (how the F$*K did he write all them?), playing keyboard instruments and the music of Bach, Haydn (including his chamber music and string quartets), learning how great composers taught so that I can teach better.

How I can forget all the spiritual teachings of the Tibetans in a NY Minute when my order is screwed up at Starbucks and I realize I am an Awake Tea away from being a schmuck at any time.

Having more compassion for others. and Myself.

Is it too late for me to have 6 pack abs?

Moving out of the city so I can hike, camp, go riding, both on my own, but also with great companions. Hollywood is a remarkable place, but I could see moving to another berg, city, state, city-state, or even country...the world is amazing!
On a typical Friday night I am
Hitting Starbucks once too many times,
sometimes going to a yoga class,
sometimes having great fun, having dinner and movies with friends or just talking about karma and being surrounded by Compassionate Holy Beings who are in disguise as friends, and strangers, and even the guy who took my seat....who push us towards developing an even more loving heart....

Walking the dog,
And then watching Flashpoint or Joss Whedon
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've never owned a Beatles Album, or a Madonna CD or a CD of Chorus Line*.......shhhhhhh! they'll revoke my Kinsey 6 membership card! But I do have the CD of Divines Greatest Hits! And THE Ricky Martin CD - and had a poster of him, before he was, well, you know!

I have a QAF RAGE lunchbox that my best friend Jonathan gave me for Christmas; and it is next to a bust of Alexander the Great on the top of my bookshelf; And I was a member of the Official Elvira Fan Club.

*(closest to that is my Trick DVD - I'll not be shamed, but proud! C'mon, no comparison, the guy plays the adagio from one of Beethoven 's Last Piano Sonata's while finally almost getting to have his moment with the humpy dancer from the bar! Sweet, Hot, Romantic...and with Tori Spelling playing the best faghag and with Coco Peru.....and besides, I can even play you that adagio...its one of B's sweetest)
You should message me if
Any of the following appeals to you...(or heck, you just want to get together and have coffee)

1) you have a truck we can fit surfboards and harpsichords into :)
2) you can tell me what Faith means when she says "it's five by five", or at least you're intrigued enough to watch Buffy with me..
3) or quite simply if you want to spend time at the Fun Table, and take a hike up Conversation Hill together...
4) If you have a bodyboard and a wetsuit or heck, I have two boards, so we can have fun....don't have to be great at it to have lots of fun. Surf and sand and boards....would be a great first date
5) Or, if you would like to go camping sometime and stare in awe at the stars while listening to the crackling fire, that'd also be cool, as well.
6) some of the above really speaks to you, and

7) you don't think Beethoven sucks :)

You should be communicative...fuck, after this exposition, I'm very much wanting to hear from you.....I'm tired of talking .... let's get to the good stuff thats or tea and not typing....

"Remember, be calm, be yourself, be relaxed. Just remember, everything depends on this!"
- Eunice Burns - What's Up Doc (Madeline Kahn).

So send me a message...even if its just some quotes....extra points if you can cite your sources! (I like to steal from the best, so I figure its good to site my sources! i.e. "Oh, give me another injection of Paralox" - Patsy or Edie - Absolutely Fabulous!")

If you are brave, tell me something about your passions, life, and dreams....

I hope you, and all the guys (and girls) on this site find amazing friends and the love of their lives....

"if you can help others, help them; if you can't, at least don't be a schmuck" (Daiai Lama/Michael Roach)

thanks for reading.....
Sarva Mangalam (look it up on google)
The two of us